Thursday, August 17, 2017

Nope, haven’t disappeared again.  It’s again lack of internet.  I really do need to get that fixed.


I need to rant here; there isn’t enough characters on Twitter for what I need to say– and yes it’s about that abomination that has the title of president, but is in fact, not one.  A president is someone who rules, who comforts a nation in time of trouble.  It’s someone who encourages.  It’s someone who works with the other members of his team to get things done.  This abomination does none of these things.  Now I can’t even call him a man because he isn’t one.


I want to scream in pain and anger and hurt and frustration and it isn’t even my country.  As with so many of my neighbours to the north, I’ve been so badly shook up at what happened in Charlottesville VA.  My heart hurts for the family of Heather Heyer who was by all that I’ve seen and read an extraordinary person.

She was killed by a terrorist.  No ifs and or buts.  A terrorist.  It was a group of terrorists from different factions that descended upon Charlottesville and the fact that the abomination refuses to call them that and if that isn’t bad enough, he justifies them – well there are no words.  And the scum that make up the republican party who do and say the bare minimum, if that, are also IMO also abominations.  The Ryans, the McConnells, the Pences and the Sessions are not one iota better than him.  Until the man abomination ran for president I didn’t have hate in my heart.  But I do now and I don’t know how to handle it.  As time goes by it’s only growing stronger and I can’t seem to eradicate it as the abomination keeps growing with every thing it does.

Last week the world was in danger of a war that would have killed millions by first strikes and then by ongoing fall out from the weapons used.

This week there is a race war going on and the hatred is oozing its way north.  I knew by watching the race it was going to happen as the abomination unlocked the gates of evil hatred and unleashed the demons that escaped.  And living in Canada there was nothing I could do.  It’s been such a helpless feeling knowing what was coming.

But it’s even worse than I could have guessed.  Not only has the abomination unlocked the gates, it is riding with them, egging on their vile, evil hatred, using all the power that so many unsuspecting and lets be honest, many uncaring as long as they got what they thought he would give them, anointed it with.  And those few with the power to stop it are not doing so as the only thing they care about is not the people they are charged with looking after, but their own greed and avarice.   It sickens me to my very soul.


And that evil is invading my country.  There are many who approve of the abomination in Canada.  I hear them and their hate spewing vileness on the radio talk shows.  I heard on caller yesterday who said it was Heather’s fault that she died by hatred and that the abomination was right in what it said, that the evil was attacked and those who were protesting this spreading evil were responsible.  I screamed at the radio, truly screamed.  And I feel I’m turning into what I most hate and abhor.

Today I saw that the abomination – the same it that refused to call out the terrorism that attacked the US this past weekend; that not only refused to acknowledge what it really was, well it called out the terrorism that happened today in Spain – before it was even established who is responsible.  And why did it do this?  Because it is assuming that whoever is responsible is Muslim.  Chances are that they are.  But not for a nano-second do I equate these terrorists with people who practice the peaceful religion of Islam.  They could not be more different.  But it hurts so bad that so many don’t seen this.  That they will lock them together in their soulless minds and as a result hatred will grow even stronger.  It will gain more of a foothold all over the world.  And this charge will be led by the abomination that has been given power in the US.  And again, nothing will be done to stop it.

I need to stay away from any kind of media in order to survive.  I need the distance to keep the blackness from growing in me.  I’m going on vacation next week and hopefully a lot of the hate I’m harbouring, the rage and almost the insanity that is trying to gain hold will diminish.


There is so much evil in the world.  And it scares me that it’s even taking over and leading so called Christians, leaving destruction in it’s wake.  It’s doing it to me – though at least I’m on the other side of the malevolence and immorality that is taking over this world.

I'm tired of the fear and the hate that is rising in me.