Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Angie's February Challenge - in by the skin of my teeth

Title: Lord of Desire

Author: Paula Quinn

Year published: 2005

Why did you get this book? I really don't remember. I think I read some rec's for it, it's a medieval and a new author

Do you like the cover? not especially. That type is getting old now

Did you enjoy the book? Yes and no - to be answered under anything else

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? Yes she is new *grin* and I already have her next book

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Keeping it for now - it's the first in a series

Anything else? Well, I'm an artistic reader and artistically I mostly enjoyed this book. It was a tad more purple than I'm used too. I giggled when the hero commented to the heroine that he wanted to drench himself in her perfume. For the most part I either ignore or I'm not bothered by technical errors. But this one had some doosies that even I noticed. For example - these people never ate!!! I was 3/4 of the way through and suddenly realized that he (Brand - the hero) kept taking her (Brynna - the heroine) up for some boinking before they got around to the meal they were about to have. As far as I can remember, she had a little bit of cooked rabbit in the forest and I'm not sure he ate anything at all. Another thing that I noticed were the days disappeared. In one part, Brynna was injured so Brand put her to bed and then went somewhere else so he wouldn't be tempted to go for more boinking. The next thing he falls asleep, they wake up, go down for breakfast, but don't make it to eat - gotta boink - they fall asleep after the lovin' and it's suddenly the next day. I scratched my head and thought - wait a minute - this doesn't make sense. Where the heck did the rest of the day go???? I looked back but then couldn't be bothered. It would have involved taking notes and I just didn't want to take notes. Another thing that kind of irked me was the whole story took place over about a 5 day span (I think - because days went missing there) and I just had a hard time buying that they fell so deeply in love over that short a time.
Good news. I think she has potential. Tone down a bit of the purple, take the story over a longer time frame, fix up missing days and last but not least - let them eat!!! and I think she can be pretty good. As I said, I have her next one and I'm looking to see if some of the issues I had are straightened out. And maybe I won't notice any technical errors.

'til later

Want to read a hoot of a story?

Yes, I'm being a link slut. This is to avoid doing the math and science quizz that every one seems to be doing and most are passing. Me - I'm afraid to even try it.

Anyway - for a hoot of a story, check out Giselle's blog.

Renee asks an interesting question.

Aren't you glad we don't the covers they do in France? See Gabrielle's blog for proof.

CindyS really did some research and came up with some great quotes!

And Happy Blogday to Wendy!

Now I'm off to write up my (one) new author book I read for AngieW's February challenge because I did it Angie! I did it. I'll have it ready soon. (forgot there were only 28 days this month)

'til later
Oh dear – I hate to be depressing, but things aren’t going at all well right now and writing helps.
Ron had 28 treatments of radiation and until the last day, there seemed to be few side effects. Ha! I thought. This isn’t going to be as bad as we were told it could be. Unfortunately I thought too soon. He is suffering them now. He’s experiencing devastating pain when he tries to eat something. Mealtime – which hasn’t been good since this first started, has become something I dread beyond belief. Seeing him in pain – and he’s not hiding it – is causing me almost unbearable heartbreak. On Sunday, I couldn’t take it and had to drive out and grieve to my sister. Now she’s in pain seeing my pain which is caused by Ron’s pain. And now I feel bad passing it on to others. But if I don’t express it somehow – I will explode. People standing around where I was before the explosion will look, scratch their head and say “Yup – she blowed up reeaalll good there”
One of the options they mentioned before the radiation is a feeding tube. I’m thinking we are going to have to go that route even though when I first heard it I cringed. Ron’s not a big guy. In recent years I’ve compared us to Jack Spratt and his wife – me being the wife. He can’t afford to loose any more weight but eating is causing him excruciating pain. And me eating? Fugetaboutit. Anything I eat tastes like sawdust.
I called Social Services today to see about getting in to talk to someone – that good counsellor thing. I just feel like I can’t talk about it much to my sisters ‘cause it hurts them. One thing I decided. When we get past this – whatever may happen – I am going to find out how I can help other people in similar situations. That’s one thing keeping me going.
Work is both a blessing and a curse. If I didn’t have work to go to and stayed home with Ron all day – well I just can’t imagine. On the other hand, my concentration powers are lower that a snake’s belly in a wagon rut right about now. We are talking zombie girl here.
One of the things that absolutely helps the most though is the cyber romance community. Visiting and reading message boards and even more the romance blogging community is what’s helping to keep me sane. That and an extremely strange and some might even say warped sense of humour I inherited from my parents.
Reading blogs, commenting on blogs, doing my own blog – it is all helping more than I can express.
So, if you’ve made it to the end of this entry – my thanks and deepest appreciation for being a member of the community.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

This and That

First This

I just finished Devil in Winter and all I can say is Wowzers!!! I think this is her best book since the infamous Dreaming of You that I might have *um* encouraged a few people to read. Since not everyone has found this book yet, and isn't it odd that
two of those have copies of the book I'm most eagerly awaiting, I won't say too much. But oh I loved this book. In fact, I think I'll read it again starting tomorrow. For those of you who haven't read this one yet but read the first two and thought Evie might not be a match for Sebastien - do not worry. She is more than a match for him. And anyone who wasn't sure about him after he kidnapped Lillian - not to worry. He makes a delightful hero. In fact - I don't say this lightly - he is right up there with Derek Craven as a hero extraodinaire!! It was almost a perfect book. The only thing that kind of through me off was when they kept referring to Cam as "the boy". Wasn't he supposed to be 22? And he sure weren't no boy in the scene with Daisy!!!
It was very weird though. Before Evie proposed and married Sebastien, we shared the same last name.

