Friday, March 31, 2006

A real bitch of a week

I think I've had my most difficult week so far. They put me on a project at work with a deadline of April 10th. They hired a temp to help, but I realized early on that even if they hired 10 people and worked us all round the clock, it still wouldn't be done on time. What they are doing is setting up a new and complicated database and my job is to collect the client (company, contacts, addresses, phone number etc) data from the sales reps, enter it, send it back to the rep's for missing data, have them send it back, clean it up, format it, and have it all in the exacting form before it's downloaded into the new data base on April 10. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! The sales reps are sending my their business cards and I have a card scanner to enter the information. We are talking thousands of business cards here - thousands! One rep alone wanted to send me 2,000 of them, and I'm dealing with 23 sales reps. The information has to be saved in an excel spreadsheet. Well, the business card scanned can't be downloaded into excel so it has to be saved in access and then copied and pasted into excel from there. And the business card scanner doesn't do that great a job. I have to check and amend things in almost every single card. It will pick up postal codes wrong, or it won't pull in the whole company name. The temp is very nice but she doesn't know excel that well and I have to spend time showing her what to do. If I had the luxury of time, I'd be really enjoying it but as it is it's a nightmare!
I've been working 7:00 am to 4:30 pm every day - non stop. No time for lunch, no time for breaks. I'm lucky to get a chance to pee!
I need to reach the point where I can let go and just accept the fact that they are asking the impossible and it's not going to be done when they want it.
And the situation at home is also very trying. Ron is getting extremely dependant on me and I'm finding that hard to deal with. Every morning when I leave he says he doesn't want me to go to work - he's lonely and will I be home early. So then the guilt hits me.
We had a situation came up on Tuesday and I had to make an emergency call to the home care nurses we have coming in and then had to leave work to come home and deal with it. My oldest son had an appointment to take his driving test that same morning. Ron was originally going to take him but that went out the window. The nurse came and took care of the situation, but Ron was a basket case so I ended up taking our son to his test. He passed and got his license, but all the while I kept thinking of all the work I had to do. I was gone for over four hours - and still ended up working a 44 hour week.
I'm so far behind on emails. I owe all kinds of them, but I'm too tired in the evenings and too busy during the day to send any.
So - I'm tired, I'm cranky, I'm sad, I'm frustrated, I'm scared, I'm feeling guilty and I want it ALL to stop.

'til later

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Last Nights Lost

Well - that was a nail biter of an episode wasn't it? I knew the guy in the bunker was one of the others. After last night's I'm thinking the others have complete control over all the bunkers. I was on pins and needles hoping Locke wouldn't get his legs crushed.
Being quite the poker player myself *snort* I loved the poker game and I even recognized that they were playing Texas Hold 'em. I thought it was a riot that con man Sawyer lost.
And my heart went out to Locke and his back story. I thought he was an idiot for the need of his father's approval - that it cost him his girlfriend - but I guess it's one of those things he just can't get past.
I'd say more, but it's really early to work for me these days and I have to stop playing here and get ready.

'til later

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I thought this was interesting

So I stole it from Giselle - well the questions anyways, although some of our answers are the same.

1. FIRST NAME? Debra I was called that until I was four. Then my mother decided to call me Kristie – which still isn’t my full name, it’s Kristine. I think that explains a lot. It’s hell though trying to remember who I “officially” am.

2. WERE YOU NAMED AFTER ANYONE? Not that I know of. I used to think I was named after one of the longest streets in the city I lived in, but they spelled it wrong.

3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY? A few weeks ago but I’m close to it a lot more often than that. I’ve never been a crier so it’s rather disconcerting at times

4. WHAT IS ON YOUR DESKTOP BACKGROUND? How incredibly boring – I don’t have one. I used to have castles on the old computer I had, but haven’t gotten around to putting one on the new one.

5. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE LUNCHMEAT? Bologna. I could eat that every day of my life. I’ts been my favourite even way back in high school – and that was some years ago. It’s almost become a comfort food.

6. KIDS? Two – young men they are now. It’s weird. I don’t feel like I’ve aged since I hit 30, but then I see how old they are now and I realize that hey, I’m getting up there in years.

7. IF YOU WERE ANOTHER PERSON WOULD YOU BE FRIENDS WITH YOU? Would it be conceited to say yes?

8. DO YOU HAVE A JOURNAL ? Yup – one that I share with the entire world *grin*

9. DO YOU USE SARCASM A LOT? In a teasing kind of way.


11. WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP? Heh heh heh – um that would be NO!

12. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE CEREAL? Honey nut cheerios (same as Giselle)

13. DO YOU UNTIE YOUR SHOES ? no, I either have slip ons or I’ve got the laces real loose.

14. DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG? At times yes, at other times no.

15. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE ICE CREAM FLAVOR? Chocolat chip cookie dough.

16. SHOE SIZE? 7 – I think. I don’t buy shoes very often and every time I do they seem to be a different size.

17. RED OR PINK? Red

18. WHAT IS THE LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOURSELF? It’s a tie between my laziness and not dealing with day to day issues – like taxes

19. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST? My Mom and Dad. They’re both gone now but I couldn’t have asked for better more loving and laughing people.


21. LAST THING YOU ATE? Pizza – Hawaiin style

22. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Nothing – trying to shake off the awfulness that was American Idol tonight.

23 IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE? Blue green – or is it green blue?

24. FAVORITE SMELL? The Cinabun at the mall. I very rarely have them but boy do they smell good when you walk in the mall. I think they put in there on purpose.

25. WHO WAS THE LAST PERSON YOU TALKED TO ON THE PHONE? My husband. I was at work and busy up to my wazhoo. He was lonely and wanted to talk. I was torn. I didn’t have the time to talk or the heart to tell him I couldn’t.


27. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU? Well – I stole it from Giselle – she didn’t send it – but yes I like her very much*g*

28. FAVORITE DRINK? Nice hot tea that’s very sweet.

29. FAVORITE SPORT? Baseball – and it can’t start soon enough.

30. HAIR COLOR? It should be gray –but it’s not ;)

31. EYE COLOR? brown.

32. DO YOU WEAR CONTACTS? Not on your life. I have this real squeamishness about eye stuff. I can’t even stand to have the puffer puff me at the optomotrist. One of them wanted to use an eyeball touching machine. I freaked at that and they made me sign a waiver - so I'm a glasses girl -when I can find them.

