Sunday, February 10, 2008

Let us remember...

I just found out two authors in the writing community have passed away.

Mystery writer, Phyllis Whitney died this week at the ripe old age of 104. She wrote over seventy books and her last book was in 1997 when she was 94 years old!


Romance writer, Dawn Thompson died on Friday. She also wrote under Dawn MacTavish. I will always remember her because she wrote Lord of the Deep.


Alyssa said...

I just heard about this, too. So sad.

nath said...

It's sooo sad :( I never read those authors, but I heard that Dawn Thompson was only 50 years old :(

Luckily, we have the internet nowadays to know these news. Otherwise, we'd still be waiting for their books :(

kim said...

Phyllis Whitney was one of the first romance authors I read when I was in high school. I am going to have to go dig out some of those books again. sigh.

Dawn was 74 and she was they left quite a legacy.