Grade - 5 out of 5

And now for That
I spent some more of my poker winnings. I broke down and bought

The first season DVD of Lost. Now I will have the episode of The Kiss all for my very own to watch and watch and watch

'til later

Saturday, February 25, 2006

They just couldn't resist

Those wild and wacky cover clowns at Avon strike again.

I didn't notice this dreadful, horrible, awful inside cover until I picked the book up to read it.

Shirtless men in capes in the dead of winter - stupid, stupid, stupid.
Rich women with bare feet in the dead of winter - stupid, stupid, stupid.
And could heroes hair get any greasier?

I know Sybil thinks I pick on Avon too much *grin* - but seriously - can you blame me?

'til later

Friday, February 24, 2006

The FIRST of my poker winnings

Devil in Winter - Lisa Kleypas
Don't hate me Cindy. I feel like I'm raining on your parade - but I couldn't NOT get it could I?????? I mean, as Sybil points out, she does mention a certain someone.

Beloved Stranger - Patricia Potter
I used to love her historicals but then she switched to RS which I didn't like nearly as much. But it looks like she's writing historicals again. Now - if only she will go back to Westerns the world will be a brighter place.

The Devil's Knight - Lucy Blue
I know, I know, I don't "do" vampires. But I loved Lover Eternal! And I love her books under Jayel Wylie

The Warrior - Heather Grothaus
Since I love to try new authors - and it was only $5.99 (this is Canada remember - check the fine print) and it is a medival. Even though Bam did a wickedly funny snark on the cover I got it anyway.

'til later

Degrees of Frustration update

Well, I met with the social worker. She was very nice and sincerely apologetic that she hadn't returned my calls. It seems she was off work on Monday and Tuesday and when she returned on Wednesday, had 27 calls to return.

I didn't have to get angry - which was a relief as I really don't do anger well. Or, on the other hand I do it too well - I'm not sure which * see further down. And I didn't have to apologize for loosing my temper since I managed to direct it somewhere else.

She was very impressed with all the stuff Ron had organized. Even I was astonished when I looked at him as he pulled out all the statements he's gotten in the mail dating back to December - that arrive weekly. I'd told him earlier how heavy the bag was that I carry around - now I know why.

It turns out it's a very simple process to switch gears - simply sending in one form to the Employment Office, but we did need the attending doctor's signature. Since he has two that wasn't hard to get - and no, it wasn't Dr. Noshow who signed it.

The frustrating part - they had to delay the big chemo another week due to low white blood cell count.

I must admit though I did get a chuckle later in the day when someone posted this:

I can certainly accept that some people are filled with rage or
anger or “negative feelings’ but really, are we supposed to “express them” by
dumping it onto OTHERS??
I have an old fashioned belief in bucking up,
turning lemons into lemonade, being polite.
What does politeness and
kindness have to do with anger and negative feelings??
If someone is filled
with angst and anger and negativity, a good counselor might help. Don’t dump it
onto the rest of us.
My humble opinion.I don’t have a lot of time for the
self indulgent let it all hang out communication methods that some seem to find
de rigeur for these times.
A little kindness please!

in reply to a post I did at RTB. My apologies *grin* for dumping on the rest of you. I'm off to find that good counselor.

'til later

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A day of incedible frustration

I need to vent!

When Ron was first diagnosed one of the services that was offered was counseling, both emotional and financial. He wasn't and still isn't interested in the emotional, but the time has come for us to make use of the financial services. He stopped working near the end of November. First off he had four weeks vacation that he used and then he went on short-term disability. He is coming near the end of that now. He goes on Employment insurance for a while and then, if needed, long term disability.
At the begining, I spoke to someone in the Social Services department and they said they will help with the transitioning, sending in the forms so we don't have to go to the Employment office, that kind of thing. I started trying to get hold of them 3 weeks ago for help. We go to the clinic every Friday and I stopped in the office. The first time, there was no secretary - just a sign on the desk saying to wait in the atrium and someone would come out and when they were available. Well - that didn't work. I had to get back to Ron and then I had to get to work. The next Friday, there was no sign and no person. I said "hello?" and someone came out. She said she couldn't help me but told me to wait. When I explained that I couldn't - that I had to get to work as soon as Ron was done, she took my name and number and said someone would call. That was last Friday. No one had by mid-afternoon on Monday so I called them. Voice mail. I left my name, number and what I needed. Tuesday afternoon. No one had called. I called again. Voice mail. I left another message adding that my husband was starting to get very concerned and anxious and to please call me back. Wednesday. Still no one had called me back. By now Ron is really starting to get worked up and almost panicked. I called again. Today by mid-morning, after my regular morning call to Ron, he was very very upset that we hadn't heard anything.
F%#k this I thought and called the office rather than the social worker. I spoke to someone and explained the situation. I then said that he would be in for most of the day tomorrow and could I please get a time when I could come in and see the social worker. The woman on the phone then told me that she couldn't make appointments, that she would take my name, number and have the social worker call me. I could not believe it. I had TOLD her that the social worker hadn't been returning my calls. At this point I should have gotten very firm - but I'm saving it for tomorrow.
This is social services I'm dealing with! They are supposed to make things easier. I can not imagine in my job, not returning one call for four days. I left four f*****g messages! - Four!Instead I am more frustrated, angry and disgusted at them then even with Dr. Noshow - who still hasn't shown by the way.
I'm sure they are very busy. I understand this. But I do not understand not returning 4 calls and a hand delivered message in a weeks time. I started calling Monday and wasn't looking to talk - only to set up an appointment for Friday.
Meanwhile Ron is beside himself, starting to complain constantly because he feels so sick all the time, can't eat without it causing a great deal of pain and I don't know what to do.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Last Nights Lost