33. FAVORITE FOOD? Prime Rib – Yummmmm

34. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING? Happy endings!!!! (same answer as Giselle. I think the last scary movie I watched was The Exorcist – when it first came out, no maybe it was the original Alien. Anyway – don’t watch them

35. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED? Walk the Line – twice

36. COLOUR SHIRT ARE YOU WEARING? White – but any minute now it’s going to be jammies

37. SUMMER OR WINTER? I’d rather pick spring or fall


39. FAVORITE DESSERT? I don’t really have one. I’m not that much of a dessert eater for the most part

40. WHAT BOOKS ARE YOU READING? The Wagering Widow by Diane Gaston – and I’m likin’ it. In fact if I read fast enough, I can get it in for March’s challenge.

41. WHAT'S ON YOUR MOUSE PAD? Nothing – again very boring.

42. WHAT DID YOU WATCH LAST NIGHT ON TV? Last night? Nothing. I was sulking because I couldn’t get that new show.

43. FAVORITE SOUNDS? I don’t know

44. ROLLING STONE OR BEATLES? Rolling Stones I think. My husband loves the Beatles and I think he overdosed me on them.

45. THE FURTHEST YOU'VE BEEN FROM HOME? Bahamas – very many years ago.

46. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT? None that I can think of

47. WHEN AND WHERE WERE YOU BORN? August 11 in Sarnia Ontario

48.Why did you answer this survey of your self? Same reason as Giselle - Because I had nothing else to blog about :)

So how about it? Anyone else want to play and spill their guts?

'til later

Monday, March 27, 2006

Now this looks interesting!!

I don't know if it will be any good, but this show sure looks interesting for those fantasy/sci fi fans out there. In fact I think I'll give it a try.

Of course - upon further investigation it's a show I can only sigh over and live vicariously through those lucky few who can watch it. We don't get the SciFi channel here. *sigh*

'til later

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Aye, Carumba - the cockles are burning

Yet another has sucumbed to the lure of Dreaming of You. KarenS really liked it. She really really like Dreaming of You - in fact she went out and got her whole back list!


That leaves 2 although I think AngieW is defintely feeling the pull, the lure, the call, the power that is Dreaming of You. ;-)

Now when I say dog drawn - so many are smiling, nodding and know what I mean.

'til later

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The thoughts - they be flowing today

My latest pondering is why some romance fans get so caught up in an author. On the same board there is a discussion going on about Sherrilyn Kenyon – rather a lengthy one although so far it hasn’t flamed yet. I just don’t “get” the rabidity of some fans. Certain fans just can’t seem to be objective at all about their chosen author. I have my favourite authors – ones whose books I love and am first in line when a new release comes out – and who I admire for the way they conduct themselves online and outside of their books but I would never call any of them a goddess or anything. I can’t imagine putting any author on a pedestal – no matter how good they write. They are just people too.

‘til later

This and That and my list is getting shorter


Well - another reader has succumbed to my “you really should try Dreaming of You” campaign. Ag is the most recent reader although I don’t think she’s quite in the cravin’ Craven club *grin*. Still I’m glad she tried it – heh heh.

I'm almost thinking I should get a kickback or something

On another note

"I think that the review for this book was spot on. Although I would have given it a C rather than a B. But it is true that although this is not Carlyle at her best, TLS is superior to most of the recent Historical offerings."

This is a statement on one of the message boards I frequent. What kind of nutty statement is that really. She is giving the book a C, yet says the book is still one of the best out there. This kind of statement always annoys me. Why not just say “this book wasn’t that good” and leave it at that. Why denigrate an entire genre – because that’s what the statement implies. While it’s true I’ve become a bit jaded by some of the historicals, there are still some mighty fine ones being written. I haven’t read this one and to be honest, I’m not sure whether I will or not yet. The reviews aren’t the greatest and the storyline doesn’t appeal to my all that much. But then I hate to break my Liz Carlyle streak. I’ve loved all her books up ‘til now. Another one I’m still on the fence about is Lord Perfect by Loretta Chase. I’m not planning on reading Madeline Hunter’s Lady of Sin either. So that is three big name authors I’ve loved in the past that aren’t on my “have to read list”. BUT and it’s a big but – I have some historicals on my TBR pile that I’m very excited about. The Wagering Widow by Diane Gaston is one of them. After adoring The Mysterious Miss M, I’m really looking forward to this one as well as The Reputable Rake in May (I just checked her web site for the next release – note to Ms Gaston/Perkins – the contest page needs updating. The winner of her latest is to be announced September 30, 2005 – guess I didn’t win)

Lady Anne’s Dangerous Man by Jeane Westin is another in my TBR pile I’m looking forward too. I bought Susan Carroll’s The Dark Queen because Tara and Bam both loved it. Now if only I could remember where I put it – then maybe I could give it a read.

Anyway the point I’m trying to make is there are a lot of good books still being written and to make such a blanket statement as the above is an injustice I think to many good authors and their books - both new and mid list; and also to some of the older more established authores. Devil in Winter was pretty darned good.

‘til later

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Well, howdy there M'am

This is for Megan who is interested in trying some Westerns. You have to try that library book first, but after that here are some of my favourites. I can't say which is best because I love them all.

Homplace by Dorothy Garlock This is a very tender and touching book about two lost souls who find each other. It had me close to tears in a few places. I've read it way more than once.

Hunter's Moon by Alexis Harrington Here's another one of my favourites by a very good author you don't hear much about. According to her website she will be having a couple more come out. Good. I've missed her.

Outlaw Hearts by Rosanne Bittner This one is one of my all time favourite Westerns. It spans decades and tells the story of an outlaw redeemed by love. But his past catches up with him and has terrible results. Ultimately though it has a wonderful HEA!

Texas Destiny by Lorraine Heath You've never read a Western unless you've read a Lorraine Heath Western. This is truly a classic and if you read her western voice you'll know why I mourn she is no longer writing them.

Lawless by Patricia Potter I know - very bad cover. But this is really a book that shouldn't be judged by the cover. I've read and reread and reread this story about a gunslinger who wants to turn his life around when he meets a good reason too.

