Thursday, February 15, 2007

Last Night's Lost

First off - for those who are a year or so behind who watch this show Rosario, Maria, KarenS (I think you watch this one) and anyone else - I feel your pain. I'm experiencing the same thing with the Nora Robert Lifetime movies. I'll read the people discussing them and feel a gigantic AARRGGGHHH.
So beware. If you don't like spoilers, avoid this post.

OK - Desmond is giving my Sawyer a run for the money in the "I love this character" department. And wasn't that a different kind of episode? I think it's the first time almost the whole show is a flashback.

And what a good episode it was last night!! Desmond sure does clean up nice doesn't he? I felt so bad for him last night. If I was a crier, I would have been sobbing last night.
It was a strange one. It seemed like he was aware of a continuous loop in time or something. I don't know if he time travelled or remembered living the same life over and over or he could fortell the future. It could have been anyone of those.
I felt so bad for him!! He loved (and darn - can't remember her name) so much but wasn't able to be with her because he had a greater destiny.
And what about that conversation he had with Charlie at the end?!?!?!?! It looks like that famous line I read at Laurie's - "Oh no, not the hobbit!" - the line that got me watching this show in the first place, might come true. I love Charlie! Not like I love Sawyer and now not like Desmond, but I love Charlies character. And isn't it fascinating how all their lives seem to interact?

And we sure don't want to miss next weeks episode!! Since I watched it on the American channel, they showed good previews and it looks like we'll finally get some questions answered finally!! Like one that's being on my mind - what is the thing with Jack's tatoos. And yes - I like him too. Just not quite like Sawyer and Charlie.

'til later


Rosario said...

LOL, Kristie, very thoughtful of you! I'm sooooo behind. I still need to watch most of the third (?) season, but I just got it in DVD, and so when I get back from vacation, I'll have to watch those, so I can catch the next season on Sony Latin AMerica.

Anne said...

See, and I'm not enjoying Lost as much the last two weeks. It's moving to SLOWLY. They need to pick it up a bit, seriously, before I completely lose interest.

Tara Marie said...

I enjoyed this episode, but I felt they spent too long in Desmond's alternate "time?"

I agree he does clean up quite nice--LOL

I'm a little worried about Charlie, my first thought was he was saving Claire over and over never thinking it's Charlie he's ultimately trying to protect. Is he really only postponing the inevitable? and I wonder was Charlie supposed to die in the initial crash--hmmm...

CindyS said...

Tara Marie - oooh, I was thinking the island wants him but every major character's death has been almost foreseen by the viewers - I was blown away when he said he was saving Charlie - we just have to remember that a day on the island could be a complete season so we may not see Charlie die. I wonder who the lady was in his flash and I wonder if he did relive the moment he could have had.

I have a question about the preview - the lady that Jack says 'they took you' - I don't remember him ever meeting her - Sawyer's (Michael & Yin) group was with that lady when she was taken and Jack never met her. So how does he know she is someone who was taken?

Yeah, I can't wait to see how they work his tats into the story line - I've loved them since I first saw them but the actor says they don't really mean anything to him. I have a thing about compasses ;)


Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: Now that you mention it - Jack never did meet the others who were taken - so how would he know her? Good catch there! We'll have to wait and see.

Tara: I can see where you're coming from, but I thought it was such a poignant and intriguing back story that I didn't mind it taking up so much of the show. And Desmond did look pretty swell. I love how he calls everyone brother. We had dude and now we have brother. And of course Sawyer calls everyone anything that pops into his head - except Kate (Freckles)

Anne: I think what's making it good for me is we are finally getting a few answers - convaluted answers mind you - but at least not just more questions. And it's nice knowing that everyone will be a new episode with no repeats in between.

Ro: If you're reading this and not avoiding spoilers - I wonder why you are getting it so late? I know with the Nora Roberts movies it's because they are on a channel we don't get here - unless one has satelitte - which I don't. I have Cable Guy

Jenster said...

We DVR Lost on Wednesday nights and then watch it on Thursdays. So when I see the word "Lost" on anyone's blog I just skip it. LOL

Her name was Penelope and yes, he did love her so much. I was almost crying, too.

I love a show that keeps me guessing and has twists and turns at every corner. Either the writers are geniuses or their on some really potent goofers.

Kellie said...

I think the hobbit's a pain in the ass and wouldn't mind him getting killed off ...

Kellie said...

I thought the whiskey scenes were frickin brilliant!