First off - it wouldn't be Last Night's Lost 'cause I'm early so it would be tonight's Lost

Second - it was (gee) a repeat (again). Although hopefully
Tara got a chance to see it

Which is actually a good thing because then I would have been torn between watching Lost and Boy's Night on American Idol.

So instead my faves for the next American Idol

First off - the girls






Now for the guys





Ace (and yes, yes, indeed he was just as good to listen to)

I know Keishon is rooting for Paris. And like me she has a soft spot for Taylor Hicks. Looks like it will be a good season!

'til later


OK - so obviously I watched AI last night instead of Lost. - but still in the Lost department, I found this article very interesting.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

And now for something different

My picture supplying friend sent these and I double dog dare you not to say at least one aaaawwww

'Cause I loves ya

I'm doing this from work (and listening very carefully for footsteps)


Monday, February 20, 2006

So far I'm 0 for 2

This is the second new-to-me author I tried this month that I couldn’t finish. I don’t know if this is cheating or not to list it. I don’t think AngieW specified whether or not we had to actually finish a book for the challenge or not. But I’m beginning to panic a little at not getting one in yet so I’m going to do this one just so that she can see that I am trying.

Title: Sweet Water

Author: Anna Jeffrey
Year published: 2005
Why did you get this book? I saw that it got very good reviews in a couple of places and since I like trying new authors – I thought I’d give it a shot
Do you like the cover? Yes – It’s a wonderful cover
Did you enjoy the book? – Um – since it’s a DNF – that would be no
Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? Yes – new author and no not interested in trying anything else by her.
Are you keeping it or passing it on? Passing it on
Anything else? I don’t want anyone thinking this is a bad book. It isn’t. It just didn’t work for me. The heroine was a wonderfully compassionate person and the secondary characters were very interesting. The story premise was an intriguing one but I think it was the hero that did the book in. He just didn’t do a thing for me. Uber rich, gorgeous guy – what’s not to love? But I didn’t. First off the author did a big no-no for me and described him as looking like Mel Gibson. I really don’t like when an author uses a celebrity – any celebrity, even if it’s one I’m hot for - to describe the looks of a hero. I think that’s a cop out. Plus I don’t think poor Mel has aged well and he’s turned a wee bit loony and I don’t want to picture him as the hero. Now if it had been the Meg Gibson from the movie The Bounty – well – it might not have been quite so bad.

I still would have considered it cheating – but cheating I could handle *grin*.

In addition, in one of the more shallow judgements of a hero, I couldn’t get past his name – Terry. Name association played too much a role here. I worked with a couple of Terry’s and they were both well past retirement age and had white hair and glasses. One was way too tall and the other was very short. Whenever I read the heroes’ name, it brought unwelcome mental images. Not that there was anything wrong with the Terry’s I worked with – I just didn’t want their faces associated with a romance book.
I did get quite a ways into this one once again before throwing in the reading towel. But I just got to the point where I realized I just wasn’t enjoying it and since my TBR pile is huge, really I was wasting my time in trying to finish it for the challenge. So anyone thinking of getting or reading this book – don’t go by me.

'til later

Saturday, February 18, 2006


Tomorrow is the last day to send in ballots for the Annual Readers Poll at All About Romance.

Me - I love entering this and I'm always looking forward to seeing who the winners are. I think it's more valid than some of the other contests held such as the ones at RWA. This one is where we readers get to have our say.

'til later

The day after the night before

Well, I got 3 hours sleep last night. Playing poker with a lot of women who have never played before can take a loooonnnnnggggg time. I got home at 2:00 am and was too psyched to go to bed right away - had to pick out what books to get with my $100 winnings don't you know. Then I was up at 7:00 which is 2 hours later than my usual wake-up time, so I'm headed for a nice long Saturday nap on a cold and wintery day.

So instead of blogging myself, check out Cindy's blog. She has a most excellent topic.

Night all

Over and out.

'til later

Holy Texas Hold 'em Batman!

Would you believe I won!!!!!

Never played poker in my life - but I was the nights big winner.

And I bet you all know what I'm spending my winnings on.

And it's funny how one letter can make a difference. I am tickled - not ticked - that they still include me in their girls night events.

