Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We interrupt this program

Or rather we interrupt me unpacking boxes - yes the counter top is in. Mind you I don't have a sink yet, but tomorrow the plummer is coming and Kitchen guy will install the sink and get the dishwasher working.

Anyway - where was I? Right!

A couple of New Crusaders have joined our ranks!! Tumperkin of Isn't it Romance has seen North and South and seen the wonders. She was kind of surprised! Go! Read!

Also - there is another Crusader who I missed somehow. Jan, a new blogger posted her thoughts on North and South back in January and I missed it! A slacker I was! But she is also a Crusader!
Finding new bloggers is another one of the wonderful things about this Crusade!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie:
Wow, I thought you would have been cooking up a storm by now. *grin
Just think by the weekend, it will be all over and you can relax.

Stacy~ said...

The crusade never gets old. Keep up the great work :)

nath said...

Yay about the counter top!! :)

Katie(babs) said...

MORE MORE we need more....
But Richard's neck is still mine.

ReneeW said...

Guess what came in the mail? N&S! So I need to start watching it this weekend. Yay! for the kitchen counters. Crossing fingers for the sink.

Kwana said...

Always great to have another crusader. There really should be a wink or secret handshake so we can tell each other if we meet by chance on the street:)

lisabea said...

Hm. Can I make a mlm post out of that movie? No?

Kristie (J) said...

Lisabea: LOL - Mmmmm thinking - I don't think so *g* 'cause part of the thing of North and South is picturing - just for a moment maybe - that I (or any other female viewer who has the gene) is Margaret Hale in that final scene.

Kwana: *g* well - we could always say when we meet someone - "look back, look back at me" If they are a Crusader they will know immediately what you are talking about. If they aren't they will think you are very odd.

Renee: I will be on tenter (or is it tender?) hooks waiting to see what you think of it. You simply MUST let us know - even if you hate it. The curiosity alone will be killin' me.

Katie: We already have so many - but there can never be enough Crusaders!!

Nath: you should have seen me chuckle when I got home. I thought "looks GREAT but it also kind of looks like they forgot something.

Stacy: As long as we breathe we shall Crusade - heh heh heh heh heh heh

Janice: well it was tempting to start cooking - but then I would have had to wash up in the bathroom - and it just wasn't worth it *g* It's bad enough carrying laundry from one room to another. It's awful also doing it with dishes!

lisabea said...

nah. I was just making you giggle. :)

KC said...

Stepping out of under the veil of lurkdom, I can't decide whether to thank you for introducing me to N&S or bitch about it, hehe thank you of course. I've been a frequent reader of the rambles for awhile now due a love of romance novels. I've listened to you mention about North and South and decided to try it, even though in my ignorance I thought it was about American history (uninformed Canadian that I am) which isn't high on my interests. Imagine my delight to hear that it was about England (self acclaimed biggest Pride and Prejudice fan). I got it from the library on sat and have watched all four episodes everyday since and have ordered it from Chapters because I must own it, and have planned to torture my non-period-drama-loving friends with it next week with an English tea party and N&S viewing. So ya I guess I could be considered an official and lifetime Crusader :)

Kristie (J) said...

Lisabea: Oh I did giggle *giggle*

KC: Well warm welcome out of lurkdom!! And a fellow Canadian to boot! I am just tickled pink that our Crusade is reaching people we didn't even know about.
I thought for the longest time it was just a remake of the mini series with Patrick Swayze too! But a few things happened all around the same time - I saw a YouTube video on SB's with different brief clips of British series - with a dash of Ever After thrown in. One of them was North and South and then the light dawned it wasn't the same kind of thing at all. Also readers were raving about it at All About Romance; Sula in particular, and I decided to bite the bullet and try it out. And the rest they say is history. A crusade was born!
I'd say the gene is strong in you fellow Crusader *g*. It is wonderful isn't it? And I am over the moon that so many people are discovering this WONDERFUL series - and so many are loving it too so much.
I hope you drop by again!! :-)

Jan said...

Thanks for finding my entry, Kristie! I didn't mind you hadn't noticed it I was just glad you had gotten me to buy the DVD and watch it. I have loved all the photos you've posted throughout the Crusade.