Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just a real quickie

I'm trying to say something to Wendy but it wants word verification but it won't give me the word it wants me to verify. So here's what I would say if there was a word and I could post it.

Happy Blogiversary!!! I somehow missed mine (Feb 16). I remember how delighted I was to find you and Ro and Maili (where is she by the way? We miss her) and Keishon. Now there are so many more that have joined the wonderful party that is the romance reader blogosphere. And your one of the original founders :)


Oh drats!!! It looks like any blog that has word verification won't show the d%#*m verification word.
So in reply to Renee's post on pre-ordering:

That's why I love pre-ordering from Chapters. If a book isn't released yet, they will still ship the ones that are out and you get the free shipment. Plus, there are a number of books that just don't show up on the shelves here that I can get on-line. And some of them are cheaper than in stores. Innocent in Death was a lot cheaper ordering on line than buying in the store. I don't know why that is. Plus - it's kind of neat to look forward to that box in the front door when I get home.


CindyS said...

What's bugging me right now is that Chapters is showing Butch's book is now 24 hr but they haven't shipped my pre-order. Grrrr.


Wendy said...

Thank ye kindly!

And it's not just you - I was having issues with word verification earlier, so Blogger probably has PMS again.

ReneeW said...

That damn word verification!! I have had trouble with it before and had to turn it off. Then I got lots of comment spam and turned it on. I'll turn it off for awhile.

Chapters sounds just what I'm looking for. I wish they had a US online store. I wonder if there are any US stores that do that.

Anonymous said...

Kristie, flip back to your blog and then back to the comments to get the word verification to work.

I too pre-order from Chapters b/c they do ship orders as the books come out, not as a group and you still get free shipping.

Then there's using my airmiles for gift cards.

I have 3 partially filled orders at the moment.


Jennie said...

Stupid blogger! I was having trouble yesterday too, I kept refreshing pages, but I couldn't get it to work. Very frustrating!