Sunday, September 30, 2007

Working 9 to 5 - What a way to make a living

Right about now I’m not so sure about this working for a living!! Don’t get me wrong, I love where I work, I love doing what I do and l love the people I work with but I’m just a leetle bit tired of work at the moment. It was my turn to work weekends so I was supposed to be off Friday. But it’s only a team within a team of 3 that I work with and one of them was off sick on Friday. That left only one working. It can get pretty hairy on a Friday so I told them I didn’t have much planned and they could call me if they needed me. Danged if they didn’t call! So I’m now working my seventh day in a row and I’m getting to be a tired little puppy. Plus last night right after work the group of women I went to school with had our quarterly get together – we try and do it as a group once a season. Of course when I got home I was too wired to go right to bed even though I knew I’d have to get up early this morning.
And did you know the radio isn’t quite the same on a Sunday morning as a weekday morning? Usually I listen to the morning DJ talking about all kind of stuff – I listen to an all news/weather/sports station while getting ready. They give me what I need – time and weather. But not on Sunday mornings. Nope, this morning I woke up to the sounds of some chiropractor who was guru to the Hollywood stars and did research into enzymes and wanted me to take a B5 vitamin supplement – or something!?!?! Why a chiropractor I don’t know. I wouldn’t have a lot of faith into what he was selling let me tell you. But he sure made it sound like some kind of wonder drug. It would help me sleep, keep me perky, relieve me of depression and cure arthritis and/or rheumatism.
So while on the way to work I tried thinking of the good things about working weekends.
Not as many people updating blogs and stuff, thus keeping me off the computer – and time to read.
Not having to wear make-up, thus less getting ready time – and time to read.
Less traffic on the road – thus getting to work earlier – and time to read.
The best parking spots – thus getting me into the building earlier – and time to read.
Only me at lunch and breaks – thus no one to talk to – and time to read

On the other hand, all I want to do when I get home is crash and have a nice long nap – thus no reading time.
I haven’t even had time to get back to the little cutie that I’m going to have redo my kitchen – he is a cutie but he’s been married about 4 weeks and is the same age as my oldest son. And I’m anxious about my kitchen!
So for those I haven’t visited, those I owe emails to, I will get to them, oh yes I will, just maybe not ‘till I catch up on down time

'til later - after nap later

Friday, September 28, 2007

Recent Reads

Rising Wind by Cindy Holby

Why this one: Well, I love me Colonials and there are so few being written, that when I see one, it’s a no brainer that I’ll get it.

Back Cover blurb:
Last of the Duncans

Leaving behind the Highlands for the New World at the tender age of ten, Connor Duncan quickly learned that only the fit and the fortunate survive. He was both, becoming a scout and an expert marksman… a man to be reckoned with. He knew his way through the backwoods as well as any Shawnee, but he was far less comfortable in the drawing rooms of Williamsburg.

What was a rough-hewn frontiersman like he to do with a sheltered beauty like the governor’s niece?

But there seemed to be no way to avoid the “Virgin Widow.” Neither capture, nor torture, nor the violent birth pangs of a young nation could keep them apart of stop the founding of a brand new dynasty of Duncans.

Level of Steam: tepid

My Thoughts. Hmmm, this one is a difficult one to do sort of. Mostly I liked it. I adored Connor. Though he had every right to be bitter, his father was killed at Culloden on the day he was born and his mother was raped and hung in front of him when he was ten, he was amazingly well-adjusted. He was sent as a bond servant to the colonies when his mother was killed and after serving his time, has fashioned a relatively good life for himself. And while he has every reason to hate the British, he doesn’t and judges them on the person rather than the nationality.

I also liked Carrie, the heroine. She was a klutz. Being a klutz myself, I could relate to that part of her. She was adventuresome but not in a TSTL way although she did manage to get herself into trouble and Connor rescued her. It wasn’t so much her own actions as just being in the wrong time at the wrong moment. And when she needed to be, she was a very strong woman.

So why, ultimately why won’t I give this one a higher grade. It’s hard to say. Part of it may be that it doesn’t come close to my favourite colonial – Ride The Fire or another very good one, Surrender, both by Pamela Clare. I suppose it’s not really fair comparing them different authors altogether. But still, it’s hard not to.

Then there is the issue of one particular scene. It’s a torture scene. Now I always turn my eyes away whenever I see anything the least bit squeamish on TV so I don’t have to watch it. That’s harder to do when reading. And although I can read those kinds of scenes in the In Death books, in this book, it particularly bothered me for some reason. It really was quite gruesome. I know, I know you’re thinking, there was that opening scene in Ride the Fire that was difficult. But since it was the hero it happened to, we know he survived. When I first read the book, I skimmed real fast over it and when re-reading, I skip it entirely. The scene in question in Rising Wind was in the middle and I wasn’t prepared for it.

Another thing that kind of disappointed me in this one was the love scenes. There were only two and they weren’t very hot. There’s a good review for this book at AAR and I can see why the reviewer graded this one higher than I did.

