Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whoo Hoo - Let's hear it for pre-ordering!!

Innocent in Death by JD Robb

Yes!! Fist pump.

When I got home from work today this one was waiting for me. Just in case anyone hasn't picked up on it yet, JD Robb and the In Death series break all the rules in my '4 books in a series and that's it' rule. I can't see me ever getting tired of these ones. And they also break another rule; no more hardcovers. I was buying a few authors in hardcover when I joined the Doubleday Book Club. But then I cancelled my membership and haven't been buying hardcover since - EXCEPT - JD Robb. You see, there is such a long waiting list for these at the library - one time I was something like 93 on the list, and I couldn't bear to wait that long I just decided these ones would be my one indulgence. And if I buy them on-line at Chapters it's 34% off. Then add an additional 9% with my Avid Reader card and a book that starts out at $32.50 becomes $20.38. It's still expensive - but for the number of times I read these ones - worth it! And the pre-buzz on this one has been very good! Trouble in the Eve and Roarke marriage. Total yummers because we know they will work it out, but that means character stuff which is my favourite part of this series.

So - the question now becomes - do I start it right away, knowing that Lost is on later, I have two writing assignments I have to do and I'm still learning the new job so I can't afford to stay up reading until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning - need the brain sharp as it's gonna get. Or do I hold off until the weekend, when I have time to read luxuriously, and in the meantime just sit holding this one? Decisions, decisions.

So - what do you do when you get a book you've been waiting what seems like forever for? Do you hold it and snuggle for a while and let the anticipation build? Or do you open immediately and start reading right away, knowing you have waited long enough as it is?
Me - with a much anticipated book, I have a tendancy to just *sit on it* for a while - to savour what I am sure will be a wonderful reading experience.

And another totally unrelated question - what the heck is happening with Blogger and my blog? I seem to have lost the side panels and pictures aren't coming in. Is it something I did? Do I need to republish or is Blogger just being annoying again? I was kind of liking the new blogger that I was FORCED to get - but now I'm not so sure.

'til later


A thanks to Jennie and her Twin Julieree. I won!!! I won!!!!
I think I won a couple of Mary Stewart books - ones that I read back in my teens and loved at the time but they are long, long gone, a Carla Kelly whom I've never read but reader rave about and ta da - Jane Austen whom I've also never read. Yes - you read that right. I've never read Jane Austen before.
So thanks again!!!


Nicole said...

I immediately read it. So good. Go and read it so we can discuss it!

Kristie (J) said...

Nicole: I do want to read it!!! But I'm not going to have a good enough block of time until Sat. am. Tomorrow is writing & I'm going to a friends for dinner and a movie on Friday after work. Although..... I don't have to work Saturday so theoretically I can stay up late on Friday night.

CindyS said...

I'm like you, I wait until I know I don't have an other obligations. This changes if I have been overly stressed or been working my arse off (it happens) then I sit almost immediately after telling Bob he's on his own until the book is over.


nath said...

Lucky you Kristie! Apparently, my copy is on its way... I still have to perfect the art of pre-ordering (I think that depending on when you pre-order, they sent it "early" to you). There's been a lot of buzz around this book, because of the marital issues between Eve and Roarke, so can't wait to watch it!

Anonymous said...

Finished it.

Happy with most of it. Wasn't impressed with the "old flame" part. Felt like it was tacked in to add words.

If you ignore those sections.... When's the next one??? BUT I do wish she'd expand Nadine, Baxter etc story-lines.


ReneeW said...

OOO, I'm so jealous. I can't bring myself to buy hardcover so I'm on the wait list at the library. Damn, I'm #205 out of 348!

Bridget Locke said...

I read it the minute I got it home & I really, really liked it! It's ranked up there in my top 5 Eve Dallas books. It was different in some ways, which I won't go into detail about, but I liked it a lot! :)

I'm with Farm Wife about the "old flame"....that was the only part that disappointed me.

nath said...

Hey Kristie!

I got the book yesterday *happy dance* and read it in one sitting ;) Worth it, read it asap! You'll love it!

Jodi_Lee said...

I love it that you said "fist pump" - that made me crack up. :P

Holly said...

So...did you finish it? I loved it! I read it as soon as I got home on Thursday. LOOOVED IT! :)

Anonymous said...

I finally got my ebook copy today! Woot.

Kris said...

I got my copy from the librar a couple of days ago and read it in one sitting too. I loved it. I love watching the relationship between Roarke and Eve.

Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: It was like I had ants in my pants those few days I couldn't read it!!

Nath: And isn't it a happy, happy dance? I have read it - loved it and will review it soon.

Farmwifetwo: Actually I liked the ex-girlfriend aspect of it. I love it when there is conflict between Eve and Roarke. It makes them seem even more alive than the already are.

Renee: 205!?!?!? Oh man that hurts!! That's why I buy her hardcovers. There is no way I could wait that long for more of Eve and company

Kaitlin: It's one of my faves too! And like I said, I thought that was a great monkey wrench to throw in. And I love how they came to an understanding.

Jodi: *grin* I forgot to add the Yes! along with it.

Holly: yep I read it, I loved it and I WILL be reading it again.

Jane: LOL - we agree on these ones then? *g* A meeting place in our reading tastes!

Kris: I read mine in a day too. It was wonderful to read a book that fast again. It seems like it's been a loooonnnggg time.