Friday, February 02, 2007

There are weeks and then there are weeks

And this is one I'm ready to call an end too!
I had a feeling it wouldn't be the best one going when I was getting ready for bed last Sunday night and noticed I'd puffed up like a balloon from my knees down. Looking at my severly bloated feet and legs, I got pretty concerned and called Lisa. She said I should call Ryan and head for the ER. So I did and got there around 11:30. I tell you ER is no place to go if you are sick. A doctor finally showed up around 3:30, took a look at my legs and said he was stumped. Now that's something you really don't want to hear a doctor say. To make a long story short, they gave me a prescription for water pills and said they would make an appointment for me to see a determatolgoist. The water pills seem to be working though. The puffiness has pretty much disappeared and well - let's just say the water pills worked. I got home around 4:30 am. And because I'm such a good little worker bee, I was up by 7:15 a few short hours later and off to work. Then I had a kitchen guy coming over Monday night to see what he thought about the kitchen. It seems that he will do the work, but he doesn't do the designing and since I don't really now what I want in the kitchen - I didn't get any ideas. He is going to arrange to have a kitchen designer he works with come to the house though.
Then Tuesday night I had someone coming over from Hospice right after work. We had a nice visit.
Then Wednesday I had my first group bereavement meeting. It was....different.
Then when I got to work Thursday and headed for my temporary desk in the IT department, someone else had made themselves there. I asked where I was supposed to sit now. They moved me next to this woman in a tiny workstation only big enough for one person. Then they couldn't seem to get my new computer working. It was 11:00 and I still hadn't done a lick of work! They finally got things going OK but it was very frustrating. I was carrying pens and things to the new place in my shoes because I don't have any basic office stuff. Then I had my creative writing course right after work.
By the time I got to work today I was pretty tired.
And this woman they have me sitting with. She is nice but she is ODD!!! She has been there since before Christmas and I have yet to see her take a break or a lunch. She doesn't even eat at her desk. I think she must be part machine or something. And we sit so close together, I couldn't do anything but work!! No slipping in to check emails. No clandestine blog hopping. Nothing. A few times I glanced over at her and she's staring at my computer screen. Do you have any idea how that drives one bonkers being under constant surveilance? And we have totally different work habits !!! I think she must have ADD or something because she was CONSTANTLY moving. Or talking to herself - rather loudly. I didn't know if she was talking to herself or to me. And is she wasn't talking, she was singing. Or humming. Or just making strange noises with her tongue. Being in such close quarters, she was beginning to drive me bonkers! I just work at a steady pace and once in a while mutter to myself under my breath but not this woman. And who doesn't take a lunch or a break for pete's sake. I finally had to get out and go outside for about 20 minutes just to get away from her - since she wasn't going anywhere. And everytime I left my desk, she put the arms on my chair down. I thought something was the matter with the chair because I mentioned to her that the arms kept going down and she said oh - she moved them that way. Why???? But then - thank goodness! - they told me in the afternoon I would be moving to another department on Monday. If I had to work next to this woman all the time I'd go nuts!! I can work alongside just about anyone - but I met my match with her I tell you.
Anyway - I know it's only Friday, but I'm saying for me this is the end of the week!

'til later.


~ames~ said...

LMAO!! That woman sure is an odd duck. Putting your arms down? haha

My week was the exact opposite of yours. But last week for me was like your week this week. So hopefully your week next week will be like my week this week.

What I'm trying to say is-next week will be better. :P HUGS

Anonymous said...

Mine ended with the chicken pox when I put the eldest to bed...

Wanna trade??? :)

Jennie said...

Wow, that is a busy week! No wonder you're tired. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

LOL about the crazy lady. She sounds seriously loony. At least next week you'll be away from her!

CindyS said...

You should have started singing Narles Barkely's song 'crazy' under your breath only change the words to 'does that make *you* crazy'. Yes, yes it does.

I always sang and hummed but that usually indicated I was about to go nuclear - I would hum the national anthem of the Soviet Union - I love that song. It was also a sure sign that someone needed to hide. I like to at least give some warning ;)

Hope next week they find you your own place!


Kristie (J) said...

Jennie: I forgot to mention she does leave her desk for one reason. She will announce to me that she is going to the potty (yes she really uses that word.) She's nice so I don't really have the heart to tell her I don't care (except that it gives me about 3 minutes to check email real quick - no time to read it mind you - just time to check and see if I have any. I've been going to the the 'potty' a lot what with those water pills working, but I sure don't tell anyone. And I also forgot to mention she comes to work with no coat! It's -16 degrees here and she doesn't wear a bloody coat!! Odd - she is just very odd.

Farmwifetwo: Well - I would have probably traded around 2:00 am on Sunday/Monday night while waiting in a room for a doctor. Without getting too graphic - the lady in the next bed had just been given an enema for whatever was the matter with her. And she insisted on moving around - while it was working! And the guy on the other side of me kept getting the dry heaves. And I'm thinking I'm here because I'm puffy!! And the kitchen guy is coming later that day.

Ames *g* I get what you're saying. I don't know what the next week will bring though. They're telling me there is A LOT to learn with this new job - so I'll be on brain overload for the week I'm thinking! But at least the arms on my chair should remain the same. If I get an arm with chairs that is. The one where I was sitting at in the IT department didn't even have any. I mentioned to the odd lady and she told me she asked them to remove the arms on her chair. She said she didn't like them. See what I mean about odd???

Kristie (J) said...

LOL Cindy: I was about to go a bit nuclear for a while there. But I walked away. I just walked away. I walked down the hall. I walked out the door. And I stood outside long enough that I could go back to my desk and not grab her by the throat and yell at her to take a lunch. For all that is holy woman - take a lunch!!!

erika said...

So was she a good singer or the type that makes a fingernail scratching a blackboard sound more pleasant?

Kristie (J) said...

Erika: LOL - nope - not a good singer. Happy! But not a good singer. Although I don't know how one could be happy when they DON'T TAKE BREAKS OR LUNCH! The department we work in (although I'll be moving to a new one on Monday) ordered pizza in and she said no. Instead she just stayed at her desk (and put the arms down on my chair while I was eating pizza)

Anonymous said...

Ewwwww!!!!! You win.

I made the mistake of calling Telehealth this morning.

Will take him to the clinic in Aylmer later. It opens at 9.


Bob & Muffintop said...

Hopefully your weekend will be more peaceful. I hope you end up with a space to call your own- no more moving around & no sharing.

Jenster said...

I hope your weekend is at least a good one! And did you find someone to hang out with for the Superbowl? I wish you lived close enough to come over here. The kids and hubby will be "working" (I use the term loosely) at the Superbowl party at church. I'll be home alone with my chips and dip and one beer. I know I'll have enough for you!

Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

Ick, that really sounds like a tough week. And I hate working with people who do their jobs to perfection, you're right, it is odd

Kristie said...

I hope that everything is better next week, and especially that your legs get better! And what a weird lady... I mean different strokes for different folks and all, but come on, you got to at least eat at your desk! I wouldn't worry about taking breaks... you are the normal one!