If you don’t mind a lack of steam and the odd torture scene thrown in, this is quite good. There will be another one coming out with Carrie’s brother and I do plan on getting it too – because I liked this enough to read the next and also if only to support a genre that has far too few entries.

Grade: 3.5 out of 5

Caressed by Ice by Nalini Singh

Why this one: After I met her in Dallas, even if I hadn’t read any books by her. I would have picked this one up, just because she’s such a delightful person. Luckily, I’ve read the first two in this series and enjoyed them (although all that carrying did get to me after a while in the second book)

Back Blurb: As an Arrow, an elite soldier in the Psy Council ranks, Judd Laren was forced to do terrible things in the name of his people. Now he is a defector, and his dark abilities have made him the most deadly of assassins – cold, pitiless, unfeeling. Until he meets Brenna….

Brena Shane Kincaid was an innocent before she was abducted – and her mind violated – by a serial killer. Her sense of evil runs so deep, she fears she could become a killer herself. Then the first dead body is found, victim of a familiar madness. Judd is her only hope, yet her sensual changeling side rebels against the inhuman chill of his personality, even as desire explodes between them. Shocking and raw, their passion is a danger that threatens not only their hearts, but their very lives.

Level of Steam: This one doesn’t need to go in the microwave to heat it up more

My thoughts: Good news!! This is my favourite of a good series so far. For those of you who read the first book, you will remember at the end Brenna, a member of the wolf clan was in real rough shape. She had been tortured physically, emotionally and mentally by a psycho from the Psy race. Somewhat off scene her healing has been helped along by Judd, a member of the Psy race who along with his family dropped out of sight and off of the Psy net. As the book opens, Brianna is on her way to healing although she does have a ways to go. She feels comfortable with Judd and his lack of emotions – much more so than her over-emotional wolf pack, including her two over-protective brothers. Used to being a strong person with a life of her own, she feels herself trapped by the damage done to her and the following protectiveness. She is also strongly attracted to Judd and if he allowed himself, he was also strongly attracted to Brianna. But the very nature of his race is the Silence, a way to eradicate all emotions. But it doesn’t really work – holding them in. Judd, in his previous life with the Pys was one of their strongest warriors and although he doesn’t acknowledge it, deep down, way past the emotionless barrier, he does feel. He feels guilt, he feels worthless, he feels loyalty to his family, and he feels a great deal of attraction to Brianna. But to give in to his emotions, particularly physical attraction causes him harm.

But Brianna doesn’t know this for quite some time and despite the flak she receives from her brothers, she goes after Judd full throttle.

I love a cool on the outside, seething on the inside kind of hero and Judd fits the bill deliciously. I really liked how Judd thought he was undeserving of any kind of respect even though we all know what a hero he really is. And I loved his possessiveness and protectiveness of Brianna. Although he is both, he realizes more than her own pack how important it is for her to get her life back.

And I really liked Brianna too. She wasn’t about to let a little torture slow her down. She’s determined to get over it. She’s strong and a really great heroine.

Grade: 4.5 out of 5

Exposure by Susan Andersen

Why this one: One of the neat things for me about having this little 'guess that book' contest is revisiting old favourites. Twice now, when I’ve picked a book, I’ve gone back and read it again myself. The first one was Lady of Desire and this is the second one. I loved it the first time I read it years ago. I loved it when I read it a couple of years ago and I loved it when I closed the last page just the other day.

Back Cover Blurb: A tragic childhood and a doomed marriage have forced Emma Sands to do what she does best - run. Now, she and her young daughter have arrived in Washington State's Port Flannery, a remote fishing village where no one knows who she is...or where she is going

Big-city cop turned small-town sheriff Elvis Donnely is six and a half feet of bruising muscle and solid hurt. The victim of a violent boyhood and a brutal bomb blast, all he wants is to forget the past...until it suddenly comes calling.

Level of Steam: Ahhhhhh – perfect

My thoughts: I love this book. I could stop there – but then that wouldn’t be very fun since I love discussing why I love books. There were two main characters that really stuck out and grabbed my imagination in this one. Elvis, the hero is one of them. He truly is droolworthy. He grew up as the son of the town whore. It was a small town so everyone knew everything and he developed a real chip on his shoulder. Still he managed to make a good life for himself and became a cop. Then his world fell apart when he was seriously injured in an explosion. He came back to Port Flannery and became the sheriff. Although the townspeople accepted him as sheriff, they never really accepted him as a person.

Because of the way he has grown up and because of the damage the explosion did to him; he has a hook instead of a hand and a big scar on his face, at first he can’t believe that Emma, the heroine can really be attracted to him. Of course me makes a complete mess of things.

The other character who really stands out for me in this one is Gracie, Emma’s precocious daughter. She plays a very big role in this book and normally I’d be wanting to gouge out my eyeballs with such a child in a romance book. But Susan Andersen REALLY makes her work. She’s very realistic; at times adorable, at times a real brat, just like any ordinary kid. And the way Elvis reacts to ‘Baby Beans’ is just adorable. He’s completely smitten with her.