Maddie's Justice by Leslie LaFoy I love this story of Maddie, a heroine sent to jail on false accusations.

The Outsider by Penelop Williamson This is a wonderful story of a gunslinger who ends up in the home of an Amish woman and her son. Kind of like the movie Witness set in the past. And even more exciting - they made a very good movie of it with Tim Daly (yummers!)

The Bequest by Candice Proctor. She amazes me with her ability to write in all kinds of sub-genres. There has never been much buzz on this one, but I thought it was wonderful.

So that's just a few of my favourite Westerns. If anyone has also read any of them, I'd love to hear what you think.

'til later

Last Night's Lost

Well - finally! We had a new episode last night. I loved last night's Lost. I have to admit that I had a mad on for Jin for much of the show. He sure didn't treat Sun very well. Very sexy opening though - until he blew it. Men - they just don't have a clue sometimes do they? But I thought they pulled it out very well and it turned out very sweet and romantic in the end.

Sawyer is just cute as a bug in those glasses. Did anyone catch the title of the book he was reading? I think the author was Judy Blume. I couldn't tell if it was a romance or a book on pregnancy.

Such tension between Locke and Jack isn't there?

And Cindy - you're right. That guy in the bunker is very creepy. I still think he's one of the others even though it looks like they found the balloon in the previews. And don't they look good for next week!!!

Once again I'm glad I don't have to make a choice between Lost and AI. I'm getting my cake and eating it too with this arrangement.

'til later

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Another cockle! Another cockle!

From Wikepidia "The English phrase 'cockles of my heart' refers to the ventricles of the heart"

Another ventricle has been warmed.

Samantha of Book Minx has now joined the ranks of the "I heart Dreaming of You" club.

And my hound list has decreased by one. But I believe there are still four on it.

'til later

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sticking my toe back in the water

A few books you'll never see in my shopping carts

Thought I was done did you. I'm testing real good here.

I guess at times I shouldn't complain about Avon's covers eh? Things could be worse.

And who do you suppose buys her books anyway?

'til later

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Suspension of blogging

I won't be blogging anything new until a) Blogger sorts itself out or b) I learn more what the heck is going on. It's too frustrating for me right now.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Two most excellent reads

Crazy Kisses by Tara Janzen

I’ve mentioned once or twice I think how much I love these books. Some readers have complained that they are too unbelievable – but that is exactly what I love about them. In many comtemporaries, the story lines aren’t all that far fetched – and I love this about them. But I’ve been reading the Crazy series at a time when I’m not in the mood for historicals but I want to read something that will completely take me out of where I am and these have been working perfectly.
Crazy Kisses is the long awaited story of Kid Chaos and Nikki McKinney. We first met them in Crazy Hot and I’ve been waiting for their story ever since then. Kid is still after the bad guys and is resting out after being wounded in Panama City. Nikki has shown up there looking for him. She is making some major life changes and that part of her life is still completely unsettled. Unfortunately the bad guys have put a bounty on Kid’s head and decide to kidnap Nikki to draw him out. It’s another fast-paced, hold your breath wild ride story. While their story was very good, I was a bit disappointed in one aspect. Kid has made it a habit of lovin’ and leavin’ Nikki. Yes, he’s had his reasons. We’ve know why he did it. But Nikki never did. While there is no question Kid loves her with a passion, he keeps a lot of his life to himself. I was hoping that at some point, Nikki would rip into him about his constant absences; let him know how much he had hurt her, but she never does.
What I did love about this one was the intriguing secondary story about Travis and Jane, a mysterious former pickpocket. Travis has always been a pacifist – a lover not a fighter – but in this book he steps way past his line and I’m looking forward to the repercussions in further books. Another thing I love about these Wild books is Ms. Janzen writes fabulous sex scenes! Man, they are hot! I often skim these scenes, but not hers. They are S.T.E.A.M.Y. So, while this one isn’t the best of them so far, still I do strongly recommend it. But if you are going to read it, I suggest reading the others ones first so you get more of an understanding of Kid and Nikki’s rocky relationship.

Grade: 4 out of 5

Surrender by Pamela Clare

After being blown away by Ride the Fire last year, I was really looking forward to this one but at the same time a bit anxious it wouldn’t measure up. I didn’t get quite the same bang out of it, but then those kind only come around every few years. Surrender, nevertheless was very, very good and well worth the extra effort of getting a copy. You see – they still are nowhere to be found in Ontario.
The hero of the story Iain MacKinnon the son of a Scottish Chieftan who emigrated to America after the battle of Culloden is forced to lead a group of colonials during the battle between the English and the French. Lady Anne Campbell has been forced into indentured servitude by her real nasty uncle. After the farm she is a servant for is attacked, she is rescued by Iain who risks his life to save her. “Annie” is reluctant at first to trust Iain as her family fought on the other side in the struggle to overthrow the King. While at times I wanted to smack Iain upside the head for his autocratic ways, I could understand him. He was a leader and used to giving orders and having them obeyed without question. And he falls so hard for Annie he becomes endearingly protective of her.
There are a number of things that impress me very much about this book and indeed all of Ms Clare’s books. I’ve mentioned more than one more than one earlier blog how much I want to see more books in this setting and time. I would read this book for that reason alone. Good thing it’s a darn good book. Another thing that impresses me is the amount of research that the author does. The books come alive and I know that much of what happens truly did happen and it makes me want to do research into that that time period. One of the things I enjoy about reading romances is getting a real glimpse into history and Ms. Clare give us this with her rich and historically accurate books. I know her next book coming out is a romantic suspense and while I’m looking forward to it, I think I’m looking forward even more to the next two books in this series with Iain’s two younger brothers.
I would love to see this book do well so that it might open up opportunities for more books with this setting.
Grade: 41/2 out of 5

I know it's a long way off

But this is one I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on.

Ever since I read The Cobra and the Concubine last year I've been waiting for Graham's story.

