Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Last Night's Lost

This is going to be quick because I am NOT a happy camper about tonight's episode. We were promised the answer to 3 mysteries and from what I watched - there were no answers!
Not happy - no I'm not!

'til later


CindyS said...

I was trying to figure out the 3 mysteries and all I got were

1. the people taken are fine
2. What Jack's tattoo means but then I don't think that was any mystery that viewers wanted solved.
3. The only other thing I could think of was the boy saying that they had lawns but we knew that from the opening of this season.

So yeah, I was left wondering WTH is going on.

You don't think knowing the 'others' have a huge boat is an answer!


Kellie said...

I couldn't figure out either, but damn I love me some jack :P

Kellie said...

OHH! Did you notice the personality comparison they were drawing between jack and sawyer?

Jack only pressed that bear food button twice in the cage, just before it would shock him- sawyer kept doing it even AFTER it shocked him ... thought that was interesting!

Tara Marie said...

What a collosal waste of time. I watched it this morning, waste, waste, waste, nothing resolved, no real mysteries solved.