And Emma is great too. She’s been through a lot and is a bit skittish and wants to keep running, but finally she realizes that Elvis really can help her. She doesn’t take shit from anyone and I love that in a heroine. I know a lot of others have read and loved this one. For those who haven’t, it gets a hearty thumbs up from me

Grade: 5 out of 5

'til later

Thursday, September 27, 2007

And another winnah!

Casee guessed the book - After the Night by Linda Howard.
Congrats to you Casee!!

I love this book to pieces. In fact I think it's the standard by which I judge all her books. She's come 'oh so very close' with a couple, the Blair/Wyatt books in particular, but none has quite caught my fancy like ATN. I think it's the washroom scene that does it.

Here are the rest of the clues

5. She has loved him for years

6. He hates getting his hair cut

7. She takes a big chance and moves back to her home town

8. He is not happy about it but can’t resist her

9. She is looking for clues to a mystery that happened years ago between her mother and his father

I figure just about everyone would have guessed it by then.

I'll have a new book to guess and a new book to give away starting Monday

Casee, if you email me your address, I'll get it in the mail to you in the next couple of days.

'til later

Time for one more - Here's Clue #4

He is very protective of his emotionally damaged sister

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Since it's such a good idea.......

I decided to steal it ~

I think Cindy has the right idea!!! My TBR pile is scary. Real scary. It’s scaring me and I’ve never been scared of books before. I know that some readers like Ames set themselves 20 book commitments, but that scares me. It’s too many. So I’m stealing Cindy’s idea and breaking my pile down into 5 at a time. And if I announce to everyone what the 5 are, well then I have to follow through don’t I? The following were all had to have books that I had to have and then haven’t read. The only thing that keeps me going with this insanity is knowing I’m not the only one! So here are my 5

Mine ‘til Midnight by Lisa Kleypas: I’ve had this one since Dallas and I keep meaning to read it. But then I thought I’d wait until closer to the release date because I know I find it very frustrating when I read a review of a book I’m looking forward to only to find out it’s months away yet. And I’m not going to comment on what a truly wonderful, warm, down-to-earth, charming person Lisa really is – wait – I just did, didn’t I?

The Serpent Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt: Since I gushed at the author and I loved the first two in this series, this is a have-to-read book.

The Calling By Jennifer Ashley: This is the first of a series I was quite excited about. I loved her pirate books and was delighted when I found a copy in Dallas. They haven’t had them on the shelves here so it saved me having to order one. Not to mention it was a freebie I picked up.

Knight on a Texan Plain by Linda Broday: I’d never heard of this author until I started visiting Petticoats & Pistols and I saw she was one of the contributors. Me, being me, promptly ordered three from her back list without ever trying one. Since it’s a Western and I love a good Western, I thought I’d better read at least one before I buy her entire backlist.

Warrior’s Touch by Michelle Willingham: I wanted to have options to cover all moods. This is a medieval, a genre I love but haven’t read enough of lately

OK, OK – I know I said five, but there isn’t a Romantic Suspense in the bunch so I have to have them all covered. I could take out one of the historicals – but I don’t want to so I’ll make it six.

Phoenix Unrisen by Kathleen Nance: I have an ARC of this one. I loved her last book Jigsaw and it’s been quite some time since she’s had a new book out so I’ll add this one to the group.

So there you have it. I have a nice mixture. Some authors I've read and loved before (Lisa Kleypas, Elizabeth Hoyt, Kathleen Nance, Jennifer Ashley) and a couple of new to me authors (Michelle Willingham, Linday Broday). I have one from a nice variety of genres, all of them I like. I think I did good. Breaking the TBR pile down to six doesn’t sound nearly so scary. And that’s it. No new books until I read these ones. This I need to do.

So - Any suggestions as to the order?

'til later

Could this by the key - Here's Clue #3

She comes from a very dysfunctional family

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's still fairly new - Here's Clue #2

He is a successful and powerful business man

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's past time we begun - Here's Clue #1

She owns her own business.

Guess That Book

OK - this is a bit different. I did get this one in Dallas, but had Ms. Stuart sign it and then I gave it to Cindy - being the fan girl she is. Then I thought I didn't have a copy of my own so went out and bought one. But I did have a copy. So - three copies later, I have an extra one. Again, I haven't read it yet so can't say for sure, but I'm sure Cindy loved it and I saw good buzz on it.

And in other news, Robin really saved my bacon. I completely forgot it was my turn to post at Readers Gab at Access Romance this week. So she wonderfully came to my rescue. Be sure to check out Part II of her post.

