Sunday, April 22, 2012

I work out, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

My goodness!!  I don't blog for a while and Blogger has totally changed it's look.

Anyway, back to where I was going.  Nath emailed me the other day to ask how I was doing and I realized it's time for an update since it's been a while since I posted.

It turns out that I'm not prediabetic, I'm not borderline diabetic.  I flat out have it.  I have to test my blood now (and oh how I hate that finger pricking)  but I choose to see it as a good thing.  I knew by the lifestyle or rather in a way lack of lifestyle, I was headed that way.  And as I said before, it was the boot in the butt I needed.  So - yes indeed I am still on the healthy life style track.  I'm working out at the gym six days a week now for at least an hour.  I do it on my way home from work as the gym is on the way.  In a way, that's the easy part.  I've attended a couple of seminars now on diabetes and it's really been impressed on me that I need to be a lot more strict with myself on eating.  That's the hard part.  I have about a half hour range of time that I have to eat in and there is where I'm finding it a bit harder.  On weekend and days off I tend to delay breakfast quite a bit and I can't do that anymore.

And dinner is even harder!  I stop at the gym which means I don't get home until sometime after 6.  Then I have to rest for a while because I'm tired from work and tired from working out and just need to totally zone out for a bit.  Then it's on to cooking dinner, then eating dinner which alas, is leaving little time for blogging.  And gosh darn it all, I miss is!

But - on the plus side, I'm feeling better than I have been for years.  It's kind of like I'm starting to emerge from a cocoon I've been in since Ron died.  I have a lot more energy, I'm in a generally much better mood, my blood sugar levels are very good and I have more endurance than in I can't remember!  I'm parking at the back of the parking lot at the gym to get that extra bit of walking and wonder of wonders I'm not winded when I get there!!  You have no idea how good that feels.

I'm still eating healthy although now it's a bit different.  With diabetes, it's all about the carbs and I have trouble getting all the carbs I need in, especially at dinner.  And I'm supposed to have snacks - between breakfast and lunch, then lunch and dinner and then the most important one - in the evening.  Unless it's chips or some equally VERY BAD junk food, I just don't want to eat after dinner and before bed.  I don't want to, I don't want to, I don't want to!!  But I must, I must, I must - see the struggle?

My blood sugar levels are very good and I only have to stick a pin in me once a day now so my fingers are most grateful.  And I have lost weight.  I still have so much farther to go and it's easy to get discouraged but I have to keep telling myself " this is not what it's about - and look how far you've come and just take it one day at a time" and all the other stuff that works most of the time but then the odd times I want to tell my inner voice to just fuck right off and eat that damn bag of chips.  But thankfully, I've ignored that particular voice in my head.

But, that's why the lack of regular posts.  I'm beat by the time I'm ready to blog and I still have to get my reading in.  And then of course there is The Voice, Dancing with the Stars, The Biggest Loser and best of all, Game of Thrones.

But hopefully as I go on I'll start bouncing back quicker and able to do more blogging in the very near future.

'til later