'til later

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Well, it's now officially been a year


Kristie Gets Mushy

It’s been a year to the day (minus a day 'cause it's still an hour away from midnight but I'm headed for bed and I have a big day tomorrow - gonna play poker after work with some friends) when I started this blog. I first started noticing blogs when I read Laurie Golds of AAR. I looked at her sidebar and recognized the names of some of the regular posters at AAR. Maili and Rosario are the two that come to mind the most. I checked theirs out and found more, Keishon , for example. Being out of work at the time and looking for ways to delay the job search, I decided “what the hell, why not?”. I’m still amazed that I actually got one up and running. I still have about three zygote blogs out there in cyberspace from failed attempts.
Since my overriding passion is romance books, I wanted to focus on different aspects of romance. Occasionally I figured I might blog about something entirely different – thus the etc part. I’ve always loved writing and even had thoughts of giving writing a romance book myself at one time – but I’ve since realized that’s not likely to happen. So having a blog has really satisfied that urge to write. But more important, I’ve discovered something else. Blogging has really enriched my life.

This is where I really start getting mushy

I’ve said before that none of my friends or family are nearly the romance book fan that I am. I wondered for a while what was wrong with me. Why did I seem so out of control? Then I discovered TRR and soon after that AAR. I realized there was a whole lot of readers just like me. After discovering this, whenever my sisters raised their eyebrows at me for some of the odder quirks such as having boxes of books I’ve never read while still buying more, or always buying purses that could hold at least 2 books - mom purses they call them - I could proudly say “I’m not alone, I have PEOPLE.”
Well, once I started blogging, things changed somewhat. While before some of the romance-centric bloggers were just names on the AAR bulletin boards whose posts I enjoyed, now they started becoming real as we interacted. I found more and more blogs out there to read and enjoy and wonder of wonders, they started reading mine too. There was a bit of a discussion about blogs recently at AAR with the gist being some posters just weren’t interested, but for me it’s been a wonderful way to connect deeper with fellow romance fanatics. I’ve discovered we come in all walks of life and from all over the world. From Canada to all across the US, across the ocean to England, to the south in Uruguay, to Haiti, France, even as far away as Australia and Singapore. What we all share is a deep and abiding love for romance books. Most of us are different as night and day, we come in such a large age and cultural range, yet in some ways it seems I have just as much in common with many bloggers than I do with close friends. So for those who have dropped by just to read – thanks. I hope you enjoyed the visit. For those who have stopped by and left comments again thanks for taking the time. I’ve read and enjoyed all of them.
And to those who helped me – a techno-newbie– with pictures and designing the look of the blog and any and all advice – thank you for your time and generosity.
Some I have come to know even better – through exchanging emails and chatting. Although I haven’t been able to chat lately, I really miss it and those I “talked” too. I would start mentioning names, but then I would be bound to forget to mention someone and feel bad. But I just have to mention Jay (who met Krisite once) and Nicole as my two best chat buddies. And Sybil – well you are so special too. Heck – everybody is! I always check all blogs at the side and more besides that when I find them - ones that I haven’t added - yet and each and every one of you are great.

Now when my sisters look at me for one of my strange habits I think “It’s not just people I have anymore – it’s I have FRIENDS.” And I’m looking forward to making more! It seems there has been a romance reader blog explosion lately – and I like it!

OK the mushy stuff is over now.

But before I post this

A big THANK YOU to all.

‘til later

Last Nights Lost


Lots o' questions

Well, another most excellent episode I thought although once again I was confused.

Sayid said he was The Torturer. I think he started his career as an "information gatherer" when he got the location of the pilot for the American soldiers. Then they let him go. I presume he went on to his new career for the Iraqui army after that, but how could he go back to the army after torturing his comanding officer? Wouldn't someone have found out he worked for the Americans?

What are they doing to some of the characters this year?

Jack - last season he allowed Sayid to get information out of Sawyer - one of their own - with out much compuction - and Sawyer didn't even have the medicine yet last night he was willing to risk the entire world to save someone from Sayids brand of "information gathering" who was probably guilty. I don't get that.

Sawyer - what are they doing to his character? Last season he was a bad boy but showed signs of good underneath but not this season. Last week he ran a con and stole the guns, last night he squished a frog.

John Locke - how does he manage to keep his white T-shirts so clean?

The guy they captured - I'm thinking he is definetly one of the others.

For a deserted island, there sure are a lot of different groups and people running around. We have the front part of the plane people and the tailies, although they've united now. We have The Others. We have Danielle. And we have the guy, whose name escapes me, who manned the hatch.

And in other Wednesday night television news:

I know who I'm going to be cheering for on American Idol. Is Ace a hottie or what? I don't know if he can sing or not, but he sure will look good in the trying. I was fanning myself right along with Paula last night. The other contestant sure was right - he is pretty.

Not a very good picture but it's all I could find on short notice

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Bodice Ripper

From Wikipedia:
A bodice ripper is genre of romantic fiction, often historical fiction, in which the heroine often loses her virginity by force. They are typically full of unrestrained romantic passion. Usually the cover depicts a female whose bodice is being ripped by a muscular, often shirtless man. Often she first resists him, but is later overcome with passion.
They may be viewed as a form of escapist fiction, with the historical background providing a way of allowing the reader to indulge in a rape fantasy without guilt.