'til later

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Loreena McKennitt - Last Night's Concert

Well the concert last night was incredibly, stupendously, wonderfully, amazingly brilliant!!!!!! If anyone ever gets a chance to see her - well, it would be a awe inspiring night.
There were instruments I'd never even heard of before! Her voice is so pure and so beautiful at times it's almost an instrument itself!! At times her voice is low and quiet and haunting and at other times it soars.
She played all the songs I love by her except one - All Soul's Night. She sang Mummer's Dance, Lady of Shallot, Bonny Pontmore (if anyone has ever seen the last Highlander movie - a dud really - but Bonny Pontmore was a standout), Marco Polo and YES - she sang The Highwayman.
I was mesmerized throughout the whole concert. Besides singing she also plays the piano, an accordion and a harp.
On the way home Lisa and I were talking and I mentioned it's hard to categorize her music. Lisa piped up - Celtic. Yes it is that type, but it's also so much more. She has done a real in-depth study of the Celtic culture and she has discovered Celtic settlements all over Europe and Eastern Europe and even as far as China and Mongolia.
Her music ranges from old Celtic songs from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales to a real eastern flavour.
I purchased her latest DVD/CD release - Nights from the Alhambra and I'm listening to it right now. Haunting, Beautiful are only two words to describe it.
Her website has lot's of info and sound clips from most of her CD's.
'T'was a truly memorable concert!

'til later

Friday, September 21, 2007

Why is it?

That when you're all set and ready to buy something, you can't find anything? I was all set to order books last night - what with our dollar being par and all - and that wacky Amazon didn't have hardly any recommendations for me. Well - they had quite a few but either I already had the book or it didn't appeal to me. Normally, when I'm not actively shopping, I'll get page after page and since I read all genres, some of them really look intriguing. I'll get anything from Science Fiction romance to Medievals. Last night all they gave me were Westerns and Historicals. Now I like both those genres - don't get me wrong. But I was in the mood to go wild and nothing wild came up!
This happens in other areas too! When I don't have the money, I'll find all kinds of clothes I like. When I do - nada. It's one of life's mysteries.

And in other news - I mentioned a while ago that I'm going to see Loreena McKennit. Well the concert is tomorrow night *shiver*. We have seats on the floor - THREE ROWS FROM THE FRONT!! I *ahem* may have mentioned this before. So I will leave you with one of my favourite songs - The Highwayman. I found this version on YouTube. It's Ms. McKennit's interpretation of the famous poem put with different scenes. And whoever did the video did include pics of Gerard Butler - and that's never a bad thing. Warning though- the song is long - almost 10 minutes.
The song is beautiful and so very sad. So get the kleenix out and enjoy

Here is the original poem if anyone is interested. *heavy sad sigh*

Now I'm going to go out and sit on the patio with a beer and a book and maybe another beer 'cause it's Friday, I don't work tomorrow, I'm going out dinner with Lisa first and then going to see one of my two favourite singers. Life can be good sometimes.

'til later

Thursday, September 20, 2007

And we have a winner

Nath guessed the book (and she was trying so hard :) )

It is indeed Exposure by Susan Andersen, my favourite book of hers (so far. I just started Coming Undone but it will have to be pretty good to beat Exposure.)

Hearty congratulations Nath!!

And here are the rest of the clues - since I worked so hard figuring them out *g*

He has and has always had, big mother problems

She is good with cars

He is named after a Very Famous Entertainer who performed in Vegas

Her daughter is adorable and she is fwee

He has a hook instead of a hand due to his injuries.

Nath, I'll email you for your address.

It's a historic day today

Or at least that's what the guy on the news is saying. Yes for the first time since the 70's, the Canadian dollar is on par with the American dollar. I'm not an economist so I don't really understand all the ramifications of this. I'm sure it's not a good thing in many ways and if I really wanted to understand, I could call Ryan for a detailed explanation.

But getting down to the bottom line for me tonight - it means I can go shopping at Amazon!!!! All those recommendations they give me that I can't really afford taking the exchange rate into consideration no longer apply!

I shall be back later with a list of my purchases. I'm headed to check what they recommend for me. :)

'til later

Ready for more – Here’s Clue #4

She is being stalked and is on the run.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Famous Author Signing

So I went to a famous author book signing tonight with a couple of coworkers. I kind of sort of almost felt guilty because I've read a couple of this authors books, but I'm not a huge fan. The author in question - Diana Gabaldon. I read Outlander and some of the second book - enough to see Claire and Jamie get back together. I have the rest of her books up to and including The Fiery Cross, but I find the size of them rather intimidating. I keep meaning to read more of them since I know they are well loved and well read by many.
But I'm really glad I went. She was a delight to listen to. It was held in a theatre style room and first she gave a talk on how she became an author. She was wickedly funny. Then she read, not from her latest book Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade, but rather she read an excerpt from her next book about Jamie and Claire. And I have to say, it sounds very intriguing. She said it wouldn't be out until next year or later so that gives me lots of time to catch up!
Then she answered some questions from the audience and then signed books. I didn't stay for the book signing part of it because I didn't think to bring any books to sign.
But if she ever comes to a location near you, she really is great fun to listen to!

'til later

It’s time for some fun – Here’s Clue #1

He's in law enforcement

Guess That Book

There Goes the Bride - Lori Wilde
This weeks book is another one I haven't read yet so I can't give my thoughts on it. Somehow I picked up two copies of it in Dallas but didn't realize it until I got home and looked through the books I had shipped.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm still around - but

I've been busy reading and I don't have a whole lot to blog about. I'm reading four books at the moment,

a reread of Lady of Desire

In The Dark by Marlis Melton

Rising Wind by Cindy Holby

Spirited Away by Cindy Miles

I just finished Caressed by Ice so I need to write up my thoughts on that one.

