Monday, February 05, 2007

It's not just Cable Guy anymore!

Now I can add Banking Guy to my list of foolish phone calls.

I've just started paying my bills online. It's a rather nifty thing to do, but when my phobia's collide, sometimes - like tonight - my world kind of explodes.

My phobia of opening bills sometimes causes *um* 'situations'. I've been getting a number of mail stuff from the cable company lately. Now that happened a couple of months ago and when Lisa came over to help me go through the mail, most of it was just junk. I figured a lot of it what I had gotten this time was junk too. In the meantime other bills had come in. I kind of let them sit and stare at me for a few days *cough - weeks - cough* and finally got around to opening them tonight. As I did this by myself, it was rather intimidating. And somewhere amongst all those cable notices was a bill I somehow missed last month. There was another one with February's payment and January. See - I thought bills came in at the end of the month but I guess not the cable bill. The second one said if I didn't pay in five days, then they would cut off my cable. Since it was dated January 20th, it's kind of surprising they hadn't done it already. And wouldn't that have been a catastrophe with Lost starting again on Wednesday night!!! So I quickly paid that one and thought I may as well pay the rest (good thought that). I paid them all and then went back to see what my balance was. It was $0. Well - of course I freaked and immediately called the 1-800 number thinking someone had gotten into my bank account and wiped me out. Wouldn't anyone think the same thing?
Well - while I was waiting for Banking Guy to come on the phone, I thought I would get out of the bank website and get back on - just to make sure I was completely disconnected. Not that it would have mattered if someone had wiped me out. But just as Banking Guy came on the phone, my account came up.

Banking Guy: Hi, this is so and so, may I help you?

Me: No, I don't think so.

Banking Guy: Was there a problem?

Me: Well, there was. I just paid a number of bills online and when I went to check the balance it was zero. I kind of freaked and called you. But now I see that there is money back in it again. So I really don't need anything.

Banking Guy: Ah, well sometimes it takes a few minutes for the transactions to download so that's why it hadn't updated that yet.

Me: *sheepishly* Yea, I kind of figured that out. I jumped the gun on calling you. Sorry about that.

Banking Guy: *laughing* No problem. I can get into your account if you want.

Me: *thinking a moment* No, I don't think you need to do that. I finished paying the bills so I don't really need anything now. Sorry again to have bothered you.

Banking Guy: It wasn't a problem m'am. Just call whenever you have a problem. And have a good evening.

Me: Yes, you too.


And now I'm going to have to deal with Cable Guy because in another cable notice I just happened to open, as of May 1st, my phone will no longer be working because it's an analogue or something - whatever the heck that means. I just happened to be talking to someone at work today and she got a whole new phone for free when she received the same kind of notice. My fear of cell phones is another phobia I'm going to have to deal with I think. I still haven't managed to figure out how to work one thats over 5 years old and pretty basic. How the hell am I going to manage a new one with all the bells and whistles they come with today?
I wonder if they have classes for that kind of thing?

*another sigh*

'til later


Anonymous said...

Ummmm... Kristie??? Would you like me to come for lunch on the 10th and 20th or so every mth and sort out your bills for you????

Since I ummmmmm.... do this for the farm, whse and church????

:) :)


nath said...

Ha Kristie, I'm pretty sure the Banker guy didn't mind at all! He probably was happy to get a break! and now you'll know for the next time :)

as for new cell phone, well i'm sure you'll actually have fun. I mean, you figure out the mp3, cell phone is going to be a piece of cake :)

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: LOL Wellllll to the M3P player - that's in question there. I downloaded some songs onto it and they didn't seem to show up when I played it. They were listed, but when I went through all 59 songs - forward - noep, forward - nope, they weren't there. Ryan was over on Sunday and I asked him what was wrong. He needed the book that came with it so see. Well - I cleaned up not long ago so of course now I can't find anything - I hate when that happens. So because Lisa got the same player, I called her and handed the phone over to Ryan. Seems I hadn't uploaded it to the playlist. I'm still not sure how to do that. He showed me - but *ahem* I wasn't really paying that much attention. I just kind of nodded my head.
I'm scared of the phone thing I'm going to have to deal with :-(

Farmwifetwo: I will let you know. I do need help - that's for sure. Taxes are coming up soon *yikes!*

Anonymous said...

I'm still planning on coming on the 23rd....

We'll talk then :)


CindyS said...

Kristie - first super great job on opening the mail - I know that's hard and you even did it by yourself!

I have pulled some serious bone-headed moves when banking online - one month I paid a few bills twice and called the bank begging them to reverse the payments - the guy on the other line was super helpful and said it happened all the time - I think he said that to make me feel better. I was just grateful I didn't have to go to Bob and explain that I had over paid bills by 400 bucks!

I had to call the computer company DELL on SuperBowl Sunday - I slept most of the night and woke up as it was ending - turns out the computer won't boot and Bob's in serious solitaire withdrawal - the tech lady had me open the computer!! I was in the guts of the computer and everything. I told her at the end of the conversation that I was very pleased with how she had helped me - I think I made her day but of course, Bob was happy to get some 'wind down' time on the computer before he went to bed!

Also (no really, I don't have a life ;)) I asked for a new cell phone for Christmas because I figured I was the last of the holdouts - seriously, I just need to know the number to dial and the send button - everything else is just bells and whistles (I've been tooling around in my spare time and some of it is cool but mine is a pay as you go type of plan)

Okay, I think I lost myself in all this!


Bob & Muffintop said...

'Analogue phone'?? What is that? Accoding to google you can buy adapters for them.

Erm- digital is the future & it's here so..maybe a new digital home phone is ok? You don't have to get a scary one, the more basic they are the cheaper they are.
So that'd be good- right?

I love my cell phone. Surf, play games, take photos, send emails. It can be fun. I had to memorize the instruction manual first though. LOL ;)

Technology is scary, but I figure I ought to be in charge no matter how scared I am. I called Dell back in Nov. & had to wipe the hard drive & reload it. Talk about scared.

Bob & Muffintop said...

Are analogue and rotary the same thing??

Kristie (J) said...

Bookwormon: LOL - you're asking the wrong person! But I think rotary phones are the ones that you use that round thing they used to have years ago instead of just pushing the buttons. And that was long before the days of the cell phone. I have no idea what analogue phones are. But because I have a plan with the cable company for the phone, internet and television, I get the new phone for free. And because it's free, I'm sure it will be a simple one and that is just fine by me *g*. The first one was free to actually. Ron won it in a case of beer a few years ago. I guess the guys he worked with are all very competitive because when he showed them what he found in the beer case, the rest of them couldn't buy enough trying to get one themselves!

Cindy: Thank you! Most people would just look at me very oddly if I was to say I'm proud of opening mail, but it is very hard to do! And kudos to you for getting into the guts!!! I am most impressed!

Farmwifetwo: Yep! the 23rd!