Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Love when this happens

I just found us another reader blog, Sandie. And guess what she read, although she didn't feel the cravin' for Craven *sigh*, But I have hopes with Nicholas.

I saw it Bam - it just took me a bit longer :)

'til later
I started to cry at the dentist today. The hygienist was new and ‘enthusiastic’ in her work. She got in there and dug deep. She got ¾ of the way done, when I started to cry. It wasn’t that it really hurt that much or that I was dreading the required lecture on flossing – why do they all insist on doing that? I was talking to some other people at work and it seems to be the same everywhere. Even Ron gets lectured about flossing and he is good at it. Does it twice a day without failure.
No, what got me crying was really something else.
Ron isn’t doing well and it’s killing me inside. They aren’t treating him at the cancer clinic anymore. They have done everything they can do. Now he is being looked after by the pain management team. He is on heavy duty pain medication; two different kinds, one that has long lasting effects and another one for what they call break-through pain. But he is reluctant to take the break-through medication so he ends up being in a lot of pain. This in turn frustrates me to see him suffering needlessly. Then I get angry with him and then feel guilty for getting angry. He has always been reluctant to take any kind of medication for anything. Before, when he had a headache or something it would take me nagging him before he would finally take aspirin or something else. Now, when it’s so important for him to take something before the pain really grabs hold of him, he’s the same way. I’ve told the nurse in our consultations, about this issue and she also encourages him not to wait, to take the medication at the first sign of pain, but it’s just not getting through to him. Another reason he is reluctant is the pain medication has some side effects that he is dealing with. I don’t blame his for being reluctant – they are pretty nasty, but I’m not sure if he knows what it’s doing to me seeing him in pain, especially when he could do something about it.
I’m an early riser. I get up at 5:30 am. The time I have before I leave for work is the only time I have to myself anymore. It’s the only time he isn’t around and I don’t have to be with him and his pain. It’s the time of the day I gather myself together. This morning he was up extra early. He was up because of the pain. I told him to take something but as usual, he said he was going to wait a bit. I was at my wit’s end. He was infringing on my free time by getting up so early. He wouldn’t take anything and I could see he was hurting. And I felt guilty that I got angry with him for not taking anything and I felt guilty because I just wanted him to go back to bed so I didn’t have to deal with him. I feel bad that I can’t sit with him in the room for an entire evening. I have to get away from him at times. And I feel bad that I do. I don’t know how long this will go on. He hasn’t wanted to ask and I accept his decision. But this is hard on me.
So when I went to the dentist this morning I started to cry.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

From the First

This one's for Sybil

A while ago I saw this book mentioned on Sybil’s blog and while I’m not exactly saying I didn’t really read her whole blog, I didn’t really read it and thought she was recommending this book. For those who really didn’t read that blog – Jessica Bird is also JR Ward of the Brotherhood fame. Well, based on the fact that I thought she was recommending this book, I broke my non-series Harlequin rule (see – I’ve been protesting ever since they ended the Temptation Line) and got it. I finally got around to reading it and actually I quite enjoyed it. The current ATBF (not the one Karen wrote – but the newest one *grin *) is on books with good guy think. I mentioned this book since I had just finished reading it and rather than repeat myself – I’ll just copy. Here’s a brief bit of what I said

First off, I really enjoyed the book – I want to make that clear. It’s the first Harlequin I’ve read by her and it has me searching out her other ones – but – and a big but here, while I was reading (and enjoying) it, I wondered how realistic parts of it were. The hero had had a major thing for the heroine for years but she was married to his best friend. The best friend dies and I’m trying to avoid spoilers here, the hero doesn’t feel worthy of the heroine’s love. There is a scene in the book where they are doing more than swapping spit as the expression goes. And he stops. He stops before finishing if you get my drift. While part of me sighed at the sign that this was one tortured hero, the more realistic, living in the real world part of me thought “yea, right! As if that would happen in real life”. Later on in the book the hero confessed to the heroine his undying love and told her that he hadn’t ‘been with a woman’ in six year because all he thought of was her. Again, while the romantic in me melted, the realist in me didn’t believe it for a moment. On top of this, it’s been six years and nowhere in the book does he “take things in hand” so to speak. I didn’t find that at all believable. But then this was a Harlequin so I don’t know if they do things like that. But like I said, I did enjoy the book. As to the rest of the book, I think she got the guy down pretty good. He was alpha and didn’t ‘share’ his feelings with the heroine.

So that doesn’t tell much about the book so here’s a bit more. This is the third in a series and is the story of Alex Moorehouse and Cassandra Cutler. Alex is a yacht-racing guru who was injured and is recuperating at the family farm. Cassandra is the widow of his best friend who decides to accept a renovations job. I got a bit muddled in characters as this is the third in a series and the characters from the previous two books are involved in this one too. The book is abound with romance book clichés – again I won’t give them away – but still it was written in a way that I liked it. I’m rare I think in that at times I don’t mind clichés. I think those who don’t like them could have a field day here. Still as I said, I liked it well enough to hunt down her other harlequins. I think of harlequins a quick light lunch (or sometimes cotton candy) not to filling, but occasionally it hits the spot.

Grade 3 ½ out of 5

Monday, May 29, 2006

Part deux of cinq

As promised, here are some pictures to cleanse the eyes

Halle's new beaux

Probably not that good looking in the whole scheme of things, but he's one reason I watch hockey!

And what would any gallery be without this one

Now if Cindy had included him - it would be a different story! I wouldn't be stuck with Hairy Guy

til later

Cindy's Questions - My Answers

Question: Would I trade my Canadian citizenship? If so, for what country and why and if not, what is so great about Canada?
Answer: Well, I don’t think I would give it up. While not overly patriotic, Canada is home and if I gave it up, then it would be like giving up home. But, if I were a much younger person and a more daring person when I was young, I would have loved to have gone to Australia for a few years. I don’t know what it is exactly about Australia that appeals to me so much, but it’s someplace I’ve always wanted to go. There was a girl at work who went there recently on business and I was pea green with envy! Upon further reflection, I think the Koala bear has much to do with it. I just love those animals! And years ago I read that Australia is the only country that has Duckbill Platypuses. How can you not love a country that has such an oddly named animal?
As to what makes Canada special; well first off there are the different seasons. Even as I’m cursing a blue streak in the winter over having to scrape my car off yet again, there is a part of me that likes winter. Spring and Fall are glorious seasons. I wouldn’t mind less heat in the summer – we’re getting a high of 33° Celsius today which is in the 90’s Fahrenheit.
We have funny people; Jim Carry (although I don’t think he’s that funny) Mike Meyer’s (although I don’t think he’s that funny either) Dan Akroyd, Howie Mandel (now he’s just weird although I used to think he was funny) and many more.
And hockey! I love hockey, even though few Canadian teams make it to the Stanley Cup these days. Edmonton is for a change this year. A good percentage of the players on all the teams are Canadian though – and some of them are pretty hot in spite of their hockey hair and those nasty beards they grow during playoffs. Playoffs in June are too much though. If I ruled the country I’d change that somehow.
And not that I’ve had experience mind you, but I have read that Canadian men make some of the best lovers in the world. Halle Berry might know though. That gorgeous model dude she’s seeing now is Canadian. (wow! Talk about hot!!)