I've also been on a bit of a book buying binge.

Plus - I've been thinking up clues for the next Guess That Book - coming tomorrow.

So that's what I've been up to

Now - back to the books

'til later

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Living in a bubble

You know sometimes I swear I live in a bubble and things just zoom right over my head. Rosie has an excellent post up. She's included an Aerosmith video. I watched it and was reminded of my favourite Aerosmith song, Janie's Gotta Gun.
I checked it out on YouTube. I'd never seen the video before (the bubble thing) and while I was watching it, the theme of the song became apparent. I'd never listened to the words before except for the refrain. (again the bubble thing).
But it's very powerful stuff and I never noticed it before.

'til later

And we have another winner!!!

Dani!!!! You are the winner of this weeks Guess That Book!!!

Yes indeed, the book in question is Lady of Desire by Gaelen Foley

I know some people kind of don't like Jacinda. I didn't either when I first started reading, but she really grew up and matured through out the book. And Billy Blade *sigh* what a wonderful hero he is. He's right up there in Derek Craven territory for me!! And you have to know that's saying quite a bit.
When I thought up this book, I hadn't read it for a while, so now I'm doing a reread.

The rest of the clues:

He's much more that what we think at first

This is the middle book of a series

She starts out as TSTL but grows and matures because of love

He is the leader of a gang of thieves but gives it up for love

This one is a(n) historical

So - congratulations Dani - and welcome to my ramblings! If you want to email me (email in profile) with your address, I'll get Night Life by Elizabeth Guest (and Nathan Kamp on the cover) sent out lickity split.

Fiddle dee dee – Here’s Clue #3

She's in quite a difficult situation when they first meet though she's seen him before

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Without further adieu - Here's Clue #2

He has some delicious sounding tattoos.

Monday, September 10, 2007

I just may have to change my tune

Vampires. I've never been a fan of them. But I'm really hooked on Blood Ties

And I'm a thief today. I got this one from Sarah's blog. Moonlight, it's a new one I'm looking forward too.

'til later

Excellent Author News Alert!!

I saw this at Giselle's blog

It looks like Marsha Canham might (probably is) coming out of retirement. Sweeeeet!

She's thinking of writing a book on the two brothers from Iron Rose. Sweeeet

But she really wants to write more Medievals. Sweeeet

Check it out here.

One thing I've always loved about her books is she writes in so many genres; historical, western, medieval and she does a great job with the swashbuckling pirate romance too!

'til later

Now we've begun - Here's Clue #1

She is the youngest sister in a family of brothers

Guess That Book

The prize: Night Life by Elizabeth Guest

Unlike the first two books, I haven't read this one so I don't know if it's a good one or not. But I have seen good reviews for it and my own copy is on the short list of books I have to get to from the TBR pile.

The rules: (now that I'm starting to get the hang of it) A clue a day until someone guesses the book.

Who can enter: Anyone, anywhere who thinks they might know the book.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Guess that Book has been guessed

And it was guessed by Rosario.

It is indeed Lord of the Storm by Justine Davis

Yep, despite this really (really, really, really) bad cover, this is one of my favourite Futuristics. I didn't realize how old it was until I went looking for reviews! Written in 1994, it's still one of the better ones of the genre, despite the really (really, really, really) bad cover and I've read it a number of times now.

Congrats to Rosario and for those curious, here are the rest of the clues

7. His world has been destroyed and he thinks it’s gone for good

8. She saves him from a fate worse than death and finally takes him home.

I'll have another one to give out starting Monday

'til later

One more to the mix – Here’s Clue #6

Now he's a slave being used for very explicit purposes

Friday, September 07, 2007

Upcoming books worth a look-see

From the Kensington Website

With a wastrel brother and a treacherous former fiancĂ©, Lady Nichola Westcott hardly expects the dangerously seductive Scot who kidnaps her to be a man of his word. Though Sir Alexander MacGruder promises not to hurt her, Nichola’s only value is as a pawn to be ransomed.

Alexander’s goal is to avenge his father’s murder, not to become entangled with the enemy. But his desire to keep Nichola with him, in his home—in his bed—unwittingly make her a target for those who have no qualms about shedding English blood.

Now Nichola is trapped—by her powerful attraction to a man whose touch shakes her to the core. Unwilling and unable to resist each other, can Nichola and Alexander save a love that has enslaved them both?

Pub Date : November 6, 2007

Tell Me What You Want…
Sitting in her favorite coffee shop, Jane Ellingson realizes a frappucino can’t fix a broken heart. She used to have a cool job, a best friend, and a fiancĂ©—and she lost them all in one really bad day. Hey, can she have a do-over? How about a whole new life?

…What You Really, Really Want
But Jane is about to get a second
chance when she finds a stone that comes with a wish. With nothing to lose, Jane figures she’ll go for it—and suddenly she finds herself in Victorian England, meeting the dashing Curran Dempsey. Before long she’s smitten—and completely unable to stay in her corset. In fact, she feels just like the heroine in a romance novel, madly in love with a man who’s too fabulous to be real…and too sexy to give up.

