Thursday, February 15, 2007

A very fun night

I had my creative writing class tonight and it went very well. One of the things the teacher has us do is a lot of writing right there in class. We have to come up with short stories or descriptions right on the spot and she only gives us about 20 minutes to write them. So you have to come up with something pretty quick.
Tonight she had 3 different pictures up on the board each one with a group of people and we had to pick one character in each picture and give them a name and write a description of them. Then we have to read them out loud and the class has to try and guess which person in the picture we are describing. My first one wasn't bad, but the other two - well I'll let you decide.

The second one I did had a picture of five guys all holding champagne glasses towards the camera. One of them looked kind of pasty, shiny white so this is the one I did of him. Keep in mind I had to do this 3 times in about 20 minutes so it's kind of rough.

His name was Felix, Felix Goodiver and he fooled a lot of people for a lot of years. He was chameleon like in his ability to fit in a group. Very few people noticed that the colour of his skin was just a little bit off, a little bit on the gray shade. And he often kept his hands in his pockets so the overly large size of his hands wouldn't be noticed. He didn't smile as broadly as others either. His best effort was more like a sickly smile, as if he had eaten a lemon too many.
So because he fit in so well with his compatriots, his fellow workers during the day, little did anyone know in the dark, late night hours, when most people were asleep, not only did he remove his clothes, he also removed his outer layer of skin that was the true genius of his disguise. Because Felix Goodiver was in fact KeyKnoo Teegooter, an alien from the planet Baltex.

The class loved this and a couple of people guessed who I was describing. The woman next to me didn't want to read hers after me.

And then we came to the final picture. It was off a group of four girls about 7 or 8 wearing shorts and all holding interlocking skipping ropes. Now I didn't have my glasses on and I had to squint at the picture. Unfortunately I didn't realize until after we had finished writing and were part way through listening to others read theirs that the one little girl was a girl. She had very short hair. So when I first started reading mine, the rest of the class really started laughing.

Poor little Bobby Billingsley. He was a bright child. From the age of four, when he first started kindergarten, his teachers were amazed at the apptitude he showed. He always had a smile on his face, from the moment he entered the classroom. He would look up at his teachers in delight. His blue eyes would glow with life. His carrott and flame coloured hair just seemed the perfect blend of colours. He had a mass of freckles on his nose and cheeks. He had the most infectious laugh and when he giggled everyone around him would laugh or smile. His teachers often had to turn around to hide their smiles. But when little Bobby Billingsley was done school for the day he hid a terrible secret. You see, Bobby was a skipper. He didn't want to be one. He was afraid his friends would find out and mock his skipping uniform with the little short shorts and ankle socks; that they would laugh at him for being the only boy in a group of girls. But you have to know his parents were 'skipper' champions from a bygone era and they gave him no choice. He only hoped no one would ever find out.

When I finished reading that one, and I did have trouble getting it out what with laughing myself, the whole class was in stitches and began applauding. Of couse they all 'got' who I was describing right away. And the woman sitting next to me really didn't want to read hers after that. And after class the teacher thanked me for the laugh.
It was a fun class tonight *g*.

'til later


Jenster said...

Hey Kristie! I love reading about your creative writing class. I'm thinking of taking one this spring and you're my inspiration. :o)

Your descriptions are great. I don't blame the lady next to you. I wouldn't want to read mine after you, either.

Kookie said...

I wish I could have some creative writing classes of my own so I envy you. There's no other word for it. Love the stuff you posted though so do share more of your work soon. :o)

CindyS said...

Kristie - I really liked these descriptions and the first one is classic!! How many are in your class this time? Are you finding it easier to read your work in front of the class?

When I took a writing course right after university (very bad timing) I found the timed assignments were my best work. Maybe having a deadline is a good thing ;)


nath said...

Hey Kristie!

Your class sounds a lot of fun and I liked your writing ;) Sure we can't convince you to write a book? I understand the woman next to you, you know. I wouldn't want to be reading mine after yours :P (i bet she's not going to sit next to you anymore! LOL)

Tara Marie said...

Kristie--OMG you're too funny, these are great. Like Jen, you're inspiring me, a creative writing class might be fun--it would also be a night out of the house :D

Kerri Wall said...

Those are great Krisitie! You must have left that class with such a high!


Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

Hi Kristie, those descriptions were really well done, I'm getting into writing at the moment and was hmming and hawing over whether or not to take a class. I think I will after reading that post.

And remember yesterday, when you specifically told us that there were spoilers in your post? Well I read it anyway. I have no self-control. lol

Kristie (J) said...

Maria: You should! This is the second one I've taken now and I'm really enjoying it. I still don't know if it will lead anywhere but it sure is fun to use the old imagination.
And how far behind are you over there in Lost? Have you *met* Desmond yet?

Fiona: Oh I was laughing in the car all the way home - well until I had to get out fill the car up in -19 degree weather. But when I noticed gas had gone up over 10 cents a litre by this morning I was glad. I think I tickled everyones funny bone - including mine. I could hardly get the last two out I was laughing so hard. One guy in the class said I was really one last night.

Tara: like I said to Maria and will to Jenster, they really are fun. And I'm lucky - the teacher is great. Although she does more business writing than creative writing, she has done some in the past and she is very interesting in some of the exercises she has us doing.

Nath: I'm not ruling it out *g*. I don't know if it would be romance or not - but I think whatever it would be - I would want to do humour.

Cindy: I kind of wished we had had more time. I really could have embelished that first one! As it was I was the last one done.

Kookie: Thanks *g*. Writing is something I've always enjoyed. English was always my best subject in school. The only subject I got 90's. I did get 80's in history - a close second.

Jenster: Well I inspired Ames to take an art class and she's enjoying it - so I say go for it if you're thinking of it!!

Kristie (J) said...

Oh and Cindy there are 8 people in the class this time - four guys and four girls. No stoner dudes this time though. There were 10 but two have dropped out. Their loss I say.

Anonymous said...

I love how you described Felix. This class is really fun!!