Question: When you go to sleep at night, do you dream? Are they vivid and life like or happy go lucky
Answer: Well – it’s not very often I remember dreams when I wake up. They are pretty normal I guess at the time I’m having them and then for the few minutes I wake up and remember them, they are pretty bizarre. For example, knowing this question, I made a point of remembering one I had last night. I dreamed the city council in the city closed down the only thrift store in the city without consulting anyone. There was one day left to shop and I was in there buying up tons of socks. At the time I was dreaming, yea it made sense. I was just as indignant at the presumption of city council as was everyone else but upon awakening and remembering the dream, I couldn’t help but think “Kristie, you’re weird!”
When I was just a young thing, I did a speech on dreams (no this wasn’t the speech I gave where I fainted in front of the whole class – that was another time). In preparation, I had a pad of paper and pencil beside me so I could write them down before I forgot them. They were just a bizarre then as they are now!

Question: How long have you been reading romance and have you always been a reader.
Answer: Well I’ve always read romance of one kind or another, Mary Stewart, Daphne DuMaurier, Anya Seton etc, but I’ve been doing hard core romance for about 15 years now. I didn’t think it was quite that long but I was talking to someone in a UBS a few months ago about another book store they owned that closed. They owner commented that had happened 10 years ago and I thought “where did the time go?” And yep, I’ve always been a reader, from as far back as I can remember. When I was just a kid, I would “meet” my two younger sisters in the bathroom late at night so we could read together. I remember even back then loving fairy tales. I used to put on fairy tale “productions” in front of our fireplace for our parents. I was the writer, producer, director and star. My two sisters were the underlings and co-stars. That was one of the advantages of being the oldest. I made such a tragic Little Mermaid. Neither of my sisters claim to remember those times, but I think they are just jealous that I always played the lead.

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy – Question 4. Who knew you had such a cruel streak in you? What a choice you have given me. Although has anyone else noticed that’s two blogs in a row now that she’s included David Hasselhoff? Cindy has a cru-ush, Cindy has a cru-ush!
Answer: So – you are making me choose. Well it’s a tough one. They are all so gorgeous!! But let’s see. The blank look in the eyes of every single damn John Desalvo picture (thanks Fiona for the name – I’d forgotten it) makes me think he wouldn’t make much of a conversationalist. He would just gaze blankly yet lovingly over my shoulder the whole time so he’s out. Fabio – despite his overwhelming sensuality *can you hear the snort from here?) never (never ever never ever) has “done” it for me – as I keep telling my husband. Besides, let’s be serious here for a moment. Any guy who get’s felled by a bird is not the manly manly kind. So *till snickering at the remembered bird incident* Fabio’s out. Which leaves David Hasselhoff. Sorry to steal your guy Cindy, but he’s the winner. I think I pick him if only to knock him to the ground and demand why he inflicted Pamela Sue Anderson onto the world (sigh – yes I know she’s Canadian too).

Question number 5. I’ll have to ask for a reign check on this one – I will do it – promise!!! But I’m at work and they won’t allow me into many of the sites where I can find pictures that will undo the damage Cindy has inflicted on us all. (I'm trying to find one of Halle's beau as he is pretty fine). Plus I have to get this posted quickly so all of our eyes are spared.

'til later

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Angie W's May Challenge

I kind of sort of feel like I'm cheating a bit on this one since this is a series book not a regular length book, but time is getting running out so this will have to do. And the hero/heroine both are CIA so I guess it counts.

Anway - here we go

Title: Midnight Remembered

Author: Gayle Wilson

Year published: 2000

Why did you get this book? It's part of a series

Do you like the cover? Ah no. The guy on the cover is ugly in a Kramer-like kind of way and he appears to be looking out the window, but the blinds are closed.

Did you enjoy the book? No, not really. It was an amnesia story and it wasn't really explained why he got amnesia. I'd read one or two of the other ones in the series but that was ages ago and I didn't remember the characters at all. I felt like I'd been dropped in the middle of an ongoing story. On top of that I didn't feel any real connection between the hero and the heroine

Was the author new to you and would you read something by this author again? I've read her before and although this one didn't do a thing for me, I'd read her again because I have liked her books in the past.

Are you keeping it or passing it on? Passing it on

next up: The answers to Cindy's questions. I'm just trying to get over those pictures she posted for me

'til later

Friday, May 26, 2006

A Reading Experiment

I had the first book, of Kasey Michaels, A Gentleman By Any Other Name sitting in my TBR pile when I saw the next two were also out. I thought I would try something different and read them back to back to back. I must admit to a bit of hesitancy when I decided to do this. While on the one hand I appreciate this new trend of releasing books in consecutive months, instant gratification don’t you know can be a good thing, on the other hand I was a bit worried that the similarities of character might water down enjoyment somewhat. I don’t normally read new books like that – I’ll do it with rereads sometimes but this was a bit of an experiment.
Well – I’m happy to say my worries were unfounded! Each set of hero/heroines were distinct and unique with their own personalities.

FirstA Gentleman by any other Name is the story of Chance Beckett and Julia Carruthers. This one starts rather slowly (in a good way) but as the book goes along more and more layers are added and we see that Chance and Julia really aren’t who they seem to be at the beginning. Chance Beckett, a businessman (yea – not a member of the ton!) is a recent widower who rather reluctantly hires Julia Carruthers to look after his daughter Alice. Julia is one of the heroines who can’t keep her mouth shut when she thinks Chance is handling something wrong. It was wonderful to see her “stick it” to Chance every chance she can get. Chance struggles between wanting to fire her and wanting to bed her. Guess what he does? Julia is strong, capable and an all round great heroine. Chance is a man of mystery. As the book opens he is somewhat estranged from his family. The oldest of eight adopted children, he works for the War Office and is sent back to his family home in Romney Marsh to check out the smuggling going on there. Saying very much would necessitate giving spoilers and I don’t want to do this. But this book is fascinating as we read along and family secrets are slowly revealed. I know I’ll be rereading this one again. It’s a Keeper
Grade: 5 out of 5