Pub Date : January 2, 2008

A Perfect Lady…To catch a thief, you must set a trap…and Captain Ward Montgomery is amazed to find out that the intruder in his house is none other than Morgan Turner, the Englishwoman he’d so admired—and secretly lusted for—during a previous ocean voyage. What to do? He cannot resist the young widow’s brazen proposal that she make herself at home in his bed…

…Except For Her Past
Morgan was raised a lady, but she’s a wanted woman now, despite her innocence. She has nowhere to turn but to Ward and no other choice but to become his paramour. But his fiery passion soon captures her, body and soul. She must tell him the truth. If she is discovered, not even the man who’s stolen her heart will be able to save her…

Pub Date : December 4, 2007

Shelter From The Storm…
A blizzard blows Texas Ranger Jake McCain to Rachel Hudson’s cabin and trouble is right behind him. He’s badly wounded. Taking care of him is the right thing to do, but she knows the local gossips won’t see it that way. Suddenly, e
verything Rachel’s fought for is at stake—and the past she’d hoped to escape looms over her future. Still and all, when Jake turns his dark gaze on her, all she wants is his strong, seductive touch…

A Woman To Call His Own …

Jake McCain has never stayed in one place. A home and a family aren’t for the likes of a man accustomed to the rough life of the trail. But when he sees the trouble she’s in, he can’t leave her behind. Not when her innocent kisses burn straight into his soul, and the sight of her smile is the only bounty he cares to collect…

Pub Date : October 2, 2007

In Alexandria Scott’s spellbinding novel, a surprise bequest offers three women a fresh start in America, new hope, and the romantic adventure of a lifetime…

Brooke Hammond crossed the Atlantic determined to make a success of the Louisiana plantation she inherited. Only one obstacle stands in her way—a devilishly charming, infernally arrogant obstacle named Travis Montgomery, co-owner of her estate. If Travis marries and produces an heir within the year, Moss Grove will be his—unless he marries Brooke. Seducing Travis and then sending him on his way should be simple, but the searing desire Brooke feels in his presence presents an unexpected complication…

Travis took his father’s dilapidated estate and turned it into a profitable enterprise, and no woman is going to claim it from him. So begins a contest of wits and will, where temptation and torrid kisses are the weapons of choice, and surrender the ultimate prize. But for two worthy opponents, winning the battle may mean losing everything that matters…

Pub Date : December 4, 2007

A Headstrong Widow In 1747 Scotland, treachery looms as battle lines run deep between the proud, struggling clans and the Highland Rangers who torment them. Here a young widow fights to save her honor—and her life…

Since Lisle MacHugh lost her husband in battle, her clan has barely survived. Now, the MacHughs can reverse their ill fortune if they agree to give Lisle’s hand in marriage to their greatest enemy: the notorious Black Monteith.

A Powerful Laird
The wealthy Langston Leed Monteith, aka the Black Monteith, has returned to Scotland
after years of banishment. With his father’s misdeeds leaving the family name in tatters, no decent lass will marry him. But when Monteith sets eyes upon the fiery Lisle, he knows he must have her...

Two Hearts United
Once wed, Lisle resists her fierce attraction to the man she loathes. But she has found her match in Monteith, who introduces her to pleasures she never dreamed possible. When their secrets are revealed, Lisle and Monteith will confront their greatest challenge, testing their union as husband and wife…

Pub Date : November 6, 2007

A Woman Yearning For A Taste Of The Forbidden…
A woman who wants to know what she’s been missing... A man perfectly suited to train her… Christie Kelley weaves a scintillating novel of one rapturous night of ecstasy...

At twenty-six, aspiring novelist Avis Copley intends to wear spinsterhood as a badge of honor. But when she discovers a volume of erotica that ignites a searing fire within her, Avis realizes just how much she doesn’t know about the actual pleasures of the flesh. Determined to learn more, she devises a daring plan…

A Man Ready To Teach Her Much, Much More …
Avis chooses Emory Billingsworth, a fellow novelist—not to mention a beautiful specimen of manhood—to instruct her in carnal pleasure. But when the brash earl of Selby, Banning Talbot, a man she has known for years, unearths Avis’ true intentions, he claims she’s made a dangerously bad choice. Volunteering his services for one wicked night of reckless, abandoned passion, Banning promises he will satisfy all of her deepest longings.

