Monday, July 21, 2014

The Anatomy of a DNF

The following is the opinion of the post author only and does not reflect probably many different reviews. In fact, looking at other reviews on GoodReads and Amazon I’m in the minority

When I buy a book it is with the intention of if not loving it, at least liking it a lot, though sometimes not even the a lot applies.  But then there are the books we readers call the DNF which stands for Did Not Finish.  Not everyone has DNFs.  Some readers do finish every book they start, a philosophy I don't hold myself.  My reading life is littered with DNF'


At times it seems like every book I read I give high grades.  But that is not the case.  I’ve debated on doing this for a while and decided to go ahead.


The following is the opinion of this blogger only and does not reflect probably many different reviews.

When I buy a book it is with the intention of if not loving it, at least liking it a lot, though sometimes not even the a lot applies.  But then there are the books we readers call the DNF which stands for Did Not Finish.  Not everyone has DNFs.  Some readers do finish every book they start, a philosophy I don't hold myself.  My reading life is littered with DNF'.  There are any number of reasons why I DNF a book and the following is one of them.

Her Kind of Trouble by Sarah Mayberry.  Before I go further, I have to say I’m a big Sarah Mayberry fan.  I have all of her books and have quite enjoyed most of them, though a couple not as much as others.  But this is my first DNF book by this author.  Vivian Walker is the heroine and Seth Anderson the hero.  I didn’t like Vivian from the first page.  She is a wanna be fashion designer and when she passed her course, promised she would design a special dress for her sister.  And she didn’t.  She just didn’t have the mojo but instead of calling her sister and letting her know she just couldn’t find her designing muse, Viv ducked her sister calls until finally it was too late and rather than finding that special dress for that special day, her sister had to buy one off the rack.  When I think ‘What a thoughtless selfish bitch’ right off the bat, it’s not a good sign.  But I believe redemption is possible and I’ve loved her books in the past so I kept going.  Seth is the brother of Jodie, Viv’s sister’s fiancĂ©e.  They meet briefly at the rehearsal; they had never met before, and each think the other is hot.  Seth is a musician and as such is quite a tom cat on the prowl if you know what I mean.  They size each other up and there is an attraction.  Then the meet again at the wedding, have another brief conversation and then ‘hook up’ in a limo.  It was at this point that the author really began losing me.  They talk to each other maybe a total of half an hour before acting like dogs in heat. I have no problems with sex scenes and though I prefer the hero/heroine to have a good relationship developed before they get horizontal, I accept that is not always the case.  But after having two brief meetings they do this at their respective siblings wedding is IMO just plain trashy.

But still I continued on.  It’s now 10 years later and Viv has come back to Australia after years living in the US.  Seth has given up being a musician and is now a bar owner.  He’s also about to be father.  He’s 34 and his baby mama is 24.  Again, just ick, just ick.  She also seems to be a number of crayons short of a full box and any respect that I didn’t have for Seth anyway disappeared.  But the book totally lost me and if it were a paperback may have hit the wall, was when Seth questioned the wisdom of making Viv a guardian for his two nieces along with himself.  He didn’t think she was “mature” enough.


I disliked both of these characters already, but at this point they were both completely non-redeemable.  Even if they turned out to be the greatest hero and heroine in the world, I dislike them intensely.  And that abhorrence unfortunately is too deep.  I will still read her – I’ve enjoyed way too many not to – but this one is an indisputable



Sunday, July 20, 2014

Decisions, Decisions

Gack!!!!!  I have 8 books I just added to both my Kindle and my Kobo and I want to read them ALL!!  Right now.  Which to choose?  How to do it?

However , that choice is taken away as my iPad is only charged 40% and the flowers in my gardens little voices are being choked out by weeds.  Therefore this difficult decision will have to wait.

In other news, I've been doing a lot of reviews at GoodReads because I COULD get into them.  And with that handy feature I saw and longed to use, looks like I can copy and paste them into Ramblings.  So hold onto your hats.

And looking around, it seems I have a lot of updating to do here.  I still can't get the Internet working on my desktop, my laptop is pretty much toast and it will take much figuring to copy and paste stuff on the iPad, but hopefully, look for me to get into the 2014's.  Until then, it will kill me, but I'm pictureless

Well, time to pull those weeds out by their roots now that the rain has stopped.

'til later.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

O.M.G. Finally

Thumbs up to my roomie Wendy, Superlibrarian for guiding me through helping me back in here.  I've been trying off and on for months now.  When one forgets a password, that can thing very hard.

I've had so many things I've wanted to blog about but couldn't get in.

I'm sad, sad, sad that I can't make RWA this year but here in my little neck of the woods it's The Year of the House.  I have 8 years worth of wear and tear I'm having fixed all within a month or so period of time starting last week including:

  • New screen door
  • Ceiling checked for water leak (thankfully there wasn't any) BUT
  • Ceiling painted
  • Railing to basement fixed
  • New lock on back door
  • Various cupboards and drawers unstuck
  • New front porch step with railings
  • New backyard fence
  • New aluminum siding and last but biggest project
We are talking floor tile, toilet, shower stall to replace tub, new vanity & sink, totally new color.