Second - The Dangerous Debutante is the story of Morgan Beckett, one of Ainsley Beckett’s adopted daughters. Morgan is off too London to stay with her brother and sister in law and enjoy a 'season'. She is beautiful, wild and exotic and definitely a rule breaker. On the way to London she runs into Ethan Tanner, the Earl of Aylesford, a seemingly beautiful but useless member of the ton. The attraction between them is instantaneous and powerful. Often this kind of thing doesn’t work, but in this book it works very well. As with the first book, Morgan and Ethan aren’t all that they appear to be. Each is much deeper than we originally were led to believe. To be honest, I wasn’t sure whether I liked Morgan or not throughout much of the book. She’s beautiful and knows it. She’s wilful and knows it. She’s manipulative and knows it. Then in one very poignant and painful scene it’s brought home to her how her careless flirting has affected other people. I thought it was a testament to great writing that even though I found her character confounding, she was still very compelling. And we can’t forget Ethan. He’s not your run of the mill ‘peer who’s a spy’. Nope – he’s got some depth to him. And he loves his Mama. Despite the rather dumb title, this is another very good entry.
Grade 4 ½ out of 5

Third Beware of Virtuous Women is the story of Eleanor Beckett, the oldest of the Beckett daughters and Jack Eastwood, the associate of Ainsley Beckett. Eleanor is the glue that holds the Beckett family together. It’s been assumed by everyone that Eleanor with her soft-spoken ways and her crippled foot will always remain with her father. But beneath her rather calm exterior beats the heart of a woman (that sounds rather dramatic doesn’t it – but it is the best way to describe her) who has secretly been in love with Jack ever since he joined up with the Beckett family. When an opportunity arises for her to travel to London with Jack and pose as his wife she jumps at it, thinking this will be THE memory she holds for the rest of her lonely life. Jack is just a working guy. He’s a former soldier; nothing special. But as with all the other characters in this series, there is much more to him as the story goes along. Although he’s known Eleanor for a number of years, she just wasn’t on his radar. But it’s when they spend time together and he really “sees” her for the intelligent and compelling woman she is, he falls and he falls hard. She really brings out the caring and tender side of him. And although he has a secret agenda, there is a part of him that longs to be completely included in the intriguing Beckett clan.
Grade 4 ½ out of 5

The series overall.
I think this is a series that needs to be read in order starting with the first book. There are several mysteries that arc over all three books and by the time I got to the final book, I couldn't wait to find out the deep and dark secrets behind the Beckett family. I don’t think one is complete without the other two. The overall feel of the books is rather dark – people die. But the Beckett family is multi-dimensional and fascinating and compelling. I know I didn't give much of the story line; even the back cover might give more that I did, but I didn't want to spoil it for anyone thinking of giving these ones a read. It seems that Ms Michaels has plans for the remaining Beckitt siblings coming out in 2007. I will be so there when they do come out. Although only Ainsley , the intriguing and tortured patriarch, and his youngest daughter Cassie are related by blood, there is no question this is a family who deeply love and protect each other. This is a wonderful, rich series that reminded me of why I love romance.

Although I’ve never really considered Kasey Michaels an autobuy author I have read quite a few of her books. She is one of the multi-talented authors that can write dark historicals one book and light and humours contemporaries the next. She has dared to skewer the publishing industry in her Maggie books. I officially declare her a buried treasure! (whew! That’s one category I’ve found already for next year’s ballot)

Now I'm off to read my military book for Angies May Challenge

'til later

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Last of Last Night's Lost


See You in September

I thought Desmond's story was so sad :( He was so in love with his wife and tried so hard to make his way back to her only to give up his life for the good of all. I was very confused by the end though when the Russian guys called her. At first I thought it was a commercial.

And who knew? The guy in the bunker was the leader of the Others!

And I wonder what we have in store next season for Kate, Jack and Sawyer? I still have no idea what the Others have in mind for them. I mean the bunker dude didn't have any interaction with any of them other than Jack.

And boy did Michael abandon his fellow survivors!!

And even though it looks like the failure to push the button caused the plane crash, it still seems more that coincidence that it was THAT plane with THOSE people on board.

And Locke - well, he certainly messed things up pretty good didn't he?

And was it just me or did anyone else think Sayiids plan on sneaking up on them a wee bit stupid. I mean – hello – look out at the water and you see a boat. And what was up with the Foot? It kind of reminded me (and I’m dating myself here) of the original Planet of the Apes with Charlton Heston when he’s riding the horse along the beach and he stumbles on the ruined Statue of Liberty.

'til later

Cynicalality in an obscure way


I’m becoming a cynical bitch at times. I was reading posts at a certain publishing authors message board last night (why I did that to myself I don’t really know) and saw that one of the threads was about the upcoming releases of a new line the publisher is putting out. All these readers were posting about how they could hardly wait – that although they’ve never tried this particular genre before they were just so anxious to give it a try.
Here’s where the cynical bitch part comes in. Would they all be so enthusiastic if it was any other publisher but this one? Because don’t you know if the books are published by fill in the blank publisher they just HAVE to be wonderful.
In light of all the problems authors of this genre’s ebooks getting recognition, it kind of fries my ass that now that this certain publisher is jumping on the bandwagon it will now become acceptable. While on the one hand good, on the other hand what about the pioneers. Let’s hope they are recognized!

Regular Thursday feature to follow

‘til later

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And on a more upbeat note

Taylor or Katherine?

Katherine or Taylor?

I don't vote - I'm not even sure if we can here in Canada, but if I were able to and since Chris is gone now, my vote would go to Taylor.

And how lousy is it that it runs against the season finale of Lost. Well - Lost it will be though.

'til later


Just what is in the air or the water or whatever that is making the claws come out lately?

Author against author

Author against fans

Fans against author

Fans against fans

I love reading romance but some authors (who I won't name) are doing themselves some major damage. It's getting quite ugly out there.

'til later

Friday, May 19, 2006

Thoughts from a Romance Reader

Well – she be true. Lisa Kleypas, in case anyone had not known this, has left Avon for the greener pastures at St. Martins. Sandy at AAR has an interview with her going up on Monday that I’m anxious to read. I’m sure Ms. Kleypas has many mixed feelings on this as she wrote for them for so many years. But I for one am delighted at the news. Part of me wonders why she decided to make this leap but I suppose I’ll never really know. I wasn’t too happy with Avon when they kept delaying the release of her Wallflower series and I know it really ticked Romance Lover off. The way I see it, she won’t be bound any longer by Avon’s rigid rules although I doubt most Avon authors would agree with me on the rule thing. But hey – what is published speaks for itself. As someone who has, well shall we say 'encouraged' any reader who showed an interest in reading Dreaming of You to go ahead – give it a read, I feel a slightly more than normal interest in seeing how she does with St. Martins. And – as a reader of contemporaries I’m looking forward to hers. And best of all, I’m glad to see she is taking her characters with her. Wonder how that happened since we all know Dara Joy couldn’t. Of course the less said on Ms. Joy the better considering how she has screwed her legion of fans.