And is this a cool cover or what? And the excerpt looks real good to! ;-)

OK - I need help

Whenever I edit my blog - I get an error message and it disappears on me


Answers to great question

Cindy’s been asking some great question so here are my answers to part 1

Name your all-time favourite male character.
Cindy – are you hearing me here – cause I know you have this one? That would be Derek Craven from Dreaming of You. He’s very complex. He came from nothing yet made himself into one of the most powerful men in the country. Yet in his heart of hearts he doesn’t feel worthy of Sara, a seeminly average young woman from the country. He’s not that nobel – or so it seems. He hides his generosty from everyone, yet champions those who need it the most

What is your favourite setting? Historical / Contemporary or otherwise. Why? What draws you in?
I don’t really have one. I read all settings and when I think – well maybe I prefer one – then I remember a book from another one I like just as much. I know I would love to see more that take place in early Colonial times. At the moment I’m reading The Rogue’s Return and the chief draw was the first part takes place in Upper Canada in the 1800’s

Who's your favourite heroine of all time? Same rules apply as above. What makes them special or a stand out to you.
Cindy – are you hearing me here ‘cause I know you have this one? Jessie Corbett from Whispers of Heaven by Candice Proctor. She has the strength to turn her back on everything she knows for the man she loves who is all wrong for her.

What is your favourite genre? Have you analyzed why it is your favourite? Do you care?
Well – the answers to this one are pretty much the same to question 2

What genre do you dislike the most? What is it that grates?
That would be vampire romance. I did a blog about them quite some time ago and basically it icks me out because these people are – well – dead. And the thought of drinking blood to remain “alive” makes me squeamish

If you have ever read books from the genre you don't like is there at least one book from that genre that you could recommend?
I’m glad you asked this question because yes there is one I would recommend. Lover Eternal by JR Ward was really quite good and I plan on reading the rest of the series

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I should be in bed

It's way past my bedtime but I'm still to "up" from the concert. It was wonderful!!!!! It was even better because they closed off half the arena so the band was much closer. I wanted to get good seats but my sister would only go for the cheap seats. And we got the cheap seats all right. Now I'm afraid of a lot of things. Spiders, crickets, changing light bulbs, blowing up balloons - not snakes though. I'm not afraid of snakes at all. But my number 1 all time biggest fears is the fear of falling from high places. Not the high places themselves - but of falling. Took me years to figure this out. I don't even like step ladders, or standing on chairs. And when you're short like I am - well, things can get hairy.
When I saw where the tickets were I knew there might be a problem. They looked to be pretty high. We had to go up two flights of escalators even to get to the level we were sitting in. Then we had to walk up the stairs. And up. And up. And up. And up. And each stair we climbed I started freaking out more and more and more. Turns out we were on the very top row of the whole damn place. We looked down - way down on the frickin' giant scoreboard. When we got to the very top row I was in trouble. We were in the middle of the aisle. And I was too scarred to pass the people to get to my seat. I had to make them all leave their seats so I had a clear path. T'was most embarrasing. Before I continue on - I did something really dumb. I relaxed. The band took a break between sets and I went down to get a drink for my sister and I. Without thinking through to the fact that left me with no hands to cling to the railing with. I got halfway up and froze. Froze solid. The guy on the outside row I froze at asked me if I was trying to get in. "Nope" I said. I can't go any further up with no hands free. He ended up holding one drink for me while I made it half way there and waved madly to my sister to come get the drink. She thought I was just waving at her and waved back. Finally another person took the drink from me and took it to her. The guy who held the other drink walked up with it and gave it to me. One of life's more embarrasing moments that's for sure.
Anyway, it was all worth it. Man I love this group!!! They are so darn fun. I found out earlier today that the lead singer is keeping a journal of the tour. Here is today's entry
That's my city he's talking about - Kewl as Sybil would say.
Of course he wrote this before the concert. I don't know what he'll have to say after. The concert crowds here can be a bit on the stuffy side - not me though. I was up and clapping wildly - singing along with the band - with my back pressed firmly against the wall. Thankfully it was loud so they drowned me out. My sister is one of the stuffy ones though. I'm safe saying this because she doesn't read my blog. But she sat - SAT! through much of it. I don't know how she and others did that. They are a lively band. It was a truly fun concert. It's the third time I've seen them and next time they come to town - I'll be back to see them again. But next time I'll go for the better seats.

'ti later

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Doin' the happy dance - Oh wait - edit coming

I’m going to need some assistance with my regular Last Night’s Lost. See – I’m not going to be watching it tonight so I’m going to have to get the scoop on what happens from another watcher volunteer. Instead I’m *happy dance, happy dance* going to a Great Big Sea concert tonight. If anyone ever checks my profile, they are one of my favourite groups. They are a band from Newfoundland who sing folk/traditional/celtic kitchen party type music. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to go tonight, things being as they are. But Ron is much improved and I decided to see yesterday if there were tickets still available. * Another happy dance *. There were – and I’m going!
Now you’re probably all wondering “why doesn’t she just set the VCR?” Well the answer to that is I still don’t know how. Not a clue. If you could have been sitting beside me in the car while I tried to figure out how to pop out one Great Big Sea CD to put in another Great Big Sea (to get myself all pysched about tonight) you would be thinking “surely she can’t be THAT technically impaired?” Well, yes. I can. I am. It’s embarrassing. Also I’m hoping since Keishon is also an American Idol watcher – she will report in on who got the boot. Although I didn’t think Kellie did a good job last night – I still really like her. I think it’s time Kevin left. He’s weirding me out with his sex symbol status.
So you have to know that I must really love Great Big Sea a lot since I’m missing two of my favourite shows to see them. I do! I do!

'til later

I just checked and it seems - oh gee - surprise - Lose is a repeat. So there wouldn't have been a Last Night's Lost anyway. So now I can do a happier happy dance.

