Thursday, March 01, 2007

Last Night's Lost

First off – I missed the first ten minutes of it last night. Can anyone fill me in on anything I missed? I was a bit confused because Kate was hoping Sawyer (or John as she called him) would apologize. Apologize for what? I’m all for guys apologizing on general principal, but did he do anything in particular?
I thought last nights episode was really cute. Don’t we all just love Hurley? Although his mother *shudder*. She’s the kind that gives mothers a bad name!
And Sawyer excelled himself in nicknames last night. I loved the Skeletor one. That whole thing was a riot – with the head falling off and everything. And what a hoot when Hurley came back at Sawyer with one of his own. And I laughed out loud at the English sawyer was teaching Jun. “No, those pants don’t make you look fat.” What a riot!
Overall I’d give this wonderfully light-hearted episode a hearty thumbs up!

And in completely different news – I’m being a bad worker bee and doing this at work. The HR person just came up and gave me my “official” papers. I’m hired here!! I’m hired here!! And not only that – the starting wage is higher than she said a few weeks ago. Gotta love that!

'til later


Tara Marie said...

First, congrats on being "official" :D

I think Kate expected Sawyer to apologize for saying she only had sex with him because she thought he was going to die (from the last episode).

I love Hurley :D and this was a completely needed episode, it did nothing to move the story forward really and yet it was a much needed comic break from the last few weeks.

Anne said...

I've sort of given up on Lost... not completely as I still watch it, but if I miss it, it's not a HUGE deal.

Kristie (J) said...

Anne: I was considering not watching it. I was so annoyed with them after last week's episode and I was working on my writing assignment. I lasted about 10 minutes with that decision before I turned it on*g*. It was a very good episode though. Like Tara said, it didn't move the story along, but it was cute and funny.

Tara: Thanks! I can now say I no longer work for a temp agency. Yes - I was one of those dreaded "temps" - but not any longer!
And it was nice to chuckle and smile through Lost for a change wasn't it?

Kris said...

did not see Lost so cannot fill you in, sorry.

Big congrats on being official, that is always a nice feeling!!

Lori said...

Don't watch Lost, but Congrats on being official! And on the higher salary!

CindyS said...

Woohoo - an employee making more money than you thought! Super cool!

And she calls him James ;) I have no clue why she wanted him to apologize but then I'm normally clueless.

So did you see the opening with Hurley at a young age working on a car with his dad? His father said he could start the car with 'hope' - which is why I think he went hell bent down that hill. Then his father rode off on his motorcycle after giving Hurley a chocolate bar (he said something about knowing mom was careful with the chocolate but to live a little). Thus, the coming back into his life and saying 'she wasn't kidding about the chocolate'. Yeah. Not a super hero!

It was definitely a 'man's' day out.

And why are they surprised that Kate went to find the French woman - and why does the woman shot first and ask questions later?