Sunday, February 10, 2008

A time to cheer!

I fixed the echo!

You see, I've been having all kinds of computer issues for the longest time now. First of all the sound went on the old computer - didn't have any at all for quite some time and it was most annoying!
Then I got the new computer and it turns out that what was worse than no sound, was this incredible echo issuing out of the new speakers I bought along with the new computer. Music wasn't too bad, but I couldn't hear a damn thing when it came to anyone talking due to the overwhelming echo. I played around a bit but nothing seemed to work.
Then this morning, while still suffering from this Really Nasty Cold, I decided to see if I could get it to go away - the echo, not the cold. Although I'd love the cold to go away too!
And I found what the problem was - I had the sub woofer going. Now I only have the vaguest sense of what that was and what it does, but when I turned it off - no echo!!

'til later


Katie(babs) said...

Sub woofer? That sounds like a silly name :)
Nyquil will kick that nasty cold to the curb. Of course you may start seeing little trolls dancing because Nyquil is some freaky stuff, but oh so good.

CindyS said...

This cold is kicking my butt - I haven't got off the couch all weekend! I'm glad you figured out the echo - nothing like computer hiccups to make us crazy.

Hope you are feeling better. I keep thinking I'll just get up tomorrow and act like I'm not sick and maybe then I won't be sick. Ugh.


nath said...

that is great Kristie! me think you're getting there, technology-wise :P

Jodi_Lee said...

Ewwwwwww...colds -- YUCK!! I feel ya - get better and yay for no echo. I'm lucky, I'm sleeping with the computer guy. LOL