Friday, October 20, 2006

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

Rosie asked what books were on our night stands. One of the books I'm reading (yet again) it Linda Howard's To Die For. I needed something funny and something that would cheer me up. Since her next one, Drop Dead Gorgeous, is coming out soon, in November, I thought I would reaquaint myself with Blair and Wyatt. I'm not going to say too much about it, cause I have - lot's of times, but I came to the pink hammer part that cracks me up every time!

To my right was a tool bench, with one of those big, red, multidrawered tool chest like mechanics have parked off to one side. An array of hammers, saws and other guy stuff hung neatly on the pegboard wall. I stared at them, wondering if he knew what to do with all of them. Men and their toys. Huh.
“I have a hammer, too,” I told him.
“I bet you do.”
I hate being condescended to. You could tell he thought my hammer was nowhere in the ballpark with his collection. “It’s pink.”
He froze in the act of getting out of the car, staring at me with an appalled expression. “That’s perverted. That’s just not right.”
“Oh, please. There’s no law that says a tool has to be ugly.”
“Tools aren’t ugly. They’re strong and functional. The look like they mean business. They aren’t pink.”
“Mine is, and it’s just as good as yours. It isn’t as big, but it does the job. I bet you’re against women joining the police force, too, aren’t you?”
“Of course not. What does that have to do with a figgin’ pink hammer?”
“Women are mostly prettier than men and mostly not as big, but that doesn’t mean they can’t get the job done, does it?”
“We’re talking hammers here, not people!” He got out of the car and slammed the door, then stalked around to my side.
I opened the door and raised my voice so he could hear me. “I think your aversion to a tool that’s attractive as well as functional – mmmph.” I glared at him over the hand he’d clapped over my mouth.

This book just cracks me up.

It's amazing sometimes the little things that thrill us. In a previous post I showed pictures of all my TBR's sitting in the hall (some with the princess sitting on them). Of course they couldn't stay there - for one thing I couldn't get into the hall closet which houses the dust broom. So I went and bought out the maple book cases at Walmart yet again :). Now Lisa had helped me in the past putting them together, but I was determined to do it myself this time. Well - kind of. I bought 2 of them and last time Ryan was over, I asked for his help. He put one together and offered to do the other but I said "Nope, I wanted to do this one by myself!" So I did! I didn't ask him for a single piece of help or advice. Then of course, I needed that third shelf. So this time I decided to do it all by myself - I AM WOMAN - HEAR ME ROAR. I went to the lumber store, picked the wood, had them cut it and brought it home along with the little pegs I would need. Now the little pegs were bigger than the holes, so I had to make them bigger. With a power drill. All by myself. And I did it! I was so pleased with myself that I managed to use a power drill with no help and that I didn't damage anything!

So - here are the TBR's formerly lined up in the hall - in their new home with the rest of the books.

So - any suggestions as to which ones I should read?

'til later


Mailyn said...

OMG you are so good at this! I know I am going to suck. And wait a minute, you have to select the wood??? they have to cut it for you?!?!?!?!

I thought you just went and picked up the shelves and they were like, well, shelves already!

I have to pick wood?!?!?! (O_o)

Kristie (J) said...

LOL - no - just for the extra shelf. The book cases I bought only came with two shelves and since it was large enought to hold 3 - that's what I wanted. And it was real easy. I took in the shelf from the book case and they found what I needed for me - right size, almost matching colour etc.

Dance Chica said...

Oh so that's cool! I need shelves. It's so awesome you're able to do that.

Dance Chica said...


Why do I keep messing up everytime I try to write something? My mind must be elsewhere today. Meant to write:

Oh that's so cool. Not: "Oh so that's cool". Doh! LOL

Dylan said...

I LOVE that scene in To Die For, I need to hook up a reread of that book soon, since I'm in a horrible reading slump that is taking me three weeks to finish a's depressing!

You're just a little Tool Time Champ these days, Kristie J, you're the bomb!! =)

ames said...

I am so jealous of all your books KRISTIE. And don't you just feel so accomplished when you build something with your own two hands? I can handle a bookshelf, but a computer desk or entertainment unit? No way.

And those shelves you and Lisa built are something else. Good stuff sweetie. :P

Kaitlin said...

Nice book shelves. :) My books are all tucked into my 2nd closet. My dad was nice enough to put shelves in it years ago, so I've got them stacked three deep, two high. I'd love to alphabetize it though. That'll never get done until I move though. *sniffle*

Hope you have a great weekend! I'm working tomorrow and then hopefully doing nothing. Yay me! he-he!!!

Mailyn said...

OK, I went and bought the shelves. Tomorrow I try and tackle that since we can't paint till Sunday.

CindyS said...

WOW!! You got out the drill!? Now see, the minute the pegs didn't fit in the hole I would have had to have a tantrum and then a nap.

Okay, I'm not normally that bad but since Bobby's tools aren't always around I get frustrated fast when looking for something ;)

I asked Bob for my own tool pouch caddy and a drill set - I think he was as horrified as Wyatt was about the pink hammer. Afterall, if I can do it, what would I need him for?

That's right!! Everything!!! Only, don't tell him ;)

You go girl!

Oh and guys, I've seen them in person - truly drool worthy!


Rosie said...

You know that I was like the last person on the planet to read TO DIE FOR? I just read it for the first at the beginning of the summer and am anxious for the sequel too.

Shelves look very cool.

nath said...

Hey Kristie :D Those shelves were nice :D See, it all comes after practice!! Hmm, I don't have super vision like you do or any inner book sensor, but I saw Eternal Nights in your pile (because that picture, you could see the books better)... Also Poison Study (I know, who am I to tell you to read it when I haven't yet?). One thing is sure, you have lots of choice.

Jennie said...

Maybe you should close your eyes and randomly choose one?? LOL. Too many choices make for tough decisions. ;p

Very nice TBR!

Kristie (J) said...

DC: don't you hate it that you can't go in and correct mistakes? I have a tendancy to type fast and hit enter even faster.

Dylan: I just love the whole book! She really makes poor Wyatt work for everything he gets! Another favourite part is the movie scene.

Ames: - well, if you ever make it here to Ontario....

Kaitlin: Bookshelves are a wonderful thing! And now that I can put them together, I forsee a whole basement full of them!

Mailyn: I'm so looking forward to seeing yours!!

Cindy: Yes! I did the drill!!! And so proud of myself for doing it I am.

Rosie: I think it's even funnier on a reread! I was delighted when I heard the second one was going to be about Blair and Wyatt too!

Nath: Eternal Nights and Poison Study you say - they would both work to for Angies October challenge of which I haven't started yet!

Jennie: I know! It's where do I even start???

Kailana said...

His Majesty's Dragon by Naomi Novik is a good choice, as well. :)

Kristie (J) said...

Kailana: I did start that one and while I didn't get very far before hitting a slump, I really enjoyed what I'd read so far!!