Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Recent Read

Sugar Daddy by Lisa Kleypas

Why this one: Well – that’s really a no brainer. It’s a Lisa Kleypas book. Plus she sent a copy to me. I kept meaning to read it sooner but there are just so many books to read that it took longer to read it than I thought it would.

Level of Steam: I could sure feel the heat!!

Amazon Blurb: Money is tight while Liberty Jones is growing up in Welcome, Texas, but somehow she and her mother Diana manage. Having good friends like Miss Marva, Lucy Reyes, and especially Hardy Cates, on whom Liberty has a crush, helps. Then tragedy strikes and Liberty must take care of her younger sister and find a way to support them. Hard work and determination get Liberty through cosmetology school, then, while working in a Houston salon, she meets wealthy older businessman Churchill Travis, who offers her a job as his personal assistant. At first Liberty is reluctant to accept, especially since Churchill's son, Gage, seems to think she's a gold digger. Then, just as Liberty is settling into her new life and her initially frosty relationship with Gage is heating up and turning romantic, Hardy Cates, her first unrequited love, reappears.

My thoughts: I don’t know if I should confess this or not. When I filled out my AAR ballot, this was my pic as Best Chick Lit/Women’s Fiction. But I hadn’t read the whole book yet. I’d read half of it and I knew it was going to be the best one (and the only one) And I must quickly add – that this was the only ballot that I filled in that I hadn’t finished the whole book yet.

But it turned out I should have finished it first! Then I might have picked it for more categories. I LOVED this book.

When I first heard Lisa Kleypas was going into contemporary books unlike many other readers, I wasn’t dismayed. She is such a talented writer that I knew no matter what she wrote it would be good and since I love contemporaries too that was fine with me. I think there are a number of authors who can write good in different settings – Anne Stuart for example. And then I heard she would be continuing to still write historicals and I was even happier that we would be getting both.

Then I heard it was going to be in first person and I had a bit of a qualm as I don’t normally read first person books. But since I love the Stephanie Plum books I wasn’t really that concerned.

Sugar Daddy was amazing. I loved Liberty. I loved her down to earthness. I loved the love she had for Carrington. I loved the way she didn’t let life get her down. And another confession time here. When I was in Grade 3 I met a boy a couple of years older than me – the son of good friends of my parents – and I has a SEVERE crush on him for YEARS. Years I tell you. Right up until I moved to another city when I was 18 he was my main crush although others came and went. And if I were to see him today, I would still have strong feelings. So I could really relate to her feelings for Hardy and her mixed emotions when he showed back up in her life.

Both Hardy and Gage were interesting men. I could see why she was torn for a while.

And at the end – I’m glad Liberty made the choice that she did. I wasn’t sure I would be – but I was.

My advice – if you haven’t read this book yet because it was out in hardcover, it will be coming out in paperback soon. Buy it! Do not miss this wonderful story by a wonderful author.

Grade: 5 out of 5


Christine said...

I LOVED Sugar Daddy, too. So much so that it made my TOP 10 list for 2007. I loved the way Liberty was simultaneously vulnerable and strong.

Have you read the excerpt for Blue Eyed Devil on Lisa's website? omg I can't wait for that book! :D

MaryKate said...

This was my Best Romance of 2007 on AAR's poll. I've probably re-read it about 15 times. I *was* one of those readers who was deeply dismayed by Lisa's turn to contemporaries. And I was even more irritated to have her go HC. But Michelle Buonfiglio read SUGAR DADDY and fussed and bitched at me until I bought it. Boy was I glad I did!

I'm a southerner at heart and there are few things I adore more than a southern man. Lisa completely nails the southern male creature. Gage rocketed right up the favorite heroes hist for me. Although I could have done with more of him.

I seriously can't wait for BLUE EYED DEVIL!

Dev said...

Okay ~ I seriously need to finish this one. I only got about 1/2 way through it before I had to return it to the library. Guess I'll be making a trip to the library to pick this up this weekend.

Mollie said...

LOVED it can't wait till the sequel, Blue Eyed Devil comes out...think it's pretty soon too....?!

Christine said...

I voted for Sugar Daddy for best contemporary on AAR! or whatever category that would be ... lol Are those results finalized?

Thea said...

You know, I was on the fence regarding whether or not to read this book, especially considering the contemporary setting...but your review convinced me to take the plunge! I'm picking it up the next time I go to the book store :)

Kwana said...

Thanks for the review. Thanks to you my TBR list is out of control!

Kristie (J) said...

Kwana: LOL - that's one of the reasons I love/hate reader reviews. So many new books to try is the love part. Not enough time to read all the ones I get is the hate part!

Thea: Although the romance is very strong in this one - it's more about the life struggles that Liberty goes through. Knowing your still just getting your toes wet in romance, I think this is a great one for you to read *g*

Christine: I think it still takes a few weeks once the balloting has ended for the results to be posted. I can think of a number of categories this one would have qualified for me to vote for it in. But I did really like the books I did choose. I'm just glad I finished this one - and just in time for her next one!
And no - I haven't read the excerpt yet - I shall have to rectify that!!

Mollie: I think it comes out sometime in March - and since February is the short month - not long now at all!! I'm really anxious to read Blue Eyed Devil too!!

Dev: *g* you seriously do!! It keeps getting better and better as you read along and it finishes with a real bang! I loved who she ended up with - which I won't say here.

MaryKate: It is wonderful isn't it? It's on my Most Special of All book shelf - well - not at the exact moment - it's still sitting me beside me - but when I put it back that's where it's going.

Kristie (J) said...

OK - I just read the except from Blue Eyed Devil - Now how many days is it before this one is out now?

ReneeW said...

I loved SD as you know since you've seen my AAR ballot. Liberty was an amazing heroine. I was a teensy bit hesitant about reading it cuz it's first person and I dreaded the possibility that it was too chick lit-y. But I should have know Kleypas would never torture us like that. Hardy was a jerk when he left her behind and how he behaved when they met again. I hope the heroine in Blue-eyed Devil kicks his ass :)