Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Claim Starts Here!

When it comes to certain characters in the books I read, they tend to make such an impression that I want to claim them as my own. This is especially in the case of heroes or male characters who make me sigh and say "MINE!" So as of now I have a list of certain heroes I would love to "adopt" and call my own. Let's start with 5 who made me stop and pause and go from there...

1. Heathcliffe from Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I am a Catherine, he loves a Catherine. I have a thing for brooding obsessive men who walk on the moors mooning over a lost love.
2. Roarke from the In Death Series by JD Robb. He's rich, has a sexy accent and enjoys old movies. Plus he has a huge water bed. Wouldn't mind rolling around on the bed with him.
3. Rehvenge from the BDB series by JR Ward. He owns a club, is mysterious and his mind will make you lose your own. Plus he is quite the dresser. He makes me drool.
4. Bones from Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost. Has a sexy British accent, is loyal, fights with the best of them and when he calls his Cat (another Catherine!) "Kitten", I just want to snuggle up against him.
5. Michael from the Guardian series by Meljean Brook. Michael is so stoic and a bit mysterious. He literally walks through the fires of Hell and comes out alive. He is suffering and needs some major love. I would give him all the hugs and kisses he could stand.-Nah Nah Lisabea, he is mine.

I think we need more wonderful heroes to add to my growing list of heroes that need to be adopted. As always suggestions and comments are welcome. *G*



Christine said...

Kate you've got great taste! I adore all the heroes you name here... well... not so sure about Heathcliffe, but the others? Yeah. I'd pretty much add any BDB Brother to that list.

.... and while you and and Lisabea are busy fighting it out for Michael... he'll already be loooong gone. WITH ME! :P

Lone Chatelaine said...

I'd like to adopt Grimm from Karen Moning's To Tame a Highland Warrior. He always seemed to need some petting and loving :)

Susan/DC said...

Two of my favorites are George Carstairs, Lord Rival, from Diane Farr's "The Fortune Hunter" and Mick from Judith Ivory's "The Proposition". Both are handsome and charming and made my toes curl.

lisabea said...

Jake ( Adrien's Jake..he really needs something)

Michael. Get yer mits offa my black-eyed angel.

Marg said...

Definitely Zsadist, Jamie Fraser, Alexander Barrington, Sin from Born in Sin......er....I could go on for ages!

Ana said...

Heathcliff is number one on my list too. My one and only master, my first Hero from a book, my first fictional crush! Can we share him please?

I have to think about the others, but probably I would include Rhett Buttler - if Scarlet doesn't want you, baby, I do! I give a damn!

And we are to talk exclusively about book heroes, because no one is more in need to be adopted than Sawyer, from Lost.

And then St Vincent and Derek Craven.

Oh would you look at that. 5 heroes I would like to adopt.

Kristie (J) said...

Oooohhh - I can get into this game. Let's see - the first one I'd claim as mine

1) Derek Craven - no surprise there. I've adored him for years - ever since I first read DOY

2)Johnny Harris from Karen Robard's One Summer - sent to jail for a crime he didn't commit, he's a bad boy grown up into a very sexy man

3)Johnny from The Outsider - this is a twofer 'cause I loved him in the book and then I loved him the way Tim Daly portrayed him in the movie.

4)Wizard from Driven by Eve Kenin. Raised by a computer - there's something very very appealing about him when he starts feeling emotions!

5)Julien from Michele Jerrott's Absolute Trouble - Mmmmmmmmm - he's works construction so he'd be buff and he poses as a male stripper to track down the bad guy responsible for the death of his brother. He could do his 'dancing' for me!

Kristie (J) said...

And then of course if we are talking heroes on celluoid - John Thornton *sigh*. There is probably more but he's my numero uno!!

MaryKate said...

wOOt! No one has grabbed Rhage! Mine! Also, I'll take Cameron Quinn (Sea Swept), and Dane Hollister (Dream Man). And I'm all over Lucas Hunter (Slave to Sensation).

Yeah, that should do for today.

Tumperkin said...

I love every single Judith Ivory hero without exception but especially Graham from Black Silk and Stuart from Untie My Heart. She writes really charismatic heroes with complicated lives.

kim said...

Wow, these are all great...I am going to add:

Ranger- stephanie plum series

Eric- Sookie stackhouse series

Grey Roulliard- After the Night Linda Howard

and last but not least....every hero in every Julie Garwood historical!

lisabea said...

Crap. I want Ranger and Eric!!! I'll trade you Dain and Derek. NO. Wait.

Kim, can we work out some kind of visitation schedule?

kim said...

Lisa....oh all right...jeeze, but I get major holidays, and the rugby team.

lisabea said...


And, shhh, I'll lend you Michael.

Katie(babs) said...

Sorry, Michael is under cover... with me that is. We are busy playing bedroom rugby. HA HA
Wait, I also want Ranger, Joe, Derek... Man, tomorrow I may have to do a part 2 adoption list!

kim said...

Woo-hoo! I love Michael...sooty Hell stained garments and all.

Christine said...

I forgot Judd, Clay, and Hawke from Nalini's Psy-Changelings. Oh heck! All of her heroes!

And then Zarek the Dark Hunter.
And I'm sure I could think of a few Carpathians, too...

And Wizard from Driven... good call Kristie! Yum.

Katie(babs) said...

Oh yes Kim. Michael needs a bath after his sooting trip from hell.
Rub a dub dub... :)
I have a nice sponge for him that I can use to take away all his aches and pains.
I forgot Clay and Judd also!!
We will need foster homes for all these men. Any volunteers?
Kristie(J) gets John by default. *G*

Anonymous said...

Ooh, fun.

I'll haves Miles Vorkosigan from Bujold's series, cos he's brilliant, and loyal, and family minded.

Lord Peter Wimsey from Sayers because he's brilliant, and loyal and collects books.

Captain Carrot from Pratchett, because we could bond in our failure to understand the commom comma.

Mr Darcy still free? Because Pemberley...

And I'd like Jules from Brockmann's books, but can't imagine him without Robin, and that would be icky - so Stan, from Brockmann's Over the Edge.

Marianne McA

Gwen said...

Definitely Judd from Caressed by Ice, but I may be too late to get him.

I also love me some St. Vincent - Kleypas' bad boys are so good. But I think he's taken too.

So I suppose I'll have to settle for Quinn from Keri Arthur's Riley Jensen series. Oh darn. ;-)