Monday, March 13, 2006

So Cindy's Head won't explode

For you Cindy - only for you

Tagged by Cindy and here are my answers. Now everyone will soon see what a boring life I’ve lived. *sigh*

Four jobs you have had in your life
1) Worked for Bell Canada at 411 – for a week. I was too slow so they let me go
2) Worked for a discount bookstore – for 2 weeks. I was too slow so they let me go
3) Worked as a cashier at both a grocery store and a lumber store both at the same time. Must admit though, some of those lumber guys weren’t too shabby.
4) Worked for an insurance broker. I was promoted, left untrained, was too slow picking it up on my own so they let me go

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1) Last of the Mohicans – which helps you understand why I’m so nutty over Ride the Fire and soon to be Surrender. The only movie I would waste 2 ½ hours over trying to get one quote
2) The Phantom – I’ve seen the broadway play 3 times. Now I’ve seen the movie 6
3) Pirates of the Carribean – Made everyone watch this Christmas day. Not exactly a Christmas movie
4) Field of Dreams - Every time I see it, I cry at the end when he realizes it his father in his youth

Four places you have lived: (this is where I start getting boring)
1) Sarnia (from birth to 18)
2) London (ever since)

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1) well duh – Lost
2) American Idol – I get hooked every time
3) Cold Case – I love the music
4) In the end there can be only one – The Highlander. I’m seriously considering investing considerable amount of money on the series DVD’s

Four places you have been on vacation: (again my boring life rears it’s ugly head)
1) Bahamas – 26 years ago
2) Vancouver – 28 years ago
3) Massachusettes – not really sure it was a vaction. We went there for my sister’s wedding, but since I took vacation days, I’ll count it

Um – that’s about it

Four websites you visit daily:
1) All About Romance
2) All the blogs listed at the side (and if I don’t make it there one day I will for sure the next)
3) Chapters – to get pictures
4) My email – throught the internet

Four of your favorite foods:
1) Prime Rib – I’m already bugging Ron to take me to a place I can get it since we missed out on valentines dinner
2) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream – that’s about the only one I really love
3) Plain potato chips – my weakness – and see how boring I am – they have to be plain
4) Any kind of chocolate bars at certain times of the month ;)

Four places you would rather be right now:
1) Australia – that’s the place I want to visit the very most – but as you can see by my lack of vacation destinations – well
2) A cruise – I would love to go on a cruise
3) A cruise – I would love to go on a cruise
4) A cruise – I would love to go on a cruise

Four friends you are tagging that you think will respond
1) Renee
2) Misty
3) Tara
4) Nicole

Letting go or not

I know, you’re all thinking I’m a lost cause, I have a bee in my bonnet over this, bats in my belfry, and I’m titling at windmills. But I’m on a mission. A mission that probably won’t go anywhere, but I have to do and or say something.
This goes to the heart of why I enjoy romance so much. And it’s diversity. It’s a disappearing thing in today’s market. Don’t take me wrong. In no way do I want to see the end of the English historical. I love them! I always have and I always will! But when I started reading romance years ago I branched out into other sub-genres in romance and the choices were there. There were many medievals to choose from. Westerns were plentiful. Stories set in Colonial America were there. Vampire stories were out there too. I read them before they were the flavour du jour. I read Linda Lael Millers trilogy and Maggie Shayne wrote a wonderful series of them for Harelquin. Time travel and futuristics were plentiful. . What I loved was the opportunity to choose from whatever struck me at the moment. If I felt like visiting the old west – well I could. I could see what other worlds in other galaxies were like. I could get a glimpse of like in the 12-century without suffering those nasty smells or having to use a gardenrobe (or whatever it was called back then)
But choices to day have dwindled so much and I’m fed up about it!
I want to be able to read a book by Lorraine Heath in what I consider her real genre – the western (yes I know she has one out now in an anthology, but is it a historical western? And it is only a short story) and as far as I know, she has no plans to return to the old west. No instead she is remaining in England, writing lesser quality books because that’s where the publishers are deciding she should be. Leslie Lafoy wrote an exceptional western – Maddies Justice and a couple that were set in colonial America. She also wrote some damn good time travel books. But where is she set now? Laura Lee Gurhke wrote the wonderfully poignant Conor’s Way set right after the Civil War dealing with reformation. She also wrote a wonderful book set in Boston – with a divorcee. No virgin widow book that one was! And where is she writing now? Patricia Potter wrote great Westerns. Linda Francis Lee wrote a great series set in early New England. Today she writes contemporaries. Stef Ann Holm wrote some charming books set in early America. Today she seems headed in the direction of women’s fiction. Jill Marie Landis wrote some fabulous books set in the early west. And don’t get me started on Susan Kay Law and what has happened to her. If I hadn’t been reading romance for so long, I wouldn’t be as upset as I am today. But I read those wonderful books back then and I hate that they just aren’t being written anymore. If an author chooses of her own volition to move the setting to England, away from where she started, that’s one thing. I may not like it but I will accept it.
Many of today’s romance readers haven’t been reading all that long. I have been since the early 90’s. And I say it’s a completely different market.
I want to see mid list authors like Pamela Clare, Wendy Lindstrom, Bonnie Vanak promoted and for readers to take a risk and try these books. They all write books reminiscent of the books I read and loved to death when I first started reading romance. I want authors who have that muse in their heads that are telling them to set their stories someplace other than Merry Old England to be free to write them. And until Lorraine Heath herself sends me a private e-mail saying “I’m happy writing where I do. I WANT to write the setting and characters I am right now. Leave me the heck alone you dingbat,” I am convinced she is not being allowed to be true to her writing self.
And the mid-list authors who are being true to their writing selves wait on pins and needles with fingers crossed that this next book does well so that they may be allowed to continue where their muse calls them.

So while this rant/vent probably won’t accomplish much – at least I got it off my chest. For the moment. I’m sure I’ll manage to get myself worked up again and blog about it at some later date. And everyone will read it and sadly shake their heads and think, “uh oh, she’s off again poor dear. Our own little Don Quixote”

'til later

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Being a lover of the pirate romance

I scooped this from Ag

My pirate name is:
Mad Grace Bonney
Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!
Get your own pirate name from

'til later

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Surrender *edited*

Many of you who didn't check the Potpourri board might be wondering about the following post. Someone posted a couple of letters concerning this book. To be perfectly honest, I didn't really read the whole letter in depth - I mostly just skimmed them. But I was upset at the tone the poster Angie (no - not our AngieW) used and I responded. When Ms. Clare found out about these letters, she asked that they be removed as they were confidential and were not to be out in public. Laurie Gold graciously removed them and the following thread. At that time I also put this blog into save mode. I didn't want to make the situation worse. I've debated since then on what to do. I finally decided to put it back as it's common knowledge *grin* how much I loved her previous book and how anxious I've been to get a copy of Surrender. And since I didn't post any part of the letters, merely my response, I will let it stand as is - I think