Pub Date : February 6, 2008

A Dark Lord

When Lady Eldswythe is summoned to tend the prize steeds of the dark and solitary Sir Robert Breton, a rival of her family’s house, Eldswythe is not prepared for the powerful feelings he evokes in her. His smoldering eyes alone could make her forget she is betrothed. Although her heart desires Robert, Eldswythe does not trust him. But when a violent siege erupts on Eldswythe’s estate and Robert saves her life, she wonders if her misgivings are wrong…

A Lady Fair

Robert does not know what strange spell has been cast over him. During the day, he can think of no one but Eldswythe, and at night, the beautiful maiden comes to him in his dreams. But what secrets does she hide? Eldswythe has intrigued him like no other woman ever has—and now he has vowed to make her his…

Pub Date : September 4, 2007

In 12th-century England, as King Henry sets his sights on conquering Normandy, a valiant knight and a beautiful thief discover a powerful desire that will lead them to the utmost peril…

Sir Gareth de Hugues has built a formidable reputation as a warrior. Now, eager to prove himself off of the battlefield, he plans to manage his family’s Devon estates—only to be ambushed en route by a brazen robber. Furious, Gareth sets out in pursuit, and discovers his assailant to be a stunning, courageous young woman struggling to provide for her brother and ailing mother. Neither his conscience nor his sudden deep attraction will permit him to let her go, but bringing her family to his castle could endanger them all.

Growing up in the stews of London, Zetta had two paths open to her—harlot or pickpocket. She chose the latter, and has survived using only her quick wits. Her mother’s fate taught her that trusting a man leads to ruin, yet Gareth’s tender courtship exerts an irresistible pull. But when Zetta’s beauty earns the attention of the king, she and Gareth are drawn into a web of ambition and greed—and only the boldest hearts will survive…

Pub Date : February 6, 2008

'til later

Those trying to strive – Here’s Clue #5

She has a bitter break with her best friend because of something wicked her friend does

Recent Read

If His Kiss Is Wicked by Jo Goodman

Why This One: Because she's one of the best writers in the romance genre and there's not a shadow of a doubt I will buy every book she writes!

Steam Level: Perfect

Amazon Blurb: Goodman's latest Regency romance concerns Emmalyn Hathaway, living with her relatives in London since the tragic death of her parents three years earlier. Emma spends her days assisting her artist uncle and her privileged younger cousin, Marisol, until she becomes the victim of a savage attack. Believing that the attack was meant for her cousin, Emma seeks out Restell Gardner, who offers protection and sleuthing services for a price. A confirmed bachelor and notorious rake (or so he wishes), Restell is taken with young Miss Hathaway and her plight. By taking on her case, he soon discovers that all is not as it seems in the Vega household and that Emma may truly be in danger. The attraction between Restell and Emma is hard to deny, and their dialogue sparkles with wit and emotion. Though there's enough intrigue and romantic charm to please any Regency fan, the mystery takes center stage, casting the romance in a secondary role. Regardless, authentic characters and a thrilling story line will keep readers smiling and guessing.

My Thoughts: Warning - Complete and Adoring Gushing To Follow

I actually started writing my thoughts on this book before I finished – a very rare thing for me to do. Jo Goodman isn’t for everyone – I’ll be the first to admit that. In some ways she’s not even for me. I read fast, at times very fast. That’s impossible to do with a Jo Goodman book. If you don’t take the time to read slow and savour, there are so many very precious bits you’ll miss. I tend to skip a lot and kind of pass over words when I read. Again, I can’t do that with on of her books.

But when I can slow myself down, take the time to read every word, what you have with Ms. Goodman’s writing is a very rich feast indeed. She is a master at putting words together to create those small moments that make you sigh with delight in pure reading enjoyment.

I’m not one to mark up my books. As sister Lisa can testify, I can barely bring myself to break open the spine, but as I started reading this book, there were so many passages I wanted to earmark, to underline, and to highlight so I can somehow convey the richness of her prose. Instead, the book is full of little bits of paper to mark the pages of particularly enjoyable passages.

I just finished this little tidbit – thus the need to start this review early, so I won’t be swamped with magical moments to share.

Before Emma agreed to marry Restell she thought she had touched on every concern of import. A point she failed to clarify was the speed at which the thing was likely to occur. She had imagined there would be time enough to visit a modiste and have a gown made for her. She thought there would be fittings. She wanted to speak to the priest who would marry them and she had particular thoughts about the flowers she would carry. She had depended upon the bans being read.
She presented all this to Restell the same evening they became engaged. He listened to her quite closely, tilting his head just so as she rattled on about gowns and flowers and vows. He listened to her argue about tradition without offering an opinion of his own. He listened to her discuss the guest list at great length, not inquiring once how she had come suddenly to have so many friends. And when she fell silent, finally satisfied with the persuasiveness of her discourse, he presented her with the special license he had procured a few hours after securing her promise.
“We’ll exchange vows in the morning,” he’d said.

I’m in awe that she can convey such emotion with her writing. Maybe it’s because I take the time to really read her books, but I can so clearly picture the entire story in my mind as I read along. She doesn’t have a lot of action in her books, but wow can she convey what she is trying to say. Her love scenes aren’t very graphic, but there is such a richness, such a subtle eroticism to them. Here’s another page that I bookmarked

Pleasure was in the touch, the fragrance, the sight of his hand on her hip and her fingers buried deep in his hair. It was the sounds he could not hold back and the ones he whispered quite deliberately against her ear. Her skin prickled. The muscles of his back and arms grew taut. They were conscious of their own breathing, of the coursing of their blood, and the sense of friction, tension, and heat as they skimmed the surface of pleasure

For a while restrain offered reward. The pitch of everything was sweeter, sharper, and more defined and for all those reasons it could not last. They teased it out as long as was possible, but in the end it was what lay just below the surface that they wanted.

