Thursday, February 21, 2008

Say hello to Ashleigh Raine!

I suddenly have realized that over half of the books I have been reading are ebooks. The majority of these books are either from Elloras Cave or Samhain Publishing. And lately Samhain has had some incredible reads! Right now I am in the midst of reading Beautiful Girl by Shiloh Walker, and WOW! Everything that has been said about this book is right on the money. Hopefully I will finished it soon so I can post my own personal review.

But, there is a new author in the electronic book world I recommend you try. I have read two of her books already and they were both excellent reads. The author's name is Ashleigh Raine and Raine actually a duo, by the name of Jennifer and Lisa. They publish exclusively for Samhain and I can fore see great things coming their way!

Driven to Distraction is an erotic contemporary that takes place between two stunt doubles in the movie world. The heroine Blaina is a sexy hard nosed woman who doesn't take any crap from anyone. She comes across the hero, Jay, on the side of the road because his car has broken down. Jay oozes sex. The woman knows her way around a wrench and a carburetor and fixes Jay and his car in all the right ways. The sexual bantering between these two is the ultimate in foreplay and when Jay gives Blaina a tour of his garage full of hot rods, well you can imagine what will be going on in those cars, on top of those cars and every where else! These two become co-workers, Jay is her boss, and they have secret under wraps affair. The sex scenes are some of the best I have read this year by far. If you like you sex steamy, raw and with two alpha, "you are mine!" characters, pick this one up!

Lover's Talisman is the first book in their new Talisman Bay series. This is a paranormal erotic romance about a group of sexy men who are guardians of the night and protect their city from evil. Lover's Talisman is about Stephan and his love for stripper, Mariah. Yup, a heroine who is a stripper! Stephan is so tortured, blah blah but man oh man when he meets Mariah, the man is a goner. He wants her for his mate and Mariah is all for it. There is also murder, suspense and an incredible cast of secondary characters. Plus, I am such a big fan of secondary romances and there is one between Mariah's best friend Twyla and this questionable villain called Freeze. Twyla has been captured by the evil nasty demons and Freeze is expected to torture and kill her. Twyla has quite a mouth on her and the way Freeze "tortures" Twyla is the perfect way to go if I was in her shoes.

I will definitely be keeping my eye out for more books from Ashleigh Raine, and I would recommend you do the same. :)



Carolyn Jean said...

Stunt doubles! I love that.

Ashleigh Raine Jen said...

Katie, I think I love you. Really. Can I hire you as my ego booster? ;) You rock on all levels! MWAH!

Lisa and I love writing together--what could be better than getting to create with my best friend? You've just energized me to dive back in to writing Forsaken Talisman so we can finish it up and get it turned in to our editor. Thank you!!!

lisabea said...

Katie(babs)~ I love when a villian is questionable and later reforms and becomes a hot love interest. Yes? Maybe? Yes?

MaryKate said...

Katie, can I ask, what e-book reader do you use? I'm in the market.

CindyS said...

Do these have a HEA or an almost HEA? Cause I'm in the market to buy some e-books ;)


Katie(babs) said...

CJ: Hot, smoldering stunt doubles!

Lisabea: Questionable villain is oh so yummy and very hot and needs a hug.

MK: I use my laptop and PDF files. No ereader. Even though I am in the market for a portable one.

Cindys: Driven to Distraction has a great HEA, Lovers Talisman has one, between Stephan and Mariah, but other things are open ended.

Ashleigh: ;) I try to be a cheerleader. RAH RAH RAH :)

lisabea said...

I'm trying to think of a reformed villian....I mean other than Zsadist.

Katie(babs) said...

Here are a few reformed men you may enjoy

Laura Kinsale: Allegretto from Shadowheart. He was very evil in My Lady's Heart

Also, Loretta Chase: Comte d'Esmond from Captives of the Night.

Jennifer Ashley:James Ardmore from The Pirate Hunter

Zsadist is all nice now. He has lurve and a baby on the way :)

lisabea said...

Oh I think Zsadist is one of my top ever. And he's a mentor now. He should do commercials. heh.

Brie said...

I have not stepped into the world of erotica yet, but this sounds like a good place to start.

Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, katiebabs, thanks for the tips. That's a kind of character I enjoy, too!!

Kris said...

Ooh, these sound good. I ahve not read her but i will definitely kee my eye out now.
I loved Beautiful Girl, I could not "put it down" (or turn it off, as the case may be) can't wait to hear your review.