Has a term ever done more damage or been more demeaning to an entire genre of writing than this one has?
In one fell swoop, it makes all romance books – or at least historical romance – sound like trash.
I googled it and here is some of what comes up:

men look at photos, women read bodice-rippers. Sexual interest is normal,
healthyand fun. sex crimes are horrible, but There is a huge difference between

Or this gem:
Can we agree to escort her to a comfortable upstairs room where she can
bebrought her meals and a new bodice ripper every few days?

Or how about:
... Read this if you are looking for something other than a mindless bodice
ripper.Although judging from the reviews here, most people aren't. ...

This one amuses me though:

I can see where some people might confuse me with Fabio, what with all
theweight-lifting and modeling for the covers of bodice-rippers I've been

Every time I hear that phrase I cringe. It brings to mind some bleach blond big-chested bimbo trailer trash nymphet. That is NOT what the romance genre is about.
I’ve been reading romance books for years and years and when they began to grow in popularity in the 80’s there may have been a case. Read any Rosemary Rogers or Kathleen Woodiwiss and they fit into the mould of what that term illustrates. Dumb women being treated like dirt by supposed heroes. I read them, I hated them and I gave them up for a number of years because of the negativity and hidden messages I found in them. But when I came back to romance, the genre had changed entirely. There were still the occasional throwbacks, but for the most part the hero no longer said “I love you” by forcing the heroine into having sex and the heroines were more intelligent and a lot less naive and twittish and didn’t take nearly the shit from the heroes as they did when romance in it’s newer form first emerged.
So it bothers me to the nth degree that this phrase is still being used today. And it also bothers me to that same degree that many of the covers we still see reinforce that stereotype. That’s part of the reason why it seems I’m so harsh with Avon covers. In the back of my mind, I’m wondering whether their marketing department has a secret disdain for their readers. Men with naked chests – even in the winter scenes, and women with overflowing and obviously false boobs (breasts, bosoms – it was a hard thing deciding what word to use here – odd that!) still scream “bodice ripper” Still – to give Avon their due, from some of the covers Sybil has posted lately – they are improving – although we aren’t seeing the back covers. My choice – if I were to ever have a say-so would be to have the hero/heroine posed together and at least moderately covered up in a step-back cover. – But I digress.
We don’t have the same type of romance nowadays that we used to so why used the same terms as they did back then?

I mean after all, how many still use the term groovy?

And does this irritate other readers as much as me or is this just a Krisite thing?

‘til later

Monday, February 13, 2006

How many of these are there anyway?

For Ag who just read her first Judith McNaught - which happens to be my favourite book of hers . And for Where's My Hero who is thinking of giving McNaught a shot. I think there must be at least four different covers of this one. Any other different ones out there?

This one happens to be one of my more beat up books. They are usually in much better shape. But I bought it at a UBS.

And a thank you again to my son who bought me a scanner for Christmas :) so I can do this kind of thing now.

'til later

Saturday, February 11, 2006

When is enough enough?

I know there are many different types of readers. Some readers insist on finishing every book they start whether they are enjoying it or not. I'm not one of those readers. I have so many books in my TBR pile and I also do a lot of rereading so time is too short and there are too many books to read to continue if I'm not enjoying a book. But every so often I will try reading beyond what should have been the cut-off mark. This just happened with Cherry on Top by Kathleen Long. I bought it a while ago when I saw Wendy really liked it and tried to read it for Angie W's January Challenge - contemporaries. But I wasn't really feeling it and January turned into February. I put it aside to read a few other books and then tried to read it again for February's Challenge - new to you authors. But I finally came to the conclussion yesterday, that enough was enough. It was such a struggle to read this book, I really didn't like the heroine, hated the dog and it was getting painful to continue.

So for those readers who are like me and often don't finish a book, when is enough enough? Do you ever try and keep going even though you know you're beating a dead horse? Do you feel bad when you can't finish a book? I usually don't but I did with this one.

And for those readers who do finish bad books - how on earth do you manage to do it?

'til later

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Last Nights Lost

Warning Will Robinson

There will be spoilers in this one.

OK, I’m going to need a bit of help understanding last nights episode. I was a bit confused at the end of it. So the whole thing was a con run by Charlie and Sawyer I gather - right from the beginning. If I’m getting it right, Charlie wanted revenge on Locke for the deal with Clare and being punched out. He wanted to make Locke look bad. I’m not quite sure what Saywer’s motive was. Was it because everyone took his stuff? Or because he lost his spot as the resident bad guy? And was it Charlie who knocked out Kim?
And is anyone else wondering if the girl in Sawyer’s back story was the girl he was referring to when he said in a semi-conscious state that “I love her” and not Kate after all? I still see a Kate and Sawyer thing though ‘cause Kate seems to really understand where he is coming from.
And did anyone feel sorry for the girl (can’t remember her name – I’m so bad with names) in the back story? I did, although in a way it’s like that old story about the hare (or any different animal) carrying the snake across the river as a favour. When the snake bites the rabbit, the rabbit asks, as he lies dying, why did you kill me when I did you a favour. And the snake answers “you knew what I was when you carried me.” And she really did get into the con game and want to con others. But still - that was a real bad think he did.
And *chuckling* as I was watching it last night, I was wondering what Tara was thinking of this episode. It didn’t show Sawyer in a favourable light at all and since I don’t think she has watched last season yet, she hasn’t really been exposed to the bad, conniving side of Sawyer. Although he surely does look good wrapped in nothing but a towel. And you notice his back scenes seem to feature him in bed with someone? I think some of the Sawyer fence sitters may have been pushed off on and over to the “don’t like him” side.

