Sunday, October 01, 2006

I got a new toy!!

I needed a new mouse so I headed for the electronics store yesterday. Lisa and I picked up the mouse and just kind of wandered over to the digital cameras - just for the heck of it. Ha! After having to give Ryan back his camera, I couldn't rest until I got one of my own. We casually (ha!) looked at a few of them and I finally picked one out. It turned out to be a very costly mouse visit.
Of course once I got home I had to practice using it. And what better thing to practice on then my 'library' (Ha! That's what I had in mind all the time.) So - here they are - more pictures. The camera I must say takes great pictures and if you click on them, they really look great!

Here are a few of my Krentz books (for Rosario)

And here are some of my hardcovers which are in the bookcase upstairs. You can see I'm a real Linda Howard, Nora Roberts and Jayne Anne Krentz fan!

In other news I'm dog sitting for the next couple of days. Now Lisa said it was OK to say this, but while Arthur the dog is a very nice dog and generally well behaved, I'm not really a dog person. But Arthur does make a good subject for my picture taking obsession
As you can see, I don't have the eyes thing down yet.

Now I would have taken more pictures of Zina, but she happened to spot Arthur shortly after he arrived. I did not know cats could run that fast. I have a feeling dear Zina will be making herself scarce for the next few days.

The camera is tired now and needs a rest. I shall try and curb my enthusiasm but for now - it's picture time :)

'til later


Lisa said...

Just so everyone knows - Kristie's not kidding when she says she's not a dog person :) While she "tolerates" Arthur (my dog) when she visits my place, I seem to have a habit of picking animals only a "mother could love". He's very well trained - we went to lots and lots of obedience training, all that training of course goes out the window when he sees another dog. He also just LOVES cats - I also have a cat. She tolerates him but I know that Zena probably won't be seen until Arthur is gone. And then she probably won't be talking to Kristie for a while after that - the nerve!! Bringing a "dog" into the house. Thanks again Kristie!! I know you're happy to be able to help out but not so happy about actually helping :)

Kristie (J) said...

Zina did make another brief appearance. I was in the computer/bedroom room and saw her gingerly enter. I spoke quietly to her, aplogizing (why did I apologize to a cat? They are arrogant enough - but they just seem to have a way of making you feel guilty!). Arthur heard me talking and came into the room. Zina ran under the bed, Arthur following. Again - I did not know cats could run that fast. She was out from under that bed and into the other room with a speed race car driver could only envy.

ReneeW said...

Ladies, I loved the dog/cat story. The last time a dog came to visit at my house my cat hid behind the dryer for days. Boy was she pissed. Great pictures of the library. Good thing I was looking at them on my laptop. I could just tip it on it's side so I could read the titles. Wow, that's a bunch of good books, lots I have read and some in my TBR.

CindyS said...

Okay, I'm going to assume that the Anne Stuart books are in their own special case that somehow cannot be photographed. Yeah. That's keeping me all warm and fuzzy ;)

You did very well at my house when Bobby let Cody out. I think it's hard for Bob to understand there are people out there that are not nearly as enamoured of our pets as we are! He's learning. Still, my poor mother will ask me to hold the dog so she can go to the bathroom - she's terrified of big dogs because she was bