Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wowzers - two in one night!! I'm liking this.

Here's my official SQUEEE!
Yes!!! We have us another Crusader! Holly, one of our dear and soon to be married members of Book Binge has finally watched North and South. And no surprise - "she quite enjoyed it" She wants her own copy to watch again and again. She does need a little bit of convincing though on why John and Margaret have fallen in love. So let's all go over and help her see why - heh heh heh!

Now we just have to get Karen to weigh in with her thoughts. Perhaps if I let her know the city of Milton was actually based on the city of Manchester which correct me if I'm wrong - is the home of her favourite football/soccer team.........


And now I bring you a wonderful blog post from someone who was part of the advanced guard of the Crusade - she was a Crusader before it was official *g*.
Be sure to check out Elizabeth Kerri Mahon's blog for further reasons on what makes North and South so good - and Richard Armitage so fine!


Stacy~ said...

Well, I guess I'll have to head over to Holly's and talk some sense into that girl LOL. Seriously, I'm thrilled that she liked it, and wants to watch it again and again.

sula said...

Yay! It's inevitable really. Sooo good. Must be watched again and again. (and again)

I want a Mr. Thornton!