Sunday, February 17, 2008

Must. Leave. YouTube.

Before there was Captain Jack Sparrow.........

And moving from Errol Flynn in Robin Hood - this one reminds me I really should read Raphael Sabatini again. I did years and years ago.


meljean brook said...

There is no end to my love for Captain Blood -- the book and the movie.

Misty G said...

When I was younger back in California there was a show called the Family Film Festival and they would show a movie a week. I loved it because they would show all the good black and white movies. Captain Blood was my second favorite next to You Can't Take It With You.

Suisan said...


I have no words. Errol kills me every time. Turns me into a puddle of mush.

Someday I'll be coherent while discussing Errol, but not today.

Puddle of mush, I tell you.

Susan/DC said...

My whole family loves Captain Blood. Errol could certainly swashbuckle with the best of them -- in fact, he was the best of them. I'm struck by how young he looks in some of the scenes, and how handsome.

Kristie (J) said...

Meljean: I'm not sure if I've seen the movie or not - probably because my Dad was a real fan of old movies, but I KNOW I loved the book! It was a romance books before romance books as we know them today of it's day.

Misty: I'm going to see if I can track down a copy of this because even if it is slightly overacted by today's standards - it still looks wonderful.

Suisan: *g* I knew you'd like this given your love of all things pirate.

Susan/dc: You're right - Errol Flynn defined swashbuckling didn't he? And he was very handsome wasn't he - even though looks have changed somewhat. The hair though - uh nuh to the hair.