While all this stuff really needs done, in an odd way a lot of it dates back to the broken leg.  The basement railing kept coming off so I was nervous going down those stairs. -  flashback time.  Even though I did have quite a hoot with my stoned on pain killer broke fibula/tibia, I don't really want to go through it again.  I had NO rail on the front porch so I stopped using it completely.  And since I much prefer showers to baths and was getting more and more freaked out stepping up and into the tub, a walk-in shower became more and more appealing.  And since I was getting a new shower and my Reno guy told me I needed a new toilet and I've hated the vanity for years, I decided to go for broke.

So with all that, the added expense to head to San Antonio was just too much.  But I will be thinking of all my peeps, wishing I was there with you all.

Well I've got my feet back in the blog water again so I'll end with my signature sign off for now.....

'til later and since I wrote my new password down this time I won't be gone as long.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Wendy of SuperLibrarian fame has her latest TBR book up and it's one I "encouraged" (relentlessly hounded) along with Rosie's help, the least I can do is finally update on how thing are going and recent books read. First off, (Nath) I have 2 new kittens only 8 weeks old. They are (very, very, very) rambunctious. Adorable though they are, they exhaust me. For any Law and Order SVU fans, I called them Munch and Finn. They are brothers from the same litter. Because they are so little, Munch in particular seems to think I'm his mama and when he's tired, feels the need to suck on any part of my body he can get to; my fingers, my toes, my arms, my neck. Last night it was the end of my nose!! Finn, on the other hand, goes for either my neck or for some bizarre reason, the top of my head. And they are both most persistent little critters. On a couple of occasions, I've gotten tired of removing them and I've sat in hot summer weather covered in a blanket. On the book front, I've been on a real Shannon Stacey/Kowalski Brothers books. I think I'm up to about book 5 now. Having said that I just did a wonderful reread of a book I first read years ago, The Lighthouse Keeper by Susan Wiggs. I LOVED it and simply must do a review. I'm slow on the uptake sometimes and I've just discovered the Kindle Daily Deal and it's become the first thing I check every morning. I don't get them every day but I have gooten some fine finds. I got a keyboard to go along with my iPad since my other Internet is still on the fritz, but as with much of the electronic type stuff, I still haven't really figured out how it works. I have figured out texting though, in part of what I learned in Atlanta. I don't do it much, but I know how. Cant send pictures though. That's still beyond me. Well, that's the latest news. Though I can't promise to be back soon since if I do, that seems to be the kiss of death, I will keep my fingers crossed that I will do better. 'til later

Monday, July 22, 2013

And then she was home

Just a real (real, real, real) quick post to say I made it. After 2 days of almost non stop driving, coming home to a too warm house (I had turned air conditioning off), Blue Jays losing, again, I'm just going to veg.

Even petting and admiring all my new books is beyond me.  But I shall retun, oh yes I shall!

'til later

Sunday, July 21, 2013

PART 1 - Just Like I Promised

I'm not going to be gone so long. This will be a short one as the Wifi at the IHop I stopped at for breakfast isn't exactly "high speed"

RWA is over for another year and again I had a wonderful time.  It was great having Wendy as a roomie again as well as spending time with my other 2 partners in crime, Lisa and Rosie.  Rosie and I tag teamed Wendy until we forced her to get Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold by Ellen O'Connell.  Now I'll be waiting with bated breath to see what she thinks of it.  But no more nagging.  I'm sure she was getting ready to smack us.

I also spent time with Blythe and Lynn from AAR, whether standing in line, sitting in the bar or sitting with them at the RITA's.  AAR has had such a profound and positive effect on my life, it's so nice getting to know some of the people involved better.

And now, time to eat. More thoughts to come

'til later

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hard to believe it's Friday already!!

Despite the fact my Brain is getting slower and slower to work, it still won't give me a break. I have so many thought s running through it. Right now I'm sitting in what promises to be a very long line up for Berkley. Because my reading habits have changed so much over the past several years, this is the publisher I really want to visit. 98% of the books I read now are ebooks and I refuse tp pay the prices that Berkley charges. It infuriates me they charge often $3 MORE for an ebook than a print copy. I'm angry I'm missing beloved authors and I'm angry that the authors aren't getting my money.

 Kristin Higgins was the keynote speaker at lunch and she was SO good. I could tell by the slight shake in her voice she was nervous but she spoke from her heart on how romance novels have helped her through the very toughest times in her life and as anyone who has followed me over the years wil know, it has been the same for me. It was great as I ran into her on my down to the line and I was able to tell her one on one how much her talk had moved me.

 The literacy signing was nuts as usual. I may have said this before but I don't like them. I don't collect autographs, I'm not a picture taker, I'm uncomfortable talking to someone who is sitting while I'm standing, I get claustrophobic easily and I'm not very good making small talk with people I don't really know. Nevertheless, I seem to go year after year.

 This is my first conference as a non-smoker and it's a wonderful feeling no longer being a slave to that habit. I still have an urge come over me every so often, specially here for some reson, but the Fear of Ryan is keeping me from giving in.

It's wonderful seeing old friends. It's humbling that some authors seem to be glad to see me. Little old me!!

Sinse I drove, I can load up on as many books as I want and as a proud romance reader who is picking up books for coworkers, I'm having a ball.

And all is right in my RWA conference world as Wendy and I are roomies again.

'til later.

(and this is driving my left brain nuts, going picturless!!)