Monday, June 25, 2012

I went missing again didn't I?

So I owe an update I think.  I've still been busy working out a lot lately but I've also been dealing with another issue that's had me somewhat stressed.  It seems my manager and I don't get along.  It's been like that since she started last summer, but it's really been magnified since I went back to work full time.  It became very apparent to me that she 'had it out for me' and I never knew when I would get into, well, I'll say it, shit.  It happened quite a bit but I never knew what would set her off.  As one can imagine, living under that kind of pressure was somewhat taxing.

After one particular ugly incident, I realized that I could no longer work for her; that one of use would have to go.  I was starting to get that feeling when I got up in the morning that I didn't want to go to work, that I was almost afraid.  And of course once you start feeling like that it was downward spiral.  After the incident, though it almost broke my heart to do it, there was an opening in the department I previously worked in and I applied for the position and got it.  I don't expect everyone to like me, thank goodness I've reached the point where it doesn't bother me if they don't, but I will not work in the kind of environment I was working in.  I had my performance evaluation as one last kick at the can so to speak and it was the worst one I've ever had in all the years I've been working.  I wasn't surprised though.

So the new/old department is crazy busy and unlike where I came from, the manager appreciates the people who work for her and already it's like a heavy boulder has been lifted.  The department doubled in size today and in preparation for it, we have been working quite a bit of overtime.  So much so that last week I only worked out ONCE all week!  The rest of the nights I worked late.

I also did something that was very, very unusual on the weekend.  My son we shall call Ryan and daughter-in-law we shall call Kara came over and Kara and I went out to a garden centre and bought some plants, most of them for me.  The three of us then spent about four hours planting them.  Now people who know me will be laughing and laughing and laughing because I'm so not, or at least I so wasn't a plant person.  In fact I used to tell many of my coworkers who could discuss plants and flowers for hours on end, that they had been taken over by the Flower Pod People and warned those few of us who didn't discuss flowers to be on our guard in case they tried to get hold of us!!  
Well, the Plant Pod People found me.  At age 57, I planted my first flowers.  And if that's not scary enough, I went out the next day and bought a few more to plant.  And I got three bags of soil!!    
And tonight I terrified myself when I stopped at a hardware store and bought a shovel to dig a whole to plant the plants I bought yesterday.  See, Ryan dug the holes before and he had some strange looking implement that was in the shed and said it would have been a lot easier if I had a shovel.  And seeing as they spent almost the whole day with me minus the evening on Saturday, and Kara showed me how to plant flowers, I want to try these ones on my own.  And for that, I figured I'd need a shovel.  And as if I'm not scaring myself enough with this sudden and perplexing urge to "garden" and buy plants and shovels, I also bought a specialized implement to get rid of weeds and one of those kneeling pads for when I *shudder* weed the garden.

See!!!  I'm scaring myself.  I've been taken over!!  Good think I've been working overtime to pay for these new tools and plants and things.  I really must take pictures once the weeds are all gone.  Pod Kristie thinks it looks very nice and is very proud of the work done.

So that's what's been keeping my from blogging.  And oh, one more thing.  I took the wobble cushion off my chair in the computer room and it's ever so much more comfortable sitting down now.  The wobble cushion may be good for my back, but it sure is uncomfortable to sit one I tell you!
I hope to be back much sooner this time.  I have rather a large number of books I want to blog about that I'm most excited about.
So, until later......

Sunday, June 24, 2012

For those who haven't seen this yet

I hadn't and my son showed it to me outside a restaurant yesterday and I was laughing so hard tears were rolling down my face!!