Sunday, February 03, 2008

Contractor Guy, Kitchen Guy and others - oh my

I don't think I've mentioned some of the more embarrassing aspects of having my kitchen redone. They've just recently decided where I work, that they need longer coverage in my department. So while I used to work strictly 8:30 to 4:30 Monday to Friday, they have changed things so that we have to work weekends and 8:00 to 6:00 on weekdays.
There are three of us (well there was but one woman moved to another department so then there were two but they've hired someone else so there will be three again - and I'm rambling) so we do a lot of switching around.
When it's my turn to work a weekend, I have the Friday before off and the Monday after off. It's not too bad as it's like two short weeks in a row and working weekends is much more relaxing - dressing down, no makeup, no bosses - that kind of thing. Plus for me, weekends can be pretty lonely so if I work on a Saturday, it breaks things up.
For the week days now, we have staggered shifts - one week I'll work 8:00 to 4:00, the next, 9:00 to 5:00 and then 10:00 to 6:00.
Now this will work fine in a while (although I'll never really like the 10 to 6 shift) but right now when I have workmen coming in the house it can be a bit - well - embarrassing.
I don't move as fast on those weeks I have the latest shift. Earlier this week (I was on 10 to 6) I had just gotten out of the shower and only had on my housecoat when I heard a knock at my back door. It was only 8:00. I didn't know who it was as Kitchen Guy had said he wouldn't be over until 10:00 - after I'd left.
It wasn't Kitchen Guy, it was Contractor Guy and his two helpers.
I couldn't not let them in is as they had work they had to finish up. But it was most disconcerting to be caught nearly naked with wet hair and no make-up on. I had to throw on different clothes as I hadn't ironed the clothes I was planning on wearing and they were all downstairs - which would have meant running around not dressed - Yikes!
I learned my lesson well that day though and the next day was up, dressed and ready for work when once again they showed up early. It was rather funny though since it was just Helper Guy this time. He apparently knocked, came in and then backed out and then made a second attempt when I didn't answer the door. When he came back in the second time he was almost as embarrassed as I was the day before. It was rather funny.
And another thing I find rather humorous about the whole thing. I live alone. I'm a woman. But every day now when I come home from work the toilet seat is up.


Katie(babs) said...

Now if you were a heroine in your own ebook, contractor men would come across you after your shower and.... use your imagination.... heh heh.

Kristie (J) said...

Or if any of them looked like Richard Armitage. They don't. Of course if they did, I'd be taking vacation during renovation time!!!

ReneeW said...

I love this story. I have answered the door in my robe and it makes me a bit uncomfortable but really I'm covered more in my robe than when I'm dressed. The only time the toilet seat is up at my house is when we have company... I have got Bob trained and he never does that anymore.

nath said...

LOL, so funny :P esp. the toilet seat thing, hahaha.