Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just couldn't resist

Taking and posting these. I noticed the Princess eyeing my TBR pile and grabbed the camera.

I wonder which one she has her eye on???

'til later


nath said...

I think she's looking for Dreaming of You :D She's like her owner, she has a Derek Craven sensor LOL :D

Kristie (J) said...

Nath: LOL - could be!! She won't find it in the TBR pile though *g*.

Nicole said...

Oh, she's so cute!!!!!!!

ames said...

Ever cute! I love that profile pic of her walking on the spines.

She's probably looking for Arthur. LOL Just making sure he's really gone.

Jennie said...

Your cat is pretty!

I can't believe how big your TBR is. Did you count them? I want to know how many. ;) Then you should sort them by color. LOL.

Lori said...

LOL! She's definitely your cat!

Rosie said...

Okay, I'm the pet phobe...what if she's looking for the litter box? Yikes!

BTW, I likey the new look.

CindyS said...

I have been sending special brainwaves to Zina telling her to get Lover Awakened out of the TBR pile and into your hands ;)

I forgot to mention how handsome your son is. He does look tired in that pic. though. Course, maybe he's thinking 'not again with the pictures Mom!!' ;)


Mina Wolf said...

woah, talk about TBR piles. And I thought I was bad :P

Your kitty cat is adorable and love the new layout!

Kristie (J) said...

Nicole: Isn't she just the cutest? Unfortunately she also likes to chew on them so I have to get them sorted soon!

Ames: LOL - poor thing - mostly when Arthur was here she hid under the covers. I think cats just like to challenge themselves "Hmm - let's see if I can walk across these without falling through"

Jennie: After contemplating it for a few hours and gazing at them lovingly yet frustratingly, I've decided to organize them by author, then by genre - not lol by colour.

Lori: yep - us two book lovers. Unfortunately she loves them so much she likes to chew them. At least I don't do that!

Rosie: LOL - Luckily she's quite the lady when it comes to that. Unlike a certain dog with his warm, smelly, squishy - well you know what. And isn't the new look marvelous? Mailyn's talent was at work.

Cindy: I think his tiredness is more from his rather active life style :) And he actually quite a camera hog - he loves having his picture taken and he let me take about 5 of them. This one was the best.

Mina: yes it is rather intimdating isn't it? Zina likes it though - specially (confession time here) when I put a few cat treats on it to keep her there long enough to get pictures.

Anonymous said...

we have a tortoiseshell cat (now 1 year old), her name is Princess and she looks like your Princess' "twinsister". I was so surprised, when I saw the pictures.
Our Princess likes to walk and jump around my romance books too.
Alena from Chevy Chase, Maryland

Kyahgirl said...

Princess is gorgeous. I really do love a well read cat!! :-)

Nath mentioned Derek craven again...I finally got a copy of 'Then Came You' (Lily's story) and am loving Derek again. I loved him in Dreaming of you too but Ross Cannon still beat him out. Now I have to go re-read Worth any Price to see how Nick Gentry compares. LOL, How many times can I vote?

Karen W. said...

So cute, Kristie. I have four fur babies, and I know how they just HAVE to explore anything new! Hope she found a good read! ;-)

Kristie (J) said...

Alena: that is funny isn't it. I hope your Princess doesn't try and eat your books like mine does. Her full name is Zena, Princess Warrior, but I dropped the Warrior part once she took a look at Arthur the dog. They are such wonderful animals aren't they?

Kyahgirl: She's still treading across them - probably still looking for the treats. As I've slowly started pulling out and organizing though, she's falling through them.

Karen:4!! I've thought about getting another one - kind of like a pet for her, but she has become such a suck, I think her dainty little nose would be way out of wack - but I sure would love to have 4 of the little critters!