So – thoughts anyone else?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This Crazy Little Thing Called Love

I am simply flat out crazy about these books! I’ve already read Crazy Hot and Crazy Cool twice and it was reading these ones for the second time that pulled me out of the slump I was mired in. So you can imagine how anxious I’ve been to get my hands on Crazy Wild. Enough so that I put aside Cherry on Top – even though BJ is waiting for my opinion on it – and I will get to it I promise. But first I had, just had to read Memory in Death. And then I had to read, just had to read The Devil’s Waltz. And then I had to read, just had to read Crazy Wild.
I can’t put my finger on exactly why I’m so mad for these books. They are over the top, completely unbelievable and escapism at it’s finest. I guess that’s why.

Anyway – on to Crazy Wild.
This one is just as fast-paced as the first two. In this book we meet Creed Rivera, a character who was mentioned in the first two but whom we had yet to meet. Creed is a wreck, a complete and utter mess. For anyone who has read the first two, he is still very much traumatized by the experience he had of being captured by drug lords and having to watch them torture and murder his best friend JT Chronopolous. He has mostly recovered physically from his ordeal, though he will never be 100& again, but mentally he should probably be in a pysch ward. Nevertheless he is assigned to “bring in” a major player, Cordelia Stark in a bid to sell a nuclear bomb to the highest bidder. But the trouble is, she is not really the villainess she is thought to be. Creed tracks her down and saves her, and saves her again and along the way begins to realize this himself.
While reading this one, I lost track of the villains early on. It seems everyone and their mother is wanting this bomb. And you know what? I just didn’t care. I just went with it and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. While there weren’t as many sex scenes in this one as in the previous two, the ones that were there though were……hot! I’ve said before that often while reading a book, I skim the sex scenes. Not in Tara Janzens books. They are simply too well written to skim. And another thing that slightly concerned me in Crazy Cool didn’t happen in this one. It seemed as if in Crazy Cool, she was introducing a few too many characters, but this one is much simpler and streamlined. We have Creed and Cody and the set-up of Dylan – the cool and debonair leader and Skeeter Bang, the young street girl rescued by the guys at Steele Street. Bam, I don’t know if you’ve read these ones, but I think you would love Skeeter. She is just too cool for words and I’m already counting down the days until their story. And this is me – me the reader who doesn’t do this kind of shit (oops – stuff). Kid and Nikki aren't in this one and the heroes from the other books are just mentioned in passing so it may work well as a standalone. I must admit I was relieved to see that too many characters isn’t a trend.
Creed is simply wonderful! Wounded beyond belief, I think he’s my favourite hero so far in the series. And Cody is more than able to hold her own with him. Forced into situations beyond what she can handle, I think she makes a great heroine.
I looked these up at Amazon and it looks like she has at least three more lined up. You know the expression, there are exceptions to every rule? Well, I’m thinking if the rest of the Crazy books keep up like the first three, my four book in a series limit is out the window with these ones.

Thank goodness February is a short month! We have the next installment out the 28th.

Grade 5 out of 5

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Hands up - how many who have read this now have that song running through their heads?

*evil grin*

Will he or won't he

We have an appointment today with Dr. Noshow. Will he or won't he live up to his name?

And that would be another noshow.
Huzzah - he get's to keep the nickname I granted him.

Coming up next - review of Crazy Wild and Last Night's Lost

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Yesterday was a bad day.
Ron discovered a lump in his stomach just under the skin about three weeks ago. His radiation doctor wanted his chemo doctor to look at it and have a biopsy done but his chemo doctor kept blowing off his appointments. To date we have seen his chemo doctor once for about five minutes and he hasn’t shown for three other appointments. I was very frustrated because I have enough to battle without tracking down asshole doctors to make sure they show up for appointments they have scheduled. Finally, his chemo doctor arranged for Ron to see a surgeon and that appointment was yesterday. The doctor himself was very nice, the best one we have seen yet. But he didn’t know what the lump was either. He did think it was deeper than previously thought. He didn’t want to do a biopsy yet until another ultrasound was done so he scheduled one – March 7! It’s been so difficult waiting this long to find out what it is, to keep Ron from freaking on a daily basis. Now we have almost another month to wait. In addition Ron has now had 25 radiation doses. They changed the angle the other day and are coming at it from different directions. He can feel burning now in other parts of his body.
After yesterday’s appointment, I dropped him off at home and came to work but I was a zombie.
Up until now I have managed to remain fairly upbeat and I know I’ll get that back again, but yesterday was so hard. For the first time since this nightmare began, I broke down and cried in front of him. Any crying I’ve done before, I haven’t let him know about.
He is looking so bad right now. He has lost a great deal of his hair and what he has left has all turned gray. When we first met years and years ago, he had pretty long (and beautiful) hair. He’s been loosing a great deal of it over the last few years, but not like he has now. I know this bothers him a lot. He is pretty white now and has huge dark circles under his eyes. It hurts so much to look at him because I know how much he is hurting. He has another round of chemo scheduled on Friday and they take a huge toll on him. It all came crashing down on me yesterday. I’ve been trying to be strong for him but I just couldn’t.
For the first time in memory, I don’t want to be working. Even at my old job when things were so bad, I was glad in general, that I was out in the working world. But not anymore. I can’t think right and a part of me is resentful (not to my present employers – they have been great!) but in general, that I’m not there with him. But at the same time, to be with him all day – I don’t know if I can do it. But what about him? He lives it all day.
I know I’ll pick myself up, gather the strength again to go on though – and soon. I just couldn’t yesterday.
I’m not sure I’ll leave this up. It’s pretty depressing. But it does help to express things in writing.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Devil's Waltz