This leads me to another thought. Sybil and I had the same idea! I had this written and was just getting reading to post when I saw that Sybil also wrote an open letter expressing very similar thoughts. Whereas she addressed her letter to many publishers, I’m picking on – you guessed it! I’m sure you are all wondering if there anything that Avon can do to bring me back as a reader? I used to be one believe it or not. But now there are very few I am willing to purchase. If the PTB at Avon were to ever pay attention to little ole blogger me, this is what I would tell them.

Dear Avon Power People:

Stop making money your sole and only reason for publishing! Sure keep it a big one, even the main one; I’m a realist. But gawd only knows you’re making enough money that you can afford to branch out a bit experimentally. You guys used to be more daring. You used to publish the odd Western or Colonial book. Heck – you even let Lorraine Heath write a few before you shipped her off to Merry Old England. And remember Susan Kay Law? She wrote wonderful Westerns for you guys; even won some awards before you kicked her to the curb when she wouldn’t conform to your England and nothing BUT England format. And one time, in a reply to someone’s complaint (no – not mine) that there wasn’t enough variety, an Avon Author used Kathleen Eschenburg as an example that Avon also publishes other locales. I laughed – oh how I laughed at that one!! ONE book. One - in recent memory. And where is she now? Her one and only book you published got glowing reviews. I heard she got sick and isn’t writing at the moment – but is that really the case or did you short sited idiots let her go? Wouldn’t put that past you – you’ve done it before. Sure, sure – you’ll come back with the "well we publish medievals vis-à-vis Mary Reed McCall and Kinley Macgregor". Yes, you do. But what is the percentage of medievals as opposed to the historical huh? Answer me that one!

There are some wonderful writers out there that break the Avon mold that I’m sure are available. Alexisis Harrington hasn’t been heard from for a while – she has written some truly wonderful and heartwarming stories and I miss her. (Anyone who hasn’t tried her – you should). Sandy Hingston is another author who we haven’t heard from for a while and I quite enjoyed her books. And *hands on hips* what about Taylor Chase? Huh? Answer me that! She wrote a couple of extraordinary books for you before you decided that she was too “different”. It’s your loss but even worse it’s our loss.

Don’t accept mediocrity. Oh – I know your going to say ‘but readers don’t mind’. Goodness knows you have enough fan girls that haunt the Avon Message board proclaiming to each other and their favourite author that so and so rocks and they love her to pieces and she couldn’t possibly write anything less than perfection. Here's an example to make one gag “OMG, Susie Fangirl said everything I was thinking!! Finished the book today and absolutely loved it. Thanks, XXXX for a great story, fabulous hero, and beautiful, spunky heroine! I can't wait to read XXXX'X story. When do you expect it to be released, and what do you have planned after the "XXXX of ..." trilogy? "

Oh pulease! Can we say suck up any harder? While I might write to an author expressing how much I enjoyed their book, never would I put something like that out there for all to see!

So except for those caught up in the deep throes of Avon Author love I say horse hockey! There is this honest website you see – All About Romance – and while I haven’t been taking notes or anything, I have observed that they seem to issue more mediocre marks for many more Avon books than many other publishers. If you want I’ll see if I can get stats for you. But when I see a C grade for a historical, I check the publisher and dollars to donuts there is a good chance it’s a book published by you guys. Raise your standards for Pete’s sake. You are giving the whole genre a bad name. Right now you are publishing a lot of drek. And I for one can’t be bothered sorting the drek from the good so I just don’t buy.

And we can’t forget about your covers. I’ve complained to anyone who will listen about your truly loathsome covers so I’ll try to be brief. Why do you do such idiotic things as putting the shirtless hero in a cape in the middle of winter? And then there are the heroines. You dress them in skimpy cleavage revealing dresses that must come from the “I’m a sleaze and proud of it” wardrobe. Do you have any idea how ridiculous these look? Now I know there are some readers who aren’t offended by these – although I’m not one of them, but I’m willing to compromise. If you absolutely HAVE to have them, at least put them in a step-back format rather than on the front or back. Yes, this also applies to other publishers but you Avon guys are the very worst offenders. I for one don’t want to have to think about whether this is a book I would read in public. Sure it might cost a few dollars more but if you cared about your entire readership, you would consider it money well spent. How much have you lost when some readers refuse to buy books with man-titty, sleazella covers?

And finally, I’m sure you are too busy in your ivory towered ‘let’s make as much money as we can’ tower to pay attention to us readers standing below, but there is a growing revolt at the lack of editing in books today. Flame wars are happening on message boards and blogs across the land. Some readers blame authors, some authors claim it’s not that big a deal and readers get angry. To be honest it’s not that big a deal to me. I’m a skimmer and don’t pick up a lot of those details. But I know and appreciate there are those who are very bothered by the lackadaisical attitude that seems to becoming more prevalent. Invest some money! Hire some GOOD conscientious copy editors that can work with the authors as a team to put out a good product for us consumers. I don’t think it’s right to put the entire burden on the authors. They are the creative force behind everything but they also need someone to watch their backs.

So, if you want me back as a buyer of what you’re selling, you will pay attention to what I’ve said. There are a few more things that would help but I’ve given you enough to chew on for the moment.


A really want to be wooed back Romance Reader

'til later

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Both Holly of Sancturary's Finest and Romance Lover have thought provoking blogs up. This is a topic I've thought of too!

Be sure to check it out.

'til later

Last Night's Lost

First off – you know how last week I said I was going to boycott American Idol once Chris got knocked out? Well, it seems hubby, without actually acknowledging it has gotten hooked on it too. I didn’t ask him to put it on Wednesday night – he just did. And since I was in the room – well.
And then last nigh I found Lost came on at 7:00 so I had to watch it then. And again hubby put on American Idol at 9:00 and since I was in the room – well.
I’m not sure what he would have done had the Jays not been playing on the West Coast.
Anyway – quickly – since I was in the room, I think I’m going for Taylor. Katherine is a very good singer but I just find her over-singing a wee bit too much. Unlike Simon, I just wasn’t as enthused about her rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. I thought it a bit of a rip-off of Fantasia a couple of seasons back. And she oversang it I thought. And I love the Boss. Never could really understand what he was singing as he mumbles and CD’s don’t come with words much – not like albums used to. So when Taylor sang Dancing in the Dark for the first time I ever I understood the words. Very shallow reasons for choosing who I want to win I know. And Elliot? I think he’s a very good singer but I’m just not that fond of the type of music he sings. He seems like a very nice guy though so I hope he goes far.

Now – on to Lost.

