Tuesday, February 26, 2008

And it's STILL not done

I'm sitting here with my arms crossed and my grumpy face on. My kitchen still isn't done yet. I thought I'd be coming home to see kitchen guy installing the counter top and sink.
But there is still no counter top and the dishwasher doesn't work and I don't have a sink. Well - I have a sink but it's still sitting in the living room.
The hold-up seems to be the counter top people. The keep back ordering it. This is after they told Kitchen guy the first one I picked out was discontinued - the day before he was going to get it.
Now I know this isn't Kitchen Guy's fault. He's already had his wife call and get very angry with them (he's to soft hearted to do it). And he won't go with them any more. I don't really blame him - but still - it's very very very frustrating. You see - I desperately need a hair cut. But I wasn't going to get a hair cut before I go back to my not so natural auburn coloured hair. But I can't go back to my not so natural coloured hair until I get a kitchen sink. That's because I don't want to rinse the not so natural colour out in the bathroom sink because I'm still using it to wash dishes. On top of that it's porcelain and stains easy - I know this because I have stains around it from the last time I turned my rather grayish hair to it's not so natural auburn colour.
On top of that I want to have my carpets and furniture professionally cleaned to get rid of all the dusty stuff from much earlier - but I have a kitchen sink sitting on the living room floor.
I can cook now - they moved the fridge and stove back yesterday. But I still have to get the water for the kettle from the bath tub - because the kettle is too big to fit under the tap in the kitchen sink.
I'm a very patient person - well some might say I'm not - like Lisa. But for the most part I am. But I've run out of patience. I want my house back to normal.
I'm very grumpy this evening.
So excuse me for a moment......

&^%$%&^ and (*&(*^% all to *((&%^&(* and back. Also *&^(^( ing ()*&)*&^ kitchen.


Lone Chatelaine said...

Yeah, kitchen renovation is so rough. The kitchen held up the building of my house for two months. I don't know what the deal is...kitchens are just so touchy or something. It was the cabinets for me. They took forever to build.

ames said...

Kristie, that totally sucks!!!

Love that picture by the way. Awww. LOL

Are you taking pictures by any chance?

Katie(babs) said...

Darn kitchen gremlins!!!

Kristie (J) said...

Ames: Oh yes - I've taken LOTS of pictures - before and after. None lately though cause *heavy sigh* it isn't done yet.

Lone Chatelaine: It's the most important room of the house too!! It's truly frustrating isn't it - when you have to do without a kitchen for a long length of time. Some would say the bathroom too - but I don't think they take as long.

Christine said...

(( kristie )) Can you do your hair at a friend's house?

I'm getting really nervous about the construction we are going to be starting on our house in the next few months. I don't know how I'll survive without a kitchen for more than a few days. OMG the dishes. My dishwasher and I are best friends. I don't think I know *how* to wash dishes by hand anymore. ;)

Rosie said...

Like lone chatelaine our hold up in our kitchen remodel was cabinets. We started in late August and I didn't have a working kitchen until the following February. A six week project that took 5 1/2 months because the cabinets kept getting back ordered.

I've told everyone (and anyone who will listen) that the worst thing about not having a kitchen is not having a kitchen sink. Washing dishes in a tub just sucks.

Jace said...

Oh, Kristie. I'm sorry that the kitchen has taken longer than expected to finish. Major frustration indeed! But I can't help smiling at your post too (yes, I'm evil that way) - my apologies. *grin*

CindyS said...

I didn't want to say anything when you told us how long it was supposed to take. I always multiply their time line by 3. And yet I can have others show up and blow me away with their speed.

Counter tops are the worst because the kitchen has to be built before they come for a measure and then it's 8 weeks. At least, it used to be.

I was going to say that when I colour my hair I wait until it's done and then jump in the shower and wash it out. I don't believe I've had staining issues cause I can always get it back to white - in my old house. This house my shower is brown and peach - stains would be an improvement ;)



CindyS said...

Oh, dang it. I meant to ask, can you get your kitchen guy to put plywood where the countertop will be and then put in the sink? It's supposed to be temporary. Bob does this when waiting for counters. In fact, in our last house we used maple plywood and stained it because we were saving for granite. Never did get around to it and the new owner says she gets so many compliments on her counter. I think it's just because people have never seen such a thing before ;)


Kristie (J) said...

Katie: I don't think it's so much kitchen gremlins as counter top gremlins. They must hide mine at night!

Christine: Well there is my neighbour - but she coloured her hair a couple of years ago and got some on their carpet and went through a hell of a time getting it out (I don't know why they didn't get a new carpet since I know someone else who did the same thing and got all new carpeting) but - I wouldn't dare ask her *g*
I'll just have to stick with gray roots a little while longer.
And even though the delay is driving me nuts - it does look SO MUCH BETTER - as everyone will be able to see - someday.

Rosie: SWEET HEAVENS!! How did you do it for that long?? And here I am complaining about 2 months! That would have been AWFUL - living out of boxes for that long! And yep - it's the sink I'm missing the most - much more than the fridge (that was still running in one of the bedrooms) or the stove (had a working microwave) Of course the thing I miss the most is the last thing to go in.

Jace: Someday I can chuckle about it - even later in the evening I could - but if you could have seen my grumpy face when I walked in the house last night after a hard day at the office - spent anticipating getting home to a SINK - only to discover - nothing. Well it was a good thing I live alone for a couple of minutes there.

Cindy: Kitchen guy said her would used plywood - that's why I was so bumbed when I got home - not counter top AND no plywood. He did call later last night after I posted and said the counter top came in late and he would be in today to put it in. So hopefully when I get home tonight - but then I've thought that about 4 times now so I've learned not to hold my breath.
Now the next thing I have to do is get a table and some chairs!
I do have my IKEA glasses in the glass cupboards with the lighting - and they look very fine

Anonymous said...


I think that at our last get together I warned you that it would take longer than they said to get that kitchen done-our little kitchen reno took about a month longer than they said. But don't dispair-when it is done it will be beautiful and you will forget all about the inconvenience of the kitchen reno. I can't wait to see it when it is done.