Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beautiful Girl- An ebook you should read

Beautiful Girl is the first book I have read by Shiloh Walker. I have been hearing amazing things about this book and the author in the past month. Well, folks, everything you have heard is true! This has been the best ebook I have read this year. This is one emotional and hard read to get through and it took a lot for me to hold back my shock and my tears. Shiloh has written a winner and I recommend you head over to Samhain to purchase your own copy. This is money well spent.

This story deals with a lot of heavy stuff. We have a heroine who is a survivor from a horrible rape, life on the streets and everything in between from drugs and even suicide. If that isn’t bad enough, we have a hero has gone through cancer and survived also. In most books it is usually just one of these characters who suffers in horrible ways, not both. But, the hero Blake overcomes and is happy with his life. He has sense of belonging and great strength. Whereas, we have Delilah who is dead inside. Her eyes are blank, she hates to be touched and hardly smiles or enjoys herself. She comes back to her home town where she was pampered and well liked. Blake and his Dee Dee were each other’s first loves and when Delilah vanishes that one summer where her innocent was taken from her, Blake is devastated. For twelve years he doesn’t know the truth because her witch of a mother hides everything.

Yes, the evil villains of this piece is mommy dearest and Delilah’s step father. I almost groaned when I first started reading, thinking these two character would be those typical one-dimensional kind, but surprisingly Shiloh writes these two in very interesting ways. They are amoral but their actions are not what you will expect.

So, we have a some what dark read with some mature subject matter that will hit you in the gut. But when Del sees Blake and Blake wants answers, there is none of that misunderstanding, or words of hate, until the very end when all the truth comes out. Blake knows right off the bat that Del has been abused and hurt and he will find out who is responsible and kick some major ass. And my, oh my, when Del welcomes Blake into her arms and her body, that scene was very beautiful.

What I find very interesting about Beautiful Girl is that horrible things happen to good people. Whether it be someone who undergoes a terminal illness or a person who has been abused physically or sexually, at least these survivors can come together and heal each other. Love is a very important and can heal all wounds. Blake heals Del and in turn she opens her heart to him and she begins to live again.

Kudos to Ms. Walker and her excellent writing skills to have penned such a story as Beautiful Girl!


Christine said...

Thanks for the review, Kate. It sounds like an emotional and uplifting story. I'll save it for when I need a good cry. Which is like...always. :)

nath said...

I've heard only good comment about this book. i think I should definitively try to read it. Is it only available in ebook format?

Katie(babs) said...

Christine: It is an emotional read and Blake is too good to be true.

Nath: I believe you can only get it in eformat from Samhain. I view all my ebooks in PDF on my laptop.