No – this isn’t the review. I just got the book in my hot little hands last night and haven’t had a chance to read it yet – soon though, very soon. Rather it’s a story about the book.
Anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis knows something of what my husband and I have been going through.
I had the worst day of my life recently. Ron’s throat was burned all to hell from the radiation. What was particularly devastating was it happened after the radiation had stopped and we thought he wouldn’t be suffering the after effect they had warned us about. But they were delayed. It was so bad he couldn’t even drink a glass of water without intense pain. On top of this he’s on a steady dose of chemo so that has him feeling bad too. I blogged about it recently. One day in particular, when he was in the midst of it, everything hit me at work. Everyone around me was in meetings and since I’m only there on contract, I wasn’t in on the meetings. With everything going on at home, and no one around me at work, I was left alone and things started caving in on me. Big time! For some reason I sent an email to Pamela Clare – distraction I think – and she quickly emailed me back. We started a flurry of emails – totally unrelated to her writing and I didn’t mention Ron or what I was going through at all – more just discovering a lot of things we had in common. There’s not a doubt those emails helped “save” me that day. I still ended up going home early, but at least I was relatively held together. Now it seems there might be something – probably not much – that I can do to return the favour.
It seems there has been a major snafu with the release and shipping of Surrender. Someone on the AAR Potpourri board posted a rather snarky message. This was my reply

Yes, as a matter of fact I do and I see it completely different
than you. I love her work. I think her stories are unique and refreshing. So
many of us are looking for historicals that are rich in detail and character and
that's what she writes. We are also tired of all things English ton. Last year's
Ride the Fire blew me away and I voted for it in quite a number of categories in
the AAR poll - more than I ever have in the past. So when I found out Surrender
was coming out and once again in a similar setting I was ecstatic and could
hardly wait for it to come out. When the release day came, I checked the
bookstores around here daily. It wasn't showing up. Finally I just got fed up
waiting and asked them when it would be in and was told they weren't receiving
any so I special ordered it. Just got it yesterday.
: I have begun emailing
authors when a particular book has touched me - not many of them and only
mid-list authors and their books had to have really connected with me - but I
thought I really appreciate hearing when I've done a good job and I'm sure
authors feel the same way. I emailed her letting her know how much I enjoyed
Ride the Fire and she responded quickly with a very gracious reply. Now this
happened on a day that was particularly difficult for me. I have been going
through a very trying time lately personaly and when I received her reply, it
really helped me get through the rest of the day.: I don't know much about the
ins and outs of the publishing world, but I do know mid-list authors do depend
heavily on sales. I think it would influence things greatly if for some reason
her Surrender didn't hit the shelves. I live in a fairly large city and there
isn't a copy to be found anywhere. So if a mid-list author who writes stories I
and others - I'm not the only one who loved Ride the Fire - love to read, are
different and refreshing, needs help, then I will do what I can to help. : No -
I'm not a fan girl. I just want to be able to keep reading her truly wonderful

So, I don’t know if there is much I can do to help the situation – just encourage anyone thinking of reading this book to buy it. I know both Nicole and Misty read it and loved it. But she helped me and I want to help her.

Friday, March 10, 2006

And yet another one of my heart cockles is warmed *update*

Yes, yes, yes! Another reader has fallen under the spell of Derek Craven. Dana of The Crooked Bookshelf broke her self-imposed historical ban to give this one a try.

And she liked it! She really liked it!

'til later


And yet another reader still has discovered the joy that is Dreaming of You

*yes! fist pump*

Marg read it for her March challenge!! And she liked it too.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Now you’ll know why the sisters call me the prude of the family

I love women.

No, not in that way sillies.

I mean, I “get” women. I have two sons in there mid twenties and even though I’ve raised them since they were little pups, I still don’t understand men.
But women I understand. I think we are a fascinating, rich, diverse and an all round great gender. But, there are a few things that I don’t understand about some women. And one of the big ones is the overreaction to the half naked or naked male of the species. A few years ago a group of coworkers went to see a Chippendale show that was playing at a local club. The tickets were free as the club was a client of the company. I could have gone too, but I wasn’t all the interested; to be honest I saw male strippers years ago and I ended up leaving early and have never been tempted to go again. Plus I know it would have bothered Ron a great deal so I passed on the opportunity. If others want to go – fine – doesn’t bother me at all – it’s just not my cuppa. But the next day, many of my coworkers were almost embarrassed at being women when they saw the outrageous and – calling a spade a spade – crude way many of the women in the audience reacted. One of the coworkers had seen a Chippendale show many years ago and quite enjoyed it. But she was telling us the one she had seen the previous evening was entirely different than the one she’d seen before. There was very little talented dancing at the one she just saw and mostly the good looking “dancers” were rubbing themselves up against the members of the audience – in fact if a woman paid an extra $10 she could sit on stage and one of the dancers would do a lap dance. Apparently the line-up was very very long. And many of the women were grabbing at the men when it was their turn. When I heard this, I was real glad I didn’t go.
There is one message board I visit sometimes where a couple of the regular posters will post Friday eye candy. Now I don’t see anything wrong with that, I check it out myself. I’m a fan of eye candy – even a big fan of eye candy. That’s part of the appeal of Sawyer. But where I get slightly uncomfortable is some of the salacious comments other posters make.
So what is the point of this preamble?
I don’t like Avon covers. Everyone knows that by now. I despise them – hate them with a passion! There! I said it. And I must admit it felt rather good. There are other publishers that have bad covers too, but Avon is the worst offender IMO. There is an interesting thread going on at the Potpourri board at AAR. I posted my somewhat tongue in cheek theory and an anonymous author posted (not in direct response to me) that the reason Avon has those nasty covers is they sell better. (She says) covers with a half-naked over-ripped unbelievable with the infamous man-titties men and a nubile young things with their dresses half off will sell better than a tasteful cover where either the couple are decently covered or the cover has a leg or an arm or something else?
Smart Bitches post weekly snarks on these types of covers. Visitors, including me, laugh at them. The covers are ridiculous.
But do they really sell better? I don’t have the sales figures but if it’s true, the thought appals me. Just as much as the thought of women grabbing at male strippers bothers me.

So – I may be considered a prude – but then that’s me. My sisters have been calling me that for years - although neither one of them have read romantica :)

And yes, yes in case you’re wondering, I have bought them myself. I do own Lord of the Storm and Sky Pirate – two of the very worst offenders of the bunch! But the romance genre has come a long way since then. Isn’t it time covers caught up?
I’ve said it before and I will keep saying it - as long as Avon gets away with putting the trash on the covers/backs/backstep covers of the books they publish, the genre will never get the respect that it deserves.

