Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not a slump exactly

But you may have noticed a lack of "romancy" posts lately. I just don't seem to be doing a lot of reading these days. It's not that the book I'm reading isn't good. It is and I'm enjoying it. (Vanquished - so for a while anyway my sidebar is matching what I'm reading.) I wouldn't call this drought a slump exactly, but I'm just not in a reading mood. So far this year I've read seven books and that's kind of scary since it seems I've bought about seventy. Well - that's an exageration, but it the imput has been a lot heavier than the output. I think the reason is two-fold. I had planned on getting as many 2006 books read as I could before I sent in my ballot for the Annual Readers Poll at AAR. But as soon as I tell myself I'm going to do something, all interest disappears. At this point I think I should just give up and vote on what I have read so far. And another reason I think I'm way down is because I used to sit in the living room and do all my reading while Ron watched TV. And since he watched a lot of sports, I was just as happy listening to whatever game and just glancing up now and again if something exciting was going on. But since it's just me now, I'm either on the computer or watching something that I actually watch! Add to the fact that their seem to be more and more reader blogs to read and that cuts down on my book reading time. Not that I'm complaining. I love reading reader blogs and it's such a neat way of connecting with people from all over. And just when I'm ready to shut down the computer for the night, I notice that time has slipped away from me and it's almost bed time. Another odd factor that's cut down on my reading it the cat. When she sees me pick up a book, she figures it's time for some personal attention and she crawls practically right up into my face and demands to be petted. Since I'm not home all day, I feel kind of guilty not giving her the attention she so desperatly wants. She doesn't want it if I'm watching TV and have my hands free though. No - the princess waits until I'm using my hands to hold a book.
So - tomorrow night I'm going to get down to business. I'm going to forget trying to cram in those last few 2006 books I planned to read and pick up a 2007 book I'm itching to read. Yea - that sounds like a plan!

'til later


~ames~ said...

Good luck with your plan! I noticed my reading has been down too. And Max does the same thing, he sometimes climbs onto the book, especially if I'm reading in bed. :P

Jenster said...

My reading is also down. I'm not sure if it's my circumstances or, more likely, the convenience of a laptop computer and constant connectivity. I spend waaaaay too much time on here - all the while thinking, "I could be reading." Just another facet of my lack of control.

I'm not even reading romance right now. I just finished "The Queen's Fool" - which isn't a romance, though there's a little romance in it, and now I'm reading a Jim Butcher book. I'm sure my next book will be a romance, but meh. Whatever.

Another thing that almost has me worried is that I've hardly bought any books in the last few months. That's just weird!

Anonymous said...

I have been reading old favs since new books just haven't been keeping my attention.

I am nearly finished Allison Brennan's Speak No Evil. First of 3 (Jan, Feb, Mar)

She has a prev trilogy out last year. They are mysteries first, then romance. They are not romantic suspense.

I stayed up until after midnight and finally had to stop. Skimming this one is NOT and option. And I admit... I've been spending too much time on the computer as well :)


nath said...

Good luck with your plan too Kristie! And don't worry too much, it's early in the year ;) It might pick up soon :) And there's always the summer when there's nothing on TV :)