You can tell a good author when she takes a story that has been done many times before and makes it fresh. You can tell a very good author when one scene almost brings you to tears and the next scene to laughter and the one after that edge of your seat excitement. You can tell a truly gifted author when she can write compelling tales in something as diverse as a spine tingling romantic suspense and her next book a rich and compelling historical. Anne Stuart falls into the truly gifted author category. Her previous book, Black Ice was one of the best romantic suspense books of 2005 and I think her latest work, The Devils Waltz will be one of the best historicals of 2006. To me that is some accomplishment. The Devil’s Waltz is much lighter in tone than Black Ice. It’s a story that’s been done before. Christian Montcalm, an impoverished heir to a viscountsy, is an unprincipled rake who needs to marry for money. He has decided that Hetty a beautiful but vain young woman will do just fine. Since her father is not an aristocrat but rather comes from trade and a shocking one at that, Christian considers himself a fine choice. Out to stop him however, is our heroine and Hetty’s chaperone, Annelise Kempton. Annelise is the daughter of a baron who died on a drunken ride, leaving her penniless and dependant on the auspices of others. Although as I said, this is lighter in tone, it does have Ms. Stuarts usual ambiguous hero. Christian, you see, fully intends to wed, bed young Hetty and promptly move on to the chaperone. Luckily, Annelise is a good match for him. Like The Perfect Rake, the hero in this one finds the slightly unattractive heroine more than what is common.
If you aren’t used to Ms. Stuarts dark almost anti heroes and prefer the noble kind of, this book may be one you might want to skip. She has them walk that tightrope that borders on unredeemable and sometimes they almost fall off. None of them have for me yet though. I find them decadently delightful. If you are like me and enjoy dark heroes with questionable morals this is a book you simply cannot miss.
It’s odd. I see readers mourning the fact that fans of historical romance are losing two of the best with Connie Brockway and Lisa Kleypas both moving on to different genres. But no one seems to mention that it can be done successfully. A truly gifted author can do it. Anne Stuart does it – and does it wonderfully.

Grade 41/2 out of 5

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Not long after I posted this, I noticed AAR had just put up a review for it. While it was a very good review, the reviewer had issues with the epilogue. I thought this was nuts!. How many people, myself included, wished there had been an epilogue for Black Ice - that it ended to abruptly. The complaint would have been the same with this one. I thought the epilogue a very fine added touch indeed.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The Autobuy - revisited

A couple of blogs back after reading Cranky Reader’s blog, I did one on the autobuy. Ag left a comment and had some thoughts and questions. Rather then take up space in the comment section, she blogged about it herself. They were very good questions – be sure to check them out. I left a reply and then started thinking some more about it and decided to piggyback from Ag who piggybacked from me who piggybacked from Cranky Reader. Quite a circle it’s getting to be.

My thoughts were - what does it take to drop an autobuy author from that mental list I carry around. There are a number of reasons that cause me to turf an autobuy author. One of the main reasons is too many books in a series. With the lone exception of JD Robb, I loose interest in a series after a max of four books. One of the authors who has fallen into this category is Julia Quinn (I would probably still be reading her if Mama and Papa Bridgerton hadn’t been so prolific. I shudder to think what might have happened if that bee hadn’t flown by).
Celeste Bradley has suffered the same from the same affliction. If she had stopped at four spies I would more than likely still be reading her. But she didn’t *sigh* . Instead, she is going into spy levels now. There is your regular spy and now we have the spy bosses. I suppose after that it will be spy underlings and spy wannabe’s. But the voice rises up in me and shouts “Enough with the spies already”. Brings up that old joke - how many spies does it take to change a lightbulb? None - they prefer to work in the dark.

(that's not really an old joke - I just made it up)

Mary Balogh is another example of too many in a series. For me it became Slightly Tomany.

A few authors who knew when to end a series and thus are still autobuys include Jo Goodman (Compass Club - 4), Wendy Lindstrom (Grayson Brothers – 4) and Danelle Harmon (I know she’s no longer writing – but if she were she would be an autobuy.) I know there are many readers who can’t get enough books in a series and to them Krisite would like to say “for the love that is all that is good in this world people, please let them let them go!”

