Saturday, October 07, 2006

Meanderings & Ramblings

I don't have to much to say romance related at the moment. I hit another mini-slump reading wise. I did start The Panther and the Pyramid this morning and although I'm not that far into it yet; the grass called to me, it's very good so far.

I went and had my second visit with fellow Blogger Cindy on Thursday. I had a great time. It's a wonderful thing how a passion for romance books can lead to such great friendships! We chatted all afternoon about all kinds of good and interesting stuff and as she said on her blog - we didn't even make it to the bookstore :). I didn't mention that when I got there, I was in a bit of an emotional wreck. One of the things I insisted on when I got my current car was a CD player. I plugged in a CD by one of my favourite singers - Loreena McKennit. I haven't listened to her for a while now and once I put the CD of choice in - The Book of Secrets - I was reminded again of why she is one of my favourites. If I had only one word to describe her music, it would be hauntingly beautiful (I know, I know - that's two words - but I can't do it in one!). I'd say her music on this CD was a combination gypsy like music - not that I know what their music really is, but when I imagine it, that's what I picture, and music with a strong Eastern flavour. There is one song in particular that I could close my eyes and just picture a very sultry woman doing an erotic belly dance (Marco Polo if anyone is wondering - she has a bit of it on the link). I'm thinking Dance Chica or Angie W might like it *g*. But the one song on there that 'gets' me everytime is The Highwayman. Ms. McKennit has set the old poem by Alfred Noyes to music. She has a clear and beautiful voice and between the so sad lyrics and the melody I was getting shivers listening to it - all 3 times - 6 altogether if you include listening to it again on the way back! I think sometimes I have almost too vivid an imagination because as I was driving along, I could just picture the whole thing so clearly. I've mentioned her before and how much I love this song in particular but after just recently listening to it again, I just had to say again how much I love this song. I just happen to have a romance book or two with this poem as it's theme. The plus side is these books have the HEA. I may just have to read them again!!
I had a friend over last night to watch a movie - only one friend could make it. We watched The Outsider (for me again). I had gone to Rogers Video earlier in the day to see if I could rent Something New. They had it (Yes!) so I rented it and at the time found out something interesting. The clerk was telling me when I asked if they had a copy for sale, that if I rent it and decide not to return it after the two days and instead bring it back in a week or two, then I have the option of buying it. The price is $12.99 minus the cost of renting it $6.00. I kept asking if she was sure - that just sounded too good to be true. It was almost if I could be rewarded for returning a movie late!!! She just laughed and said yes. So I watched it later on. Good movie!!!! I think I might just not be returning it. Still can't get over that - a good movie for basically $6.00
I cut the grass again today. It's a good thing the lawn mower, the &*#@&^% electric lawn mower makes noise that drowned out all the cussing! I hate that thing and it's just not doing it when I tell myself it's good exercise!
And - last but not least - I figured out to order books from Chapters. I ordered Dream Thief, Hard Evidence and Hot Nights earlier in the week so I'm thinking Tuesday (Monday is Thanksgiving here in Canada) should be a good mail day.

'til later


Kailana said...

I am just making my rounds, trying to remember to say Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow Canadian bloggers!

romancelover said...

I want you to come visit SF...I need bloggers in the vicinity!

CindyS said...

You are always so very strong my friend. I would never have guessed that you were feeling raw emotionally. I hope I helped keep you even keeled if only for a few hours.

I have a CD by Loreena McKennit but I think the song that was playing when I bought it was the Mummer's Dance. I'll have to listen to the song you are mentioning here. I think you and I might have similiar tastes in music.

Tonight on the car ride home while laying in the back seat of the van and praying I would make it home (horrible tummy pains) I heard the song 'Goodbye My Lover' by James Blunt. I listened to the lyrics and just about cried. I thought in my head that it would be the kind of song that I would have played at a funeral and sure enough I guess it is the number one requested for funerals. If you have heard it let me know but if not, don't go searching for it because it will bring up all sorts of emotions.

When my Gram passed I had to download a song called 'Season in the Sun' so I could listen to it over and over again. Made me cry.

Another song that I love for the lyrics *might* be called Hate Me (yep) by Blue October. It reminds me of a tragic hero who sends the person he loves away by making her hate him. Now that one, see if you can find.

Wow, and here I was planning on telling you that I picked up Hard Evidence on Friday night but it was at the Burlington Chapters (which is far better than Ancasters).

Okay, Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you and Lisa and the boys have a wonderful day together.

Love Cindy

Kristie (J) said...

Cindy: The Mummer's Dance is also on Book of Secrets. I think it actually played on the radio a while back. Check out the one you have and see if it's the same one - Now! And then if it is, listen to The Highwayman. I guarantee it will leave you sobbing. (and I meant an emotional wreck from the sad song - not in general - in general I was doin' good). I don't know the James Blunt song by name, but if I heard it I would probably know it. I did try and look up Blue October but didn't see the song Hate Me. I'll have to look it up in a music store.

Romancelover: Oh wouldn't it be great if we weren't spread out all over the world so we could get together in person. But then on the up side - isn't it great being friends with so many people from all over the world?

Kailana: Happy Thanksgiving back at you!

ag said...

Somehow, whenever I hear The Highwayma, it sets me thinking of Marsha Canham's novel The Pride of Lions, and Highlander the movie.

Great to find another McKennit lover. Ohh, next time you pop that CD in, have a go at Dante's Prayer too. And Skellig. My two other faves besides the above, Marco Polo and Mummer's Dance(for its hynoptic melody).

Kristie (J) said...

Ag: I haven't popped it out *g*. I've been listening to it all morning. The whole CD is most most excellent!!! I have all her CD's and I notice she has a new one coming out in November!! I have at least one book - Forever and a Day by Connie Rinehold - that is based on the poem. I'm going to try and find it and give it a reread. And can't you just picture someone (not me alas) dancing to Marco Polo when you close your eyes? I have a feeling I'm going to be listening to her for a while ;). Another really good/sad song she sings is Lady of Shallot,an King Arthur type song. And can't you just picture a fire deep in the forest and a band of gypsies dancing around to All Souls Night??? And then Bonny Portmore was used as background music in one of my favourite episodes of The Highlander - the series. And she's actually from around my parts - Stratford Ontario, about an hour's drive. I saw her a number of years ago in concert and I've been keeping my eye out for her again ever since. Enya - do you know her music? - she's another favourite of mine too!

emdee said...

I love Loreena. Did you know she is puttingout a new CD very soon?

Kristie (J) said...

Emdee: Yes! I did notice that when I checked out her website. And I just happened to have gotten a gift certificate recently from HMV! Now I know why I was holding onto it *g*