Closing their eyes, they dove headlong into it.

Moment of silence here…………… Ah, now that is a love scene.

She also can write the most subtle yet funniest of short little scenes. Here’s one I found priceless.

Suitably chastened, Hobbes said, “Well, then if I might know the approximate size of the—

Restell interrupted. “It is all for my wife.”

Now the valet’s sandy eyebrows jumped in the direction of his hairline. “Miss Hathaway?”

“Yes, but we’re calling her Mrs. Gardner now, remember?”

Hobbes did not respond to Restell’s wry rejoinder. He simply stared.

Another thing I really appreciate about all of her books and certainly in this one, is the way the hero treats the heroine. Above all, he respects her. Restell is no exception and although he does things for Emma that she might disagree with, it is always for her own protection and deep inside, she realizes it. Also, while the hero always seem very self-confident, there are such subtle little moments when it's clear that he is very unsure of himself where the heroine is concerned. I like that in a hero!

I've finished the book now, with a deep sigh that it's over, another wonderful book by an author I think is one of the best there is.

Grade: 5 out of 5

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ready for more - Here's Clue #4

His first wife died under horrific circumstances

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Musical Meme

So – I was tagged by Kaitlin a while ago for a meme. The gist of it is to got to the year of your 18th birthday, pick your five favourite songs and wax poetic about them.

I think part of why I’m late doing this one, is my 18th year wasn’t the best one of my youth. My parents moved us all to another city that year. I was in my final year of high school and had a real tight group of friends in my old city. Suddenly I had to make all new friends and as I was much shyer then than I am now, that was a very hard thing to do. I was so homesick for my old school and my old friends. Plus I went through major culture shock. At the school I went to, they were pretty slack about going to class. We were the oldest bunch and I guess many of the teachers figured we were old enough to decide if we were going to go to class or not. The only one I skipped with any regularity was English – mostly because I was bored. Being an avid reader all my life, not to sound obnoxious or anything but I was more advanced in English than many of the other kids. So even with skipping a rather alarming number of classes, I still pulled off an A+. Of course it was entirely different with Math where I was lucky to pass!

But when I started the new high school, by accident and schedule mix-up, I missed one class. And boy did I get into trouble for that.

So – I did not like the new high school.

On top of that, I had a boyfriend that I wanted to break up with desperately. He was from the old city and he was a very nice guy, very nice. But I just didn’t feel the love. And boyfriends for me were few and far between. L. So I angsted about that for months until I finally got up the nerve to end things - and then spent weeks after crying that I had hurt such a nice guy.

So – my memories of songs are laden with yucky shit.

But! I did go back to the web-site provided and looked up the songs that were hits only to be hit by another problem. The year was 1973 and there were/are very few that I liked!! I mean – what about that classic - Tie a Yellow Ribbon 'Round The Old Oak Tree - Dawn featuring Tony Orlando – Yukkers!
Or we have that groovin’ one I Got Ants In My Pants - James Brown. *shudder*.

Some of the ones that weren’t so bad, My Old School - Steely Dan, Over The Hills And Far Away - Led Zeppelin – ah……no. Or we had some other ones that didn’t really sit well, Peaceful Easy Feeling – Eagles (I wasn’t feeling too peaceful); Just You 'N' Me – Chicago – I dinna think so. I've Got So Much Love To Give - Barry White or I'm Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More Baby - Barry White - *snort* I think not.

Feelin' Stronger Every Day – Chicago – not applicable!

I did manage to come up with a few though.

Space Oddity by David Bowie. That was in his Ziggy Stardust days and when I listened to the words, the song creeped me out. Big Time. The poor astronaut, Major Tom, is just floating around in space unable to get home to his wife. I almost went nuts imagining it.

class="MsoNormal">Another one I liked - Little Willy by Sweet was fun to sing too, yet at the same time really stupid! (although it is funny if one has a dirty mind!)

I'm Just a Singer (In A Rock and Roll Band) by Moody Blues I really loved the Moody Blues but that one wasn’t my favourite. Now Nights in White Satin is an entirely different story – cause in my mind – it was Knights! Although dressed in white satin would make it kind of ludicrous for all those jousts and tournaments!

So – I managed to get three anyway.

And thus a slice of life in a young teenage girls heart.

‘til later

(and remember to keep the guesses coming)

It’s still only a few. Here’s Clue #2

He was a prince

(and just in case you're wondering - I made up 9 clues before I started - so once the book is guessed, I'll list them all - since for me thinking them up is part of the fun)

Monday, September 03, 2007

Which cover do you like best?

Just out of curiosity and really I should be reading instead 'cause I'm really liking the book I'm reading, but here's one I'm looking forward too, with two different covers.

Cover 1

Cover 2

Me - I like the first one better. I wonder which one it will be?

And remember - it's guess that book time again.

'til later