Monday, July 22, 2013

And then she was home

Just a real (real, real, real) quick post to say I made it. After 2 days of almost non stop driving, coming home to a too warm house (I had turned air conditioning off), Blue Jays losing, again, I'm just going to veg.

Even petting and admiring all my new books is beyond me.  But I shall retun, oh yes I shall!

'til later

Sunday, July 21, 2013

PART 1 - Just Like I Promised

I'm not going to be gone so long. This will be a short one as the Wifi at the IHop I stopped at for breakfast isn't exactly "high speed"

RWA is over for another year and again I had a wonderful time.  It was great having Wendy as a roomie again as well as spending time with my other 2 partners in crime, Lisa and Rosie.  Rosie and I tag teamed Wendy until we forced her to get Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold by Ellen O'Connell.  Now I'll be waiting with bated breath to see what she thinks of it.  But no more nagging.  I'm sure she was getting ready to smack us.

I also spent time with Blythe and Lynn from AAR, whether standing in line, sitting in the bar or sitting with them at the RITA's.  AAR has had such a profound and positive effect on my life, it's so nice getting to know some of the people involved better.

And now, time to eat. More thoughts to come

'til later

Friday, July 19, 2013

Hard to believe it's Friday already!!

Despite the fact my Brain is getting slower and slower to work, it still won't give me a break. I have so many thought s running through it. Right now I'm sitting in what promises to be a very long line up for Berkley. Because my reading habits have changed so much over the past several years, this is the publisher I really want to visit. 98% of the books I read now are ebooks and I refuse tp pay the prices that Berkley charges. It infuriates me they charge often $3 MORE for an ebook than a print copy. I'm angry I'm missing beloved authors and I'm angry that the authors aren't getting my money.

 Kristin Higgins was the keynote speaker at lunch and she was SO good. I could tell by the slight shake in her voice she was nervous but she spoke from her heart on how romance novels have helped her through the very toughest times in her life and as anyone who has followed me over the years wil know, it has been the same for me. It was great as I ran into her on my down to the line and I was able to tell her one on one how much her talk had moved me.

 The literacy signing was nuts as usual. I may have said this before but I don't like them. I don't collect autographs, I'm not a picture taker, I'm uncomfortable talking to someone who is sitting while I'm standing, I get claustrophobic easily and I'm not very good making small talk with people I don't really know. Nevertheless, I seem to go year after year.

 This is my first conference as a non-smoker and it's a wonderful feeling no longer being a slave to that habit. I still have an urge come over me every so often, specially here for some reson, but the Fear of Ryan is keeping me from giving in.

It's wonderful seeing old friends. It's humbling that some authors seem to be glad to see me. Little old me!!

Sinse I drove, I can load up on as many books as I want and as a proud romance reader who is picking up books for coworkers, I'm having a ball.

And all is right in my RWA conference world as Wendy and I are roomies again.

'til later.

(and this is driving my left brain nuts, going picturless!!)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another New Day, Another New Adventure

First off is the adventure of getting into the guts here from my iPad. I'm not really used to it. I was a good little Type 11 diabetic and got up at 6:45 to go to the Continental breakfast. For the first time in days it seems I ate healthy, OJ, banana, yogurt, an egg and a scone, all the food groups. I don't like breakfast, but I eat it. Then I headed off to a workshop with Karen Rosr, Sharon Sala and Karen Robards who won my heart with One Summer. It was very entertaining though more geared to those wanting to write RS which was what it should have been. Last hight I went to an event that Sarah of Smart Bitches. I went with Blythe and Lynn from AAR. Being a frequent visitor at AAR it was great to see them again. We didn't stay too long as it was after the very hectic literacy signing. Loved seeing Sarah and Angela James again but that was about all who I knew and I was saying, I was getting very tired of being "ON" by that time of the day. Right now I'm sitting with Wendy waiting for the luncheon to start. I had something very special happen but it needs a post all on its own and so I will end this one with a promise to come and a 'til later

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yep, it really is me again!!

Before I say anything else, HUGE thanks to Carolyn Jewel who showed REMARKABLE patience in getting me back on Blogger as it has been so long, I forgot all passwords.

I am here in Atlanta at #RWA13 and having a wonderful time so far.  Wendy, Superlibrarian, my roomie once again is wanting me to get back to blogging again.  And I agree with her.  I've missed everyone so much. Work, while I'm loving it, is leaving me mentally exhausted every night so my return posts will probably be much shorter.

I'm doing very well for all those wondering 'what the hell ever happened to KristieJ?'.   I got a brand new car a onth ago, a Chevy Cruise that I have named Matilda.  I drove her down to Atlanta, a two day trip.  I love hiway driving and with Serious XFM, or whatever it's called being a feature, I just bopped to the tunes all the way down.  I stopped overnight in Lexington Kentucky and if one could hug a state, I would hug Kentucky.

I'm currently reading Along Came Trouble by Ruthie Knox which is rather serendipitous as it looks like I had just read another book of hers when last we met.

I just finished a Karina Bliss read-a-thon and loved them all.

I'm posting this from my iPad so unfortunately I don't know how to add pics so it's all just text *heavy sigh*. I NEED to add pics.  I even got in trouble at work for adding pics to emails I am THAT much of a visualist.  (stay there word!!  I know I made it up, but it works)

Well that's it for the moment.  Stay tuned for continuing stories of KristieJ at RWA.  My son hates it when I refer to myself in the third person so of course I do it often.

'til later