‘til later

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A cockle warmer I did not see! *update*

Oh joy of joys. Another reader, Jennifer B just finished Dreaming of You. And she wasn’t even on my “official” list. Not only that, but I’ve found a new-to-me blogger to boot.

Gotta love it!

Took my frown – turned it upside down
Was havin’ a bad day – this really turned it around
One more fan, who I don’t have to hound
An’ I’m jumpin’ for joy - right off of the ground

'til later

I was checking out the Chapters website earlier today and just for the heck of it, looked up Dreaming of You. There was one copy at the Chapters right near me. In fact, that was the only copy in the whole city. I myself haven't reread this one for about a year and by now it's buried deep in Kristie's bookland. And I swear the book called my name over cyber space. "Buy me, stop by and buy me" it whispered. So, being under a spell, and since my other copy is quite worn anyway, I found myself turning right instead of going straight. And after "encouraging" so many readers to give it a try - what else could I do????
The city where I live is now officially out of new copies.
It seems I've succumbed to myself.

Oh dear, that sounds rather naughty.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My votes at AAR - Warning - very long

I must confess I’ve been itching to spill ever since I voted in the Annual AAR Reader’s Poll. The results came out yesterday and now I finally get to scratch that itch. I’ve been reading with great interest everyone else’s vote Rosario, Keishon, Renee, Amanda Karen S, Alyssa & JMC (to come)and comparing. So here’s mine to add to the list.

Best Romance – Ride the Fire – Pamela Clare
This one was an easy one
Winner – Mr. Impossible – Loretta Chase (read it)

Favourite Funny – To Die For – Linda Howard
Another easy one to pick
Winner – Match Me If You Can – SEP (haven’t read it)

Most Hanky Read – His Second Hand Wife – Cheryl St. John
Yet another easy one to pick
Winner – A Breath of Snow and Ashes – Diana Gabaldon (haven’t read it)

Most Luscious Love Story – Passion – Lisa Valdez
These first ones gave me no problems
Winner – Passion – Lisa Valdez (read it)

Best Cabin/Road Romance – Ride the Fire – Pamela Clare
Yet again no hesitation
Winner – Mr. Impossible – Loretta Chase (read it)

Best New Author – Lydia Joyce
This is where I started having trouble choosing. It was either Joyce or Valdez. I eventually chose Joyce because she had two good books out. But I wasn’t disappointed to see Valdez win
Winner – Lisa Valdez (have read)

Best Buried Treasure – Almost Perfect – Julie Ortolon
I knew this wouldn’t win since it wasn’t even reviewed – which would describe a buried treasure
Winner – The Music of the Night – Lydia Joyce (read it)

Guiltiest Pleasure – The Cobra and the Concubine – Bonnie Vannak
This wasn’t really a guilty pleasure – but I wanted to put this book on the ballot somewhere since I thought it was great
Winner – Passion – Lisa Valdez (have read)

Author Most Glommed – Laura London (Tom & Sharon Curtis)
Knew this wouldn’t win either
Winner – Anne Stuart

Best Medieval – left blank
It killed me to do this, but this is a dying genre. One can only hope it experiences a rebirth sometime in the near future
Winner - Return of the Warrior – Kinley MacGregor (haven’t read it)

Best European Historical – A Season to be Sinful – Jo Goodman
This was a tough category, but I eventually picked this one
Winner – Mr. Impossible (read it)

Best Traditional Regency – A Singular Lady – Megan Frampton
To be honest, this was the only Traditional I read this year – but I liked it a lot
Winner – Dedication – Janet Mullany (haven’t read it)

Best American Frontier – Lips That Touch Mine – Wendy Lindstrom
This one was the hardest category without question for me to choose. My two favourite books of the year were both in this category; Ride the Fire and Lips That Touch Mine. It took me 3 days to choose. What finally decided it was I had already voted for Ride the Fire as both Best Romance and Best Road/Cabin and I wanted to reflect how much I loved Lips That Touch Mine too.
Winner - A Breath of Snow & Ashes – Diana Gabaldon (haven’t read it)

Best Contemporary – To Die For – Linda Howard
Again a fairly easy choice
Winner – Match Me If You Can – SEP (haven’t read it)

Best Series – Free Fall – Jill Shalvis
I haven’t read very many series – I dislike what direction they are taking, but I really enjoyed this one. In the future I’m sure I will be voting from the Harlequin Historical line (although I agree with whoever it was that said it almost doesn’t seem right to include them)
Winner – The Mysterious Miss M – Diane Gaston (have read)

Best Romantic Suspense (Rosario can tell you which one I voted for in this category * grin *) In case though you didn’t catch where I gave it away
Crazy Hot – Tara Janzen
Up until the last week, my vote was going to be Black Ice, but I just enjoyed the ride of Crazy Hot so much, I had to vote for it.
Winner – Black Ice – Anne Stuart (read it)

Best Alt Reality/Paranormal – Unmasked – C.J. Barry
I knew this one didn’t have a shot either and it was a harder choice. Dark Lover was certainly in the running. But in the end I wanted to reward what I thought was a great futuristic
Winner – Dark Lover – J.R. Ward (have read)

Best Chick Lit – left blank
I don’t read this genre
Winner – The Givenchy Code – Julie Kenner (haven’t read it)

Short Story – left blank
I don’t read very many anthologies at all and I drew a blank here
Honourable Mention - Falling for Anthony – Hot Spell - Meljean Brook (have it TBR)

Most Tortured Hero – Nicholas Kenleigh –Ride the Fire Pamela Clare
An easy choice!!
Winner – Bastien Toussaint – Black Ice - Anne Stuart (read it)

Strongest Heroine – Tori Masters – Unmasked – CJ Barry
It seems year after year I pick Eve Dallas. This time round I wanted to give another heroine a choice and hey Tori was the captain of a ship
Winner – Eve Dallas – Survivor in Death (read it)

Best Hero – Boyd Grayson – Lips That Touch Mine – Wendy Lindstrom
I just adored Boyd
Winner - Best Hero – Rupert Carsington – Mr. Impossible – Loretta Chase (read it)

Best Heroine – Blair Mallory – To Die For – Linda Howard
I know many don’t like her, but I thought Blair was a hoot
Winner - Best Heroine – Blair Mallory – To Die For – Linda Howard (read it)

Best Couple – Blair & Wyatt – To Die For – Linda Howard
Usually one or the other stands out – but I thought these two matched each other very well and were very funny together
Winner - Rupert & Daphne – Mr. Impossible – Loretta Chase (read it)

Best Villian - Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent - It Happened One Autumn - Lisa Kleypas

I'm never sure how to vote in this category. Are we supposed to vote for a villian we like or a villian we hate. I decided to take the easy way and vote for the one I knew would win - after all Nick did a few years ago for another Kleypas book

Winner - Sebastian, Lord St. Vincent - It Happened One Autumn - Lisa Kleypas (at least I'm guessing that it's Sebastian.