Hmm – not as confusing as past episodes. In fact some of the questions like what happened to Michael were answered. Is it just me or is he really kind of stupid? I mean, does he really think they will let him take Walt and just merrily wander off? And let’s face it – he hasn’t been the best dad material. In fact right in the airport before the plane was about to leave he was talking to his mother saying he didn’t want Walt. And he’s been kind of rough on him since they landed on the island. I was trying to figure out why the Others wanted Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer. What is it about those four I wonder. If it was just good people they wanted, I wouldn’t have picked Sawyer. And if it was bad people I wouldn’t have picked Hurley. It seems a very mixed bag.
I wonder where Locke is taking himself off to. I guess he was pretty shattered by last weeks revelation that it was just an experiment.
Nice to see Charlie throw those statues in the ocean – but where did they come from? Whose stuff were they in? I didn’t catch that. I also missed where he found the vaccine he gave to Clare. It was nice to see Clare reach out to him though.
And Sawyer – what would my night be without thoughts of him. He seems pretty broken up about Anna Lucia’s death and the fact that he never took the time to get to know her. And admitting that Jack is the closest thing he has to a friend. Aaahhh. I think Sawyer is one of the most interesting characters on the show – and I’m not just saying that ‘cause I think he’s hot. Yea – that’s one of the reasons J but there is more. I just wish we had had more than one back-story on him this season. I read somewhere that at times the actor who plays Sawyer finds it difficult to read the lines with some of the insulting comments Sawyer comes out with.
I’m a preview slut. I love the previews of coming movies at the show or on DVD’s. I love watching trailers. The channel I watched it on at 7:00 last night didn’t show previews from next week but I knew they would show them on ABC. So I made hubby, who never has understood this need I have, turn it over to ABC so I could catch them. He was a tad annoyed with me – I think he wanted to watch Elliot sing his final song. Either that or he wanted to watch the hockey game.

'til later

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

And then there is the opposite of romance

On a whole different topic there is a story going on in the city I live in about a guy who spent time in prison for having unprotected sex with women knowing he was HIV positive. After he got out he did it again and has again been charged with aggravated assault. AND RELEASED ON BAIL!!! WTF???? Something is seriously wrong with our court system here! Apparently it’s come out in previous articles there has been more than one woman the second time around. Thank goodness they posted his picture in the paper in earlier articles so we can all see this – well I don’t have a nasty enough word.
Should this slimy piece of shit go back to jail? Absolutely!! And before he does they should whack it off so he can’t use it again.
At the same time though, a part of me wonders what the hell women are thinking. Granted I’ve been married over 30 years now and have always trusted my husband implicitly, but why in these times of rampant STD’s and AIDS would a woman risk her health and her very life having unprotected sex with someone they don’t know that well.
While I totally sympathize I just don’t get it.

‘til later

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The revolving door - will be no longer

It's been a joke in the family in our house for the past few years. We have two sons - 27 & 25 now. First off the oldest moved out a few years ago, then moved back when he ran into room mate issues. Then he moved back out. A year later the youngest one moved out and a month later the older one moved back home. Then the older one moved out and the younger one moved back home. We've ever only had a month of being empty-nesters. Well - the youngest one is moving out in a couple of weeks again - so - I have decided that before the oldest one can move back, I'm going to make it so he can't - heh heh. I love my sons dearly but good gracious at their ages I was married with two kids!!! Our house isn't that big and the little birdlings are too big for the nest.

I have decided to turn the spare bedroom downstairs into my own personal romance library! Yes! Finally I will be able to unpack my boxes and boxes and bags and bags of books. When I feel like rereading an old treasure, rather than having to dig through the boxes in the place where spiders dwell, I'll be able to find them on shelves. Ahhhhhhh the joy of it.

We've decided to try and build them. And isn't that a scary thought for this non-handy girl. So - is anyone reading this has built bookshelves (I know Cindy's Bob built some but we aren't doing built in) any suggestions would be most welcome. I have a feeling I'm going to know my Home Depot by the time I'm done.

My sister is even donating a dehumidifier to the cause - and she doesn't read romance!

And alphabetizing - my heart leaps at the thought :)

'til later

Gremlin update

First off - it's so comforting to know that my place isn't the only one those little gremlins visit.

LOL - A freezer??? They do get around don't they those little rascals.

After blogging about them - they must have returned my book because I looked this morning and there it was sitting right beside my reading spot.

Durned gremlins!

Now if only they would return my sunglasses. They are prescription ones don't you know. Or if they can't return them - at least the old flip ups I had before I bought prescription ones. They must be related to Tara's glasses gremlins.

'til later

Monday, May 15, 2006

Oops I did it again

I was reading a very good book (A Gentleman by any Other Name) and put it down Saturday morning. Now I can't find it! The book gremlins, closely related to those pesky little dryer gremlins who take such delight in stealing socks, made off with it. I'm sure of it.

Three days I've spent looking for that puppy. I've started a couple of other books - but I want to read that one.

(thought I'd give anyone reading this a break from the angst going on all over the place)

'til later

And Maili - you told her ;-)
author to cross off my to be tried list

Saturday, May 13, 2006

If it's true - and other thoughts

This is a bit of a shocker I noticed today. I was at Romance Lover's blog and followed the link to Lisa Kleypas' updated web site. It looks like she is leaving Avon and moving to St. Martin's Press. Before spreading rumours that might not be true, anyone else hear anything about this?

It's been an interesting week following blogs and message boards. First the blow-up at Smart Bitches following PC Cast's rant. Now although I haven't read any of her books, I happen to agree with her beef. I think it is wrong wrong wrong to sell ARC's on E-Bay. I think Ms. Cast handled it in a weird kind of way though. I think her anger should have been directed at those doing the selling rather than those doing the buying. When you think about it, it's kind of an honour that some fans would be willing to spend so much money on a book that would cost a lot less if they had a bit of patience. If I were an author, my ire would be directed to those making a profit on my efforts without me seeing a dime of it.

Then there was the dust up following a post by an “anonymous author" at AAR on Adele Ashworth's newest release. I love how when an author has something
derogatory to say they hide behind the cloak of anonymity. Seems the book is chock-full of gramatical errors and said author thinks that the readers who are pointing them out are picking on Ms. Ashworth. I'm not one who notices a lot of that kind of thing when I read, but if I were it would irritate the hell out of me as a reader. Anonymous author *snort* isn't doing Ms. Ashworth any favours. Ms. Ashworth herself has entered the fray and handled the brouhaha with class though. Too bad I don't like her recent books and have no intention of getting this one. I loved Winter Garden and My Darling Caroline but her recent releases have left me cold. Interesting as that seemed to have happened when she switched publishers and moved to ....... no - I'm not going to say it.

'til later

Friday, May 12, 2006

Authors A to Z

I stole this idea from Amanda. Here is a list of my favourite authors A to Z – one each letter. In some cases it was really hard to choose just one – but here goes

A – Susan Anderson

B – Connie Brockway

C – Liz Carlyle

D – Justine Dare

E – Elizabeth Elliot

F – Gaelen Foley

G – Jo Goodman

H – Linda Howard

I – Judith Ivory

J – Tara Janzen

K – Lisa Kleypas

L – Linda Francis Lee

M – Susan Mallery

N – Kathleen Nance

O – Julie Ortolon

P – Candice Proctor

Q – Amanda Quick

R – JD Robb

S – Anne Stuart

T – Jodi Thomas

Udrew a blank on this one

V – Patricia Veryan

W – Penelope Williamson

Xdrew a blank on this one

Y – Rebecca York

Z - drew a blank on this one

So - if I ever write the definitive romance novel *snort* I shall write it under the name Zaphira Ugalia. That way I will be the only U on the lists!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Last Night's Lost

Just ducking in here real quick from work. Usually I do this in the morning but I was still thinking of things to say
That was a heavy duty one. Where to begin, where to begin?

First off – before I go any further - I am still stunned at the AI results last night!!!! How could it have been Chris??? I mean he is the best! I'm thinking a boycott is in order now for this formerly happy watcher. It has to be fixed!!! Elliott is still in and Chris is out? Something is wrong with that picture. I was sitting there in such shock when they gave the results (and urrrggghhh I can't stand that Seacrest dude - always like blaming people for not voting. Thank you very much but I don't need some 100% fake dude trying to pile guilt on my shoulders. Good grief I do that enough to myself!) I forgot to change the channel back to Lost. I had to kind of shake myself and go "right! Lost!"
Anyway – on to Lost. I found that one last night to be one of the most confusing episodes ever. I couldn't make heads or tails out of most of it. I think I must have gone "huh?" almost every 10 minutes or so.
I missed (due to shock) the part where they told Hurley that Libby had been shot. Didn't Michael look evil in a couple of scenes? And I must admit I just about melted at the end when Sawyer comforted Kate. And I don't know if it's just me but I'm really not liking Jack these days!! I always did prefer Sawyer, but I at least also liked Jack quite a bit. Now he just seems to have lost his brains and is ready to shoot from the hip so to speak without thinking. And he's getting very disrespectful of other people I think. Getting a wee bit of a God complex me thinks!

No questions were answered, only many more came up. These will be in random order as they occur to me.

Did anyone else notice that the bunker Ekko and Locke found seemed much more further ahead in time? For example, the message was on video whereas the message in the survivors was on the old reel to reel.
It looked like it had been long abandoned judging by the dust.
Did anyone else notice that the only camera that worked was trained on our survivors’ bunker?
Where the heck did the guy go who was manning the bunker anyway? He disappeared and that was the last we ever saw of him.
Why did John send that message up the shoot?
So why exactly does Ekko still want to keep pushing the button?
Why couldn’t Libby just have added, "shot us"?
The physic in Australia, I take it that’s the same one Rose saw but is that the same one as Clare consulted too?

Hmm – I may have to come back with more questions.

‘til later

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

But here's one I did finish

Her Scandalous Marriage by Leslie LaFoy

I have long been a fan of Leslie LaFoy. I’ve been reading and loving her books since her second release. She is one of those authors who writes very well in a number of different settings whether they be Western, Colonial, Historical or even Time Travel. Of all the books of hers I’ve read, only one didn’t impress me. So with that kind of track record, I was looking forward to Her Scandalous Marriage. And I’m happy to report that once again she does not disappoint!! This book is charming – absolutely and utterly charming!! I think I either smiled or chuckled from something on every page.
For those who love Guardian/Ward stories – heck even for those who don’t – this is a don’t miss book!!
Drayton MacKenzie is leading a very content life when he unexpectedly inherits a dukedom he doesn’t really want. Even worse – this inheritance comes with baggage. He must find and raise to be ladies, the three illegitimate daughters of the late Duke. He first gathers Catherine, the eldest daughter. She is less than thrilled at her sudden change in fortune. She is quite content owning her own clothing boutique and only with the greatest reluctance goes along with Drayton’s plans. When we first meet Drayton, I’m thinking “uh oh, not gonna like this guy. What a stuffed shirt”. But it wasn’t long before we see that he is just as new and insecure in his role of a duke as Catherine is in hers. They gather her other two younger sisters as well as two of Draytons friends and head off to the country for their “make-overs”
Did I say this book is delightful yet? Well it is! Drayton and Catherine are wonderfully full, richly drawn and very likeable characters. As I read along, I could really believe in the growing love and friendship for each other. Even the secondary characters come alive, from the rebellious Simone – second daughter of a prostitute and Fionna, a fragile young girl to Southland, who comes along for the ride because every duke needs a toady and he’s decided he’s it and Amberly, the rather likeable prig who decides to give the hero lessons on how to be a proper duke. The fact that I didn’t have to go and check the secondary characters names; that I remembered them, tells how alive they become. And for those who dislike the virgin heroine (?). Not to worry. She isn’t. Although I was hoping for good things with this book, it surpassed even what I was hoping for. The author has taken the tried and true and made it something special.
Did I say this book is delightful? Well – it is.

Grade: 5 out of 5

***** add on I didn't want to do a whole post on*****

It seems I'm not the only one who doesn't like the Avonized Lorraine Heath. Check out the link for the latest favourites by favourite authors at AAR. Very interesting how few of those listed are recent books. Think she'll ever listen to the clamour and go back to where she belongs - the Western?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The old “it’s not you it’s me” book

I love the old Seinfeld show. I must admit it took a while of watching to warm up to it but once I did, I saw how brilliantly funny it is. These people are so shallow, but if I’m honest with myself, I really can relate on some levels to their shallowness. One of George’s hilariously classic break-up lines when trying to dump someone for no real apparent reasons was it’s not you, it’s me. Although he didn’t really think so – it was true.

I have a huge stack of books that I’ve given that line too. They are books I know I should like, but for one reason or another I haven’t been able to get into them. Sometimes it takes as little as a page or two before I put it down and move on to the next book. I don’t like what the heroine is described as wearing or something the hero has said irks me. A big “it’s not you, it’s me” no-no in a contemporary is product name dropping. If a book has too many product names, it could be the greatest book ever written but chances are I’ll never know because I won’t have made it out of the gate. In fact that’s a big reason why I have yet to get into the chick-lit. Or worse still, I’ll read the end, before I’m out of chapter 1, won’t really care for the ending and put it down. Now this is the height of unfairness to the book really. By not finishing at least the first chapter, how can I judge the ending? I haven’t really gotten to know the characters yet; I don’t really know what makes them tick or why they did what they did at the end. So because I know I’m being unfair to the book, I don’t want to trade it in; at least until I give it the old college try. And (the very rare times) I go back to a book I’ve abandoned for the most shallow of reasons and low and behold, discover it’s been a pretty damned good book. Other books I get a good way into it, I’m enjoying it, but I just put it down; sometimes never to pick it up again. I’ve done this quite often recently. Even as I’m reaching for the next book I’m thinking I should be liking the current one. And I do, but I just want something different. Some of the recent books I’ve cast callously aside include Michele Albert’s No Way Out, Liz Carlyle’s Three Little Secrets, Gaelen Foley’s His Wicked Kiss. Now all of these are autobuy authors for me so I know it’s not them. In fact I was almost half way through His Wicked Kiss and enjoying it quite a bit when down it went. I don’t think I made it past the first 2 chapters of No Way Out and worse still only 2 pages of Three Little Secrets.

And these are only the latest batch. I have so many more hiding all over the place. One of these days I’m going to have to gather them up and give them another chance ‘cause really – it’s not them, it’s me.

‘til later

Monday, May 08, 2006


Well – just when I think things can’t get worse at the cancer clinic – they do. It’s happening fast. Ron is starting to hurt now. He has never liked taking medication for anything and it’s been a struggle for me to even get him to take Tylenol. But the pain is getting so bad for him now that’s not strong enough. I called the cancer clinic this morning and they agreed to call in an order for stronger pain medication to the pharmacy near us and I could pick it up on the way home. But could they leave it at that? Nooooo – of course not. Some nurse decided that he should go see his family GP for pain medication. That means at least a 2 or 3-day wait to get in. Once we do get an appointment, then it’s usually a good half hour or more wait to actually get in to see the doctor – who is not exactly a warm and fuzzy kind of a guy. He’s more like a “let me look at you; write prescription, next !” kind of a guy. Ron did not want to go this route. He is hurting NOW. TODAY. And this nurse pulls this shit. Not only that – but they called Ron to tell him. Not me!!!!!! Now he’s scared, hurting, scared of hurting more and upset that he can’t get anything for a few days.
I AM LIVID and needing to vent.

Well - apparently they couldn't prescribe the drugs over the phone because they contain opiates and a doctor needs to do that and *surprise* his oncologist is out of town.
I did get him into see his family doctor on an emergency basis. So now he has something stronger to take for the pain.
Still seems like a screwed up system though.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Recent Reads

Out of Control by Shannon McKenna
I’ve read and loved Shannon McKenna’s books. No, wait, I didn’t finish Return to Me and I haven’t read any of her anthologies. But I did read and very much enjoyed Standing in the Shadows and Behind Closed Doors. When I read her first book, I thought “wowzers! Good, hot – I like! I thought the same thing with the second book. But then I ran into Return to Me and hit a wall. Since I bought this one in trade size, I felt pretty burned and decided to wait for MM for the rest of her books.
The only quibble I had with her first two books – and it was a minor one – was I found her heroines a bit passive, a bit too wide-eyed and innocent. Now I don’t generally have a problem with this kind of heroine, but her heros are more than alpha – they are like uber-alpha heroes. So I thought her heroines might get a bit steam rolled after a while by the hero alphaness. But like I said – this was only a minor quibble and didn’t keep me from enjoying the books at all over-the-top though they are.
Now we come to Out of Control. Different. Kind. Of. Heroine. And sadly I don’t mean this in a good way.
Margot is a girl in trouble. Framed for a murder she didn’t commit, she is in hiding from the cops who want to arrest her and from the real murderers who want to kill her. She has just recently been the victim of a sicko stalker. Very reluctantly she approaches our hero Davy McLeod a martial arts expert and PI for his advice. What results is a run from a maniac who kills everyone in his path.
First off – the good. Davy was great. He is the older brother whom we have already met in her previous books. On the outside Davy is cool as cucumber, but once he meets Margot, he becomes a cauldron of burning emotions that he doesn’t know how to handle. All his life he has been in charge of everything and nothing fazes him. Because he is wildly attracted to Margot, he comes up with this really dufous plan of protecting her with his life and the payoff will be great sex. Like I said – dufous plan, but it made me laugh at how thick he was about women. Another good. The villain. He was creepy with a Capital C. You really don’t want to get into his head, but once you do, you feel a bit of sympathy for him – a wee, wee tiny bit.
Now for the bad. Margot. I don’t know if the author was over-compensating for the passive type heroine, but she was dreadful! She constantly pulled the tail of the tiger that was uber-Davy – deliberately upsetting him, seemingly just to get a rise out of him. She walked the TSTL line the whole book through and crossed over on more than one occasion. In fact, after one of her really stupid moves, she would have in the race for the Too Stupid To Live Heroine contest.
It’s really hard to grade this one. I’ll definitely keep reading her but hope she finds the middle ground for her heroines.

Evil creepy hero – 5 out of 5
Dufous Uber-hero – 4 out of 5
TSTL heroine – 2 out of 5
Which – if I remember correctly – would make it about 3.6 out of 5 – but since I’m a heroine focused reader – I would grade it a 3 out of 5

The Penalty Box by Dierdre Martin
I live in Canada where hockey is a national treasure. I have a husband and two sons so hockey is a national treasure in our home (although since they all cheer for the Leafs it’s rather a lacklustre treasure). Since I myself have been a fan of the sport since I was nee high to a grasshopper – the only one growing up in a house of girls except my poor dad who himself wasn’t a real fan, whenever I see a sports romance my ears perk up. Well – not my ears since I don’t read with them, but you know what I mean. I will always be sure to give them a try – especially hockey and baseball romance books. I read her first book, Body Check and really liked it. Then we came to Fair Play and it had one of those heroines I couldn’t stand. So much so in fact I skipped her next one, Total Rush. Then The Penalty Box came out and the reviews were decent so I decided to give it a try. I liked it. I didn’t love it mind you – not like See Jane Score by Rachel Gibson, but I liked it. It had a storyline I like. Katie Fisher was one of the uncool kids growing up. Not only was she poor, but she was overweight and very smart; a very bad combination. She has nothing but bad memories of her childhood. However she has successfully transformed herself into and attractive career woman who has a great job as a professor. She comes back to her home town to help take care of her nephew when his mother goes into rehab. Very reluctantly she attends her high school reunion where she runs into Paul Van Dorn whom she had a crush on growing up, even though he was a jerk and treated her bad back then. Paul is a former NHL hockey player forced to leave the game he loved due to too many concussions. He moved back to his home town and took over the local hangout renaming it the Penalty Box. Paul feels bad for the way he treated a young Katie and I believed him Sparks fly between them, but they both have issues to deal with from their past.
Like I said, I liked this book, I’m glad I read it and I’ll be more than willing to give Ms. Martin another try. I’ve read the same kind of book before – and always enjoyed them - ugly duckling becomes swan and wins the heart of her love.
Grade: 3 ½ out of 5

