Saturday, February 02, 2008

My secret character crush

This week authors, Meljean Brook, Nalini Singh, Joey W. Hill, Jaci Burton and Dakota Cassidy are all doing something very cool on their blogs because they each have a new release coming out on Tuesday February 5th. If you answer their question they ask on their blogs, you have a chance to win some excellent prizes from each of them.

The one question I found to be interesting was the one Meljean asked:

“If you could pick a character from a book, either male, female or and it, who would it be and how would you spend the day with them?”

I knew right off the bat which female character I would love to spend the day with. It would be Stephanie Plum from the Janet Evanovich series. Stephanie cracks me up! She is so loopy, funny, has a great family, gets into trouble and is a true Jersey girl, just like me! Well, I don’t have a Ranger or Joe in my life or a pet hamster, but hanging out with Stephanie would be the most awesome day. But she wouldn’t be allowed to drive me car. *G*

But I didn’t post about Stephanie. I was thinking more on the end of a male character I would love to spend the day with. Honestly, out of all the men I have ever read about, there are not many I would like to hang out with. I like to read about their adventures in storybook land but I was truly stumped by who I would want to come alive and be buddy with for a day.

I was going to say Roarke from the JD Robb In Death series, but he is married and so gaga over his wife, so unless Even hung out with us, that wouldn’t work. I almost decided on one of the brothers from JR Ward’s BDB series, but those men are so scorching hot and a bit scary that I would have a major stuttering problem around them and looking over my shoulder thinking some guy who smells like baby powder may try and kill us.

But after some major thinking on my part I came up with the perfect male character I would love to have a day with. He is such an unconventional type of man. He is much older, isn’t all that handsome, has no super powers and only uses his intellect to get by in life. He is Sherlock Holmes.

As a teen I had a mad crush on good old Sherlock. So what if I was sixteen and he was 30 plus years older then me? He wears a cool hat and the way he smokes is so sexy. He lives during my favorite time period, the late 18th century in England and can also wear some awesome disguises when he is out investigating. I would go back to 19th century London and spend the day with him. The day would begin by having a nice lunch and some tea as he told me about some past cases. He would even take me on one of them. If he was able to solve one, he would take me around London on a sightseeing tour and show me all the best pubs, museums and historic places he enjoys. When dinner rolled around, his good friend Dr. Watson would join us and they both would tell me even more stories. The day would end with some coffee and if I could, a few puffs off his pipe.

Perhaps Sherlock would want me to stay and become his secretary of sorts as he winked at me. Alas, poor Sherlock I can’t, you maybe one man above the rest but Kate needs her indoor plumbing, central air and most importantly her dear laptop. But if I could I would take his hat with me before he noticed it was missing ;)


Susan/DC said...

You should have grabbed Sherlock while you could -- isn't there a mystery series by Laurie King with Sherlock and his much younger wife? Just think, that could have been you!

Rosie said...

Lazy schmuck that I am I didn't answer the question. But this is a great post.

meljean brook said...

susan, I was just about the mention the Laurie King series, too! Mary Russell overshadows him a bit, but I just love the way he's portrayed. They just both seem so freaking smart, lol!

Georgie Lee said...

Sherlock Holmes would be fun to meet, especially if he looked like Basil Rathbone from the old Sherlock Holmes movies.

Katie(babs) said...

I love the Mary Russell series :) And when I read King's first book about how Mary and Sherlock met I was so happy that Sherlock found a woman rather than be all alone with just Watson to keep him company.
Also, I have watched the 1985 movie- Young Sherlock Holmes too many times to count!

Kristie (J) said...

Hmmm- if you're finding Sherlock Holmes sexy - I may just have to read a few of them. Of course if WE had BBC America, I could watch some of it on there. But I wont' go into the injustice of the fact that Colonist Rebels get BBC America while us Loyalists don't. No, just because you Yanks can get Series II of Robin Hood and we members of the Commonwealth can't is no reason to be bitter.
But then again - It IS a reason to be bitter!
Anyway - very interesting choice.

LinnieGayl said...

I love the Russell/Holmes series as well. Kristie...try The Beekeeper's Apprentice, it's the first in the series.