Most Annoying Lead – (forget her name and can’t be bother to look it up) What Do You Say to a Naked Elf – Cheryl Sterling
Loser - Best Heroine – Blair Mallory – To Die For – Linda Howard (read it)

Author you gave up on – Kinely MacGregor/Sherilyn Kenyon
I probably cancelled this one out since I named both of them
Loser – Julie Garwood

Author You don’t Love – left blank
Loser – Nora Roberts

Most Disappointing Read – He Loves Lucy – Susan Donovan
Loser – It Happened One Autumn – Lisa Kleypas (read it and I really don’t get this one)

Worst Read – What Do You Say to a Naked Elf – Cheryl Sterling
Loser (tie) What Do You Say to a Naked Elf & Passion (read them)

Purple-est Prose – left blank
Loser/Winer (?) – Passion – Lisa Valdez

It wasn't until I did this that I realized how many categories Mr. Impossible won in. I read and enjoyed the book - but not as much as so many other people did obviously as I didn't vote for it in anything.

'til later

Does this ever happen to anyone else?

I started reading Crazy Wild and put it down somewhere last night. Now for the life of my I can't remember where I put it and do you think I can find it???? And I was right at a good part too!
I do this all the time and it just gets so annoying after a while. Bad enough when it's a so-so book, but when it's a good one - grrr.

Oh well, I'll have to read Lover Eternal until it shows up.

'til later


Found it! It was under a pillow. Of course I didn't spot it until I'd already read a few pages of Lover Eternal - enough to get me hooked.
And I have started the next book for the March TBR Challenge (of which I didn't *wink* sign up)
And Surrender should be in either today or tomorrow I'm hoping.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

March TBR Challenge

It's amazing how much less stress there is since I didn't *wink* sign up for the March TBR challenge.

Title: The Unlikely Governess

Author: Karen Ranney

Year published: 2005

Why did you get this book? I've read and loved many of her books in the past

Do you like the cover? I loved the front - but being as this is an Avon, they couldn't just leave well enough alone and when you turn it over - this is the back and no I don't like it.

Did you enjoy the book? Yes indeed, very much

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? No, she isn't new to me, I've read her before and I would definitely read something by her again.

Are you keeping it or passing it on? This one's a keeper

Anything else? What I liked most about this one was the gothic feel to it. The hero and heroine were apart for much of the first part of the book and I was enjoying the read so much it really didn't matter. Although once they got together - wow was it good! Even though, and this may come as a surprise to many, I don't care for most of what Avon publishes, they are much to formulatic and their covers are insulting, I will continue to keep Karen Ranney on my autobuy list.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Tral la la BOOM dee ay I bought some BOOKS today

Lover Eternal - JR Ward

Crazy Kisses - Tara Janzen

Awaiting the Moon - Donna Lea Simpson

And finally

Surrender by Pamela Clare

I didn't actually get this one today. I merely paid for it and I should get it sometime next week. I asked if they were going to be getting it in soon and they said they weren't planning on getting it in at all!!!!! That is so wrong! So I went ahead and special ordered it. See what I mean about missing a lot of books here in Canada??

'til later

Woah! Wanna see Krisite?

You shelter a Fire Demon.
A very powerful demon. She rules over the world of

anger, impulsivity, passion and destruction.

Once awoken, even with a very strong will, she

is difficult to settle down, so be careful

when you awake her or she may entrance you and

make your life a living hell .

What demon sleeps inside you ?

Got this from Cindy

Friday, March 03, 2006

Update - two hounds less

Well, I can take Bam off the list. And now I can take Nicole off too. That still leaves

Karen S

And you didn't think I was keeping track did you - heh heh heh. Little did you realize it was just that I couldn't figure out how to make a list on the side bar.

But I remember - oh yes, I remember.

And keep in mind - this is historical month.
'til later

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Last Night's Lost

I know I’ve complained about having to watch shows on Canadian television; we miss the great Superbowl commercials, we miss the previews for a lot of next weeks’ shows. But every so often it’s not such a bad thing. Since it’s no surprise I’m a dedicated Lost fan and once again, I’ve joined the (as Ryan Seacrest keeps telling us) millions and millions of American Idol viewers, it’s a dilemma that I don’t have to choose. Both shows are on the same network here so they play Lost at 7:00 and AI at 8:00. Works for me!
Anyway – on to last night’s Episode of Lost. (Keishon is the AI watcher place to visit)
The Others are a lot more organized that we thought they were aren’t they? They’re not just a bunch of yahoo’s runnin’ the island. Very sophisticated stuff they have. And where did they disappear to? I’m not one for “catching” things but I thought the guy who talked to Ethan outside the room Clare was in must be someone we’ve seen before. Especially since Kate found the disguises.

And it’s strange how Rouseau keeps popping up.

Loved the scene (of course) between Kate and Sawyer! See – he’s not such a bad guy *grin*. He gave her the gun without to much hassle. He just wouldn’t be Sawyer if he made it easy. I loved that he was so tickled over finding a new pair of glasses.

And doesn’t it seem like Locke is headed to the dark side? I definitely think they guy in the room is one of the Others after last night. He’s playing physiological games now on Locke. I think Echo thinks he’s one of the Others too.

Overall – another excellent episode!

And I don’t know if women are supposed to notice these things or not, but doesn’t the actress who plays Claire have the most beautiful eyes?

'til later