The Smoke Thief by Shanna Abe
There was a bit of controversy when this book was reviewed at AAR. Many readers thought it deserved a higher grade than it received. I found it not too long ago and it had a sqeal of a deal price which I couldn’t resist and being curious, I wanted to see what the fuss was about.
Well – I have to say I agree with the readers who were shocked at the low grade. I thought this book was excellent! It’s about a world of shape shifters called Drakon who can change from human form to smoke to dragon. What’s even more unusual is it’s a historical shape shifter dragon book.
Clarissa Rue Hawthorne escaped years ago from the ‘compound’ after growing up feeling like an outcast. She made her way to London where she became a famous jewell thief. Cristoff (Kitt) is the leader of the clan who sets out to find her and bring her back to the fold less she be discovered and the secret of the Drakon come out. Rue, who she likes to be called is a great heroine, the kind I really like. She is smart, compassionate and loyal. Kit, when he sees her again, decides she’s it – she’s his mate. But Kate isn’t a complaisant willing participant. Instead she wants him to see her as a partner and as strong in her way as he is in his. And most of all she wants him to love her and not just make her his mate because she is the alpha female. I went back when I finished this one and reread the review. Again – I just didn’t see the criticisms the reviewer made. This one is a keeper for me.
Grade: 4 ½ out of 5

Continuing adventures in Fluland

Well, I finally broke down and had to do something for the lingering effects of the flu. I really didn’t want to do it but I bought Pepto Bismal. Now I don’t know if the commercials for this product are shown in the US or not, but they are very possibly the worst commercials I have ever seen. A group of people are lined up doing a Macarena type dance covering the various areas of their symptoms. I can’t describe it further because I don’t want that image lingering in my brain. Anyone who has seen it knows what I mean. I have to close my eyes when that one comes on. Ron, who usually surfs during commercials, leaves that one on just to laugh at me.
It *mutter* seems to be working. Though the stuff tastes like crap! Liquid cherry flavoured chalk. Bleckkk.
I woke up this morning able to eat for the first time since Monday. Although I could stand to loose a pound or two *snort* – this isn’t a weight loss method I recommend.

Although I haven't been posting much lately, I've still been been visiting. Here are a couple of good links.

Maili wants to know how we came up with our blog names. I love reading the answers -my own included :)

Nikki asks a great question. What are our favourite scenes where hero meets heroine. Now I’m not just saying this because she mentions one of my favourite books which I’m slowly working on *suggesting * (grin) since DOY has been such a success. I won’t name it, but it’s another book that I bet Karen S would like – then I can be 4 for 4. Cindy will be happy since she’s off the hook for this one because she read it and it was a “keeper”. Same with Tara Marie, the most recent reader.
Anyway – I’m still trying to come up with my favourite examples of boy meets girl for her.

‘til later

Hint: I'm rereading it

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Last Nights Lost

Well, I'm up. that's about all I can say. I have to go to work. I hate these f#%$in' deadlines. If it was up to me I'd forgo another day's pay (one of many downsides of contract work - no sick days) but I at least have to go in and see where we stand. And since I'm up and it's Thursday and I was up long enough to watch Lost (and do a wee bit of blog hopping) on to our regular Thursday feature since (finally) Lost was a new episode. Plus Cindy is waiting :)


Boy they are a gullible group. I thought something seemed fishy when Michael came back and told them The Others ran such a poor camp. We already had proof that they were very well organized from Claires story. But did our group of castaways even consider this?
Nope - off they hied to Sawyer to get the guns again ready to attack. And they sure do take the wrong track completely when trying to get something out of him. I'd be pissed off at them too. Do they ask nicely? No - they demand and then burn his reading material. If someone burned my reading material I wouldn't give them anything either.

How could Sawyer fall for the old "I'll have sex with you and then steal your gun" trick? I mean even I knew where Anna Lucia was headed with that one. Although one wonders how hard a hardship it was for her. Sawyer, Sawyer, Sawyer really - Anna Lucia????? Ya shoulda held out for Kate.

I kind of missed who/what Jack's father was after there. Anyone catch that?

And the ending! I didn't see that coming with Michael. Suppose the others brainwashed him?

I wonder if the producers planned that ending for Anna Lucia and Libby all along or whether it might have had something to do with their arrests earlier. Poor Hurley.

And did Michael shoot the guy in the storage room? I thought at first he shot himself but since he's in next weeks episode, I guess not.

And Tara - have you managed to watch the first season yet?

'til later

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Resurfacing just long enough

to cross another one off the list.

Sarah has fallen under the gentle persuasion that is Dreaming of You.

'til later

I've been felled

Whatever Maili and AngieW have - it must be catching. I have been suffereing from the worst flu bug I can ever remember having. I was at work yesterday when I started feeling bad. It got worse and worse. Naturally the girl I'm switching jobs with needed help in learning what I do - and we have a Friday deadline of when it has to be done by. And I just got over one of those. I didn't expect another one so soon *sigh*.
It became apparent though that I was going to have to leave her too it. I knew it was going to be a close thing on getting home on time. I was almost home when I came across road construction. They shut my side down just as I was about to go. "NOOOOoooo" I yelled out my car window, "you can't do this to me! You don't know what you are doing!" But they must not have heard me. I made it home with 10 minutes to spare, and was then sick as a dog the rest of the day. It even hurt to turn over. It felt like I'd been kicked by a bunch of steel toed boots. I got up long enough to watch American Idol - but that was it.
I'm still weaker than a kitten today. Not even potato chips (my favourite junk food) tempt me. So other than this brief post, I think I'll be out of action for a while yet. This is so what I don't need.

'til later

Monday, May 01, 2006

The Cave Dweller in Me

I can't believe you haven't read/seen/watched/eaten/heard that

In many ways I consider myself a hip ‘n happenin’ granny. Well – I’m not technically a granny. Neither of my sons has yet to meet that special woman – but I could be one. Of course then they would probably expect me to granny-sit. And for me these days babies are cutest at a bit of a distance. I fit into the age range (shuddering at THAT thought). I like books with lots of hot sex in them and while technologically I feel a bit of a dinosaur, even the fact that I have a blog makes me more advanced than many. I’ve read profiles and ages of your typical blogger and I don’t fit it. But in some ways I live in a bit of a cave. I was listening to the radio the other morning and Timewarp Dance came on. And it occurred to me that although I know the song, I’ve never seen the movie. So – here are five of some of the things I’ve missed while being in that cave.

Movies I’ve never seen:
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Pride & Prejudice – in any of its incarnations

It’s a Wonderful Life
Schindler’s List

Books I’ve never read:
Pride and Prejudice
The DaVinci Code
Any of the Harry Potter books
Little Women
Anything by Stephanie Laurens

Television shows I don’t watch:
Desperate Housewives
Grey’s Anatomy
Any of the CSI’s (although I have watched a couple of CSI New York – I’ve always liked Gary Sinise)

Food I’ve never eaten:
Most type of pizzas
Hot barbeque wings
Wendy’s Chilli
Any kind of Mexican food other than one or two tacos

Music I’ve never listened to:
50 Cents
Beyonce (although I did like Destiny’s Child)
Michael Buble
Anything from Cats
Black Eyed Peas

So, any other cave dwellers out there or am I alone in the cave?

'til later