Saturday, February 10, 2007

10 Wierd Things About Me

tagged by Holly

First off - I'm out in the country visiting Lisa. She's gone out to visit her horse. Although she invited me along - well let's just say I'm not really a horse person. But I'm here on dial-up and good heavens is it painful!! I managed 4 games of Free Cell just waiting for this to upload!! Tara - how do you do it???

Anyway - on to ten things

1. I can't get out of a car very well. Grace has never and will never be my middle name. I embarass myself even when there is no one around me when I try and get out. I just can't figure out how to turn my legs and exit gracefully. And you should see me in a van or truck. Very painful to watch. It usually takes me about 5 minutes to get out of the car - slightly less in summer

2. While a pretty good driver while going frontwards, my backing up skills are very lacking. I do it v e r y s l o w! When it's cold out, I back into the drive way and it usually takes me 3 or 4 tries. I've backed into things. I backed into the fence in the backyard about 3 weeks after I got a new car. I've backed into several cars. I've learned to be cautious.

3. I walk the opposite of a duck. My feet turn inwards when I walk and my shoes just look odd after a while. And I get these nasty looking callouses on the inside of my big toes and along the side of my feet.

4. I hate changing lightbulbs. I have 3 to change in the bathroom - there is a bank of lights with 6 big light fixtures. I figure I'll wait until I'm down to one still working and then get one of the boys to change them for me. Although first I'll have to unscrew one and take it to the light store (Canadian Tire) and get a bunch like it since they are specialty sized bulbs.

5. This next one is a Canadian thing. I just don't "get" the appeal of Tim Hortons. I'm not really a Timmy's fan. I like coffee, but Timmy's coffee just isn't anything special. On my way to work I always stopp a different franchise because I like their coffee better - and no, it isn't Starbuck's either.

6. I like sneezing. Whenever I get a cold, I always hope sneezing comes with it. In fact, when I was younger I tried to make myself sneeze by sniffing some laundry detergent. Warning to the young ones. Do Not Do This. It does not cause sneezing, it only burns the inside of your nose.

7. I hate blowing up balloons. While I was at the previous job, they were filling a girls work station with balloons because it was her birthday the next day. Unfortunately for me, they wanted them blown up. I helped, but my heart was racing the entire time.

8. I'm scared of crickets. I think snakes are cool. I don't like spiders at all at all, but I can kill them if they are in the house (and risk rain) but put a cricket in front of me and I turn tail and run the other way.

9. OK - this one is embarrasing. I pick my feet. It starts with those nasty callouses on my big toes. I start picking the skin off and then get carried away. By the time I'm done, the whole bottom of my big toe is sore. I have managed to break this habit for the most part though.

10. I don't like tomato based foods. This runs the gamut from spagetti to chili to pizza (except hawaiian) to natchos. If it has tomato in it, I probably won't like it. Yet - Campbells Tomato Soup is one of my comfort foods.

Well - that's it for me. I'll tag anyone who hasn't done this already. And I'll keep my fingers crossed that it will actually post on dial-up.

'til later


Marg said...

Number 10 made me laugh out loud!

Wendy said...

I hate crickets too! Scared to death of them. Yeah, yeah - I know they're harmless. I know their sole purpose in life is to be a link in the food chain. Just keep the nasty looking buggers away from me thankyouverymuch.

Holly said...

4 - that's me, too. MM makes fun of me for this because I didn't have any lights in my living room for over a week, and my outside porch light has been burnt out for close to three months.

6 - LOL! Detergent? Oh goodness. It's pepper that makes you sneeze, sweets. lol

10 - LOL! I have other food issues like that. For example, I hate tomatoes (especially the soup) but I love spaghetti and pizza sauces. Weird.

~ames~ said...

You know what-I'm ungraceful getting INTO a vehicle. I'm always bumping my head and it takes me forever to get comfortable once I do get in.

And Tim's has nicotine in the coffee-that's why it's addictive. I wasn't a coffee fan until this summer. One cup of Tim's and I was hooked. Oooh, but my dad got a Tassimo and now that's my new love. :P

Anonymous said...

All you have to do is learn to walk away from the computer and multi-task. Ie. While your pg was loading I was going through my filing.

Easy enough.

Your header is slow to load.

Did you pick a place for lunch yet??


Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

I'm totally with you on number one, totally

Jenster said...

I hate crickets as well!! Oh sure, people say they're harmless. But are they? Really? They jump, you know!

CindyS said...

4. I wonder if I hate changing bulbs also - I think it's more like I know I don't have the bulbs so I have to live in the dark. Ugh.

6. Doesn't everyone like sneezing? I used to sneeze up to 20 times in a row - not now that I'm an adult but as a kid - whew!

7. Balloons hurts my jaw and I don't bother ever.

8. I lived in Simcoe and black crickets were always in our house - I remember putting my shoes on and feeling something in my shoe - yep, cricket. We used to shake out our shoes and I would check my entire bed - lift the sheets and stuff to make sure there were none in there - yes, I found a few - today I would just move!!

9. Me too. I used to never have calluses or anything but then I started to wear sandals about 5 years ago and now they are a mess.

10. Just remind me of that whenever you are coming down ;) I don't do anything with fish.


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: The thing about crickets is not only are they black and ugly, they are also such sneaky bastards! Have you ever tried to find the one that's chirping in the house? Next to impossible it is. And Cindy - you do realize you gave me fodder for nightmares. Crickets in beds and in shoes - eeewwww!! That's just nasty. The balloon thing is because I'm afraid it will explode in my face if I blow it up too full or if it's a defective balloon. It's never happened, but I worry just the same.

Jenster: I don't think they are! Nothing that ugly and scary can be harmless. Scientists just haven't found out the really bad things they do yet.

Maria: I'm not sure what it is - maybe because I'm short so I keep the seat pulled up close to the steering wheel - but I just look awkward as all get out getting out of a car. In a very painful kind of way.

Framwifetwo: LOL - when you're used to the speed of DSL or whatever it's called, dial-up seems even slower. And I'll email you.

Ames: I'm not much better getting in either - but I am better than at getting out. And I've heard that rumour that they put something into the coffee :) Maybe because I drink decaff, I've escaped the addiction.

Holly: yep - the main thing that happened with the detergent was I think I burned my nostrils out. They hurt for days after. And how does one tell one's mother they put laundry detergen up their nose to make them sneeze? It sounded so stupid I couldn't do it so I suffered in silence.
And lucky you - you can have MM change light bulbs for you. In between those dances with the uniforms ;-)

Wendy: It's good to know I'm not the only one who (not hates - is scared of) crickets. They have such a nice sounding name. And then there is Jiminy who was so wise and kind. But the reality of them doesn't match the Disney version - that's for sure!

Marg: It's easier to define what foods I don't like by saying tomato-based *g*. Cause other than (and it HAS to be Campbell's) tomato soup and the very odd time I use ketchup, tomato based it is.