Monday, February 18, 2008

My Weekend and Six Things

I have come back from my short weekend in the wilds of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. I know, you were all pretty bored without me. And yes, I went through withdrawal from no laptop or trolling the blogs like I usually do. But, I was visiting a close friend of fourteen years, who has known me since the first day of college. My friend, Kristi (what’s with that name?) knows me all too well. At one point she looks at me and asks, “We are going to have to stop at a bookstore sometime this weekend, right?” This is the same person who shares my undying love of Sex and the City, where we will go on for hours about which is the better guy for Carrie, either Big or Adian? We have had this conversation too many times to count and will talk on the phone for hours just about this show. Even the night before I left we were chatting before bed and had an hour conversation about, you guessed it who is better, Big or Aidan.

Kristi simply, “gets me”. She and I are the best of friends and I could go on and on about everything from my love of reading to something as silly as a character we both lust after on a television show. But something has happened in our relationship. Kristi has a boyfriend, her first one ever and he may just be the “one”. This is the same person that agreed with me that if either one of us got married hell would freeze over. Well, it seems the snow may be falling down below. After all my experiences in going to weddings, seeing relationship slowly evolve, to the books I read, I still have no clue how I would realize when that certain man will be the one for me. After Kristi and I had our Sex in the City conversation, I soon changed to her present relationship as asked how does she know she wants to be with him to the point of marrying him? She sits there with a small smile on her face and says, “He gets me, he likes me the way I am and wouldn’t think of changing me in anyway.”

And that folks is a good enough answer for me.
And I still can’t choose between Big or Aidan. Sigh.

Now for the big fun! Since my Captain has tagged me, I will do as ordered. Here are 6 things you may be surprised about me:

1. I can read palms. I am such an excellent palm reader that a few years ago I was thinking about going professional. Hey, if I do go to San Francisco in July, maybe I can open a booth for all the RWA visitors.

2. I went to catholic school from kindergarten to my senior year of college. But the time I was in high school I was seriously thinking about being a nun since women are not allowed to become priest.

3. By the age of ten I knew every piece of dialogue and scene from the movie, The Wizard of Oz I would act out the whole movie every Saturday night with my sister and father acting out certain rolls and my mother would be the audience

4. I still sleep with my cabbage patch kid I got for Christmas when I was six years old. Her name is Toni and she will be buried with me when ever I go to the great beyond in the sky.

5. My mother wanted to be a writer when she graduated college. Her pen name would have been Catherine Anne Edwards (Edwards is my grandmother’s maiden name). Since my mother never got that far, she decided to name me-Catherine Anne.

6. When I was a senior in college I wrote for my college newspaper. One article was a less than nice review about the latest show- Pippin. I really do believe I was on the whole cast’s hit list. Each night they would mention my article in the paper, including my name. Because of my review, Pippin was sold out each night and had an extended stay. That was the only show ever sold out in my four years I went to school there.

I really do think everyone in blog land has been tagged already. So if you would like to be volunteered, give a holler and join in the fun.



Kristie (J) said...

Well, I know she picked Big, but Aidan was always my favourite. I was hoping it would be him since Big went and married someone else and then cheated on his wife with Carrie. It's that once a cheater thing. Aidan would have always been faithful me thinks.
I'm glad you had a great weekend with the other Kristi *g*.
And though we haven't me in person (yet - heh heh) I somehow just can't see you as a nun.

MaryKate said...

She did Aidan wrong. But he probably would have been better for her. But I still sighed when it ended and she and Big were finally together.

Ana said...

Katie, that was so beautiful, about your friendship. It is wonderful when we have a friend like this.

I am Big fan myself.

I went to Catholic School too from when I was 4 to when I was 14. I loved it and still miss it.

CindyS said...

Yay for great friends! And for me it was always Big even though he could be an idiot. I felt like Aidan could have been with anyone and been happy and in the end, he met someone, married and had a kid - what not even two years after the break up?

And did you learn to read palms or is it a natural talent. I would love to have my palms read but I'm afraid it would reveal I really am just this boring. Ugh.


nath said...

That is cool that you can read palm :) if I take a pic of mine and send it to you, you think it'll work? LOL :)

and it's cute about your name too :)

Katie(babs) said...

I will read everybody's palms! :)
Just come to San Fran. heh heh.
When someone calls me by my full name I cringe because when my mother is upset with me she calls "Catherine Anne!!"
I think Big edges Adian out just a tiny bit. Big is Carrie's soul mate. And the movie in May we shall finally see them together and hopefully getting married :)