Sherrilyn Kenyon falls into this one in a unique way. Not only is there too many Dark Hunter novels, as well we now have Were Hunters, Dream Hunters, Star Hunters, Time Hunters, Day Hunters, Nature Hunters – well – you get the picture. As I’ve said before, she is so busy setting up future Hunter stories, for me, she’s lost focus on the story she is currently telling. I’m a simple girl and there are just too many characters and hunters to follow. And I know this will be a totally blasphemous statement and I will duck now but before I do, hear me roar “I AM SICK TO DEATH OF ASH AND I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FIG WHO HE ENDS UP WITH.
There – that feels better.

I should point out that the authors I’ve named are very good authors – they must be – they used to be on my autobuy list and their styles haven’t changed. It’s just too much of a good thing for me I suppose.
I was going to get into more reasons for dropping an autobuy but since I’ve rambled enough for the evening, I’ll save them for another day.

Thought for the day. This really is an addiction isn't it. The new Tara Janzen and Vickie Taylor books should be on the shelves now. I've been waiting impatiently for them to come out since the beginning of January. On my home from work I wanted so bad to drive out of my way to get them I got itchy - seriously itchy. And I have a huge pile of books I just got.

'til later

Thursday, February 02, 2006

The bi-itch, the bi-itch, the bitch is back

My inna bitch is escaping.

Now without giving TMI and who really cares anyway, I seem to be going through menopause. While so far the transition seems to be going relatively easy, night sweats and a few hot flashes notwithstanding, I seem to be doing pretty good. It’s not nearly as bad a case as others and the cessation of certain things – not to mention the money I manage to save – plus tax – that one really burns me up – is pretty good.
One of the side effects – probably helped on by my situation is a very low level of patience for what I consider bull shit.
My mama raised me with the mantra – and I’m sure I’m not the only one - “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” That became the code I lived by and I’m thinking now it’s not such a good thing. I’ve been nice all my life and I’ve bitten my tongue more times than I can count through the years. Now I’ve noticed in the past few years this ball of rage is in me – just waiting for the chance to escape.
In fact, a few years ago when the ball started to grow I decided to name it. I know scary aren’t I? I refer to this ‘alter ego’as Krisite. I came up with the name ‘cause when I type fast sometimes, I type this by mistake. It happened often enough that it just seemed natural.
Now I’ve been trying to channel Krisite into productive areas and it has worked quite well up until recently. It was Krisite some years ago that put together a package on why I should get a good-sized raise after being overlooked a couple of years in a row and darned it I didn’t end up getting one of the highest ones in the office that year. It’s Krisite that I sic on unsuspecting telemarketers and send into battle when I’ve been over charged for something. I think all of us shy retiring types need an inner Krisite. But like Genie on the old I Dream of Genie show, she doesn’t want to go back in that bottle much anymore and she is getting meaner.
It was Krisite who gave that driver behind me the finger in the mall parking lot last weekend when they honked at me for driving too slow. It was with horror that I watched that arm go out the window and that middle finger go up. I wouldn’t do something like that. It was Krisite that slowed down considerably in a no passing zone the other day on the way to work after some driver behind me ran his car right up the bumper of mine.
And it’s Krisite who wants to post really biting comments on some of the message boards I visit. In fact the other day she came so close to busting out, I had to send off a really weird message to the yahoo group I’m in to keep me from posting a real nasty “live” response. I’m sure some of them are scratching their heads going “huh? Where did this come from?” Well, it wasn’t me – it was Krisite being channelled.
I’m going to have to work on melding the two I think. I’m going to have to chuck my Mama’s old mantra out the window and accept the fact that stating an opinion, even if it’s negative is OK as long as it’s not in a nasty hurtful way.
So until I’ve integrated Krisite if anyone happens to see some shocking type reply I’ve made anywhere to what I consider a rather stupid comment, it means she got out before I could stop her, but we are working together.

Random thought of the day. I was watching Jeopardy last night and the final category was world wars. The question was: the derivative of this flower was responsible for years of war. What is it.
Aha! I got the answer 'cause I read historical romance. It was the poppy and the derivative was opium. Lots 'o' romance have mention of those wars.

‘til later

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Lost - Well nuts!

Just when I'm ready to start something regular, a Thursday-after-Lost blog gab, they go and throw in a repeat. So I don't know if there is a point since not only was tonights episode a repeat, it was a repeat from last season. So I suppose we could do some ranting on the fact that after almost a month of repeats we get only two (or was it three) new episodes before we get a repeat.

Whatever happened to the days - ah I remember them - vaguely - when we got a full season's worth of shows before summer reruns. The new season would start the first week in September and all shows would be new until the middle of May. It kind of ran the same as a school year. There may have been one repeat sometime in December, but a lot of shows had special Christmas episodes. These days it seems there is a month of new shows followed by a month of repeats during the whole month of December. Then January we might see a few new ones followed again by repeats until the February sweeps. Then many a show goes on hiatus, while they try out different shows. Then our favourite show might come back for a few more then that's it. I don't even think they have May sweeps anymore.

I really don't like this new way at all, no I don't! It's nice to get into a rythm and flow of a show, but that's next to impossible anymore.


And when you watch as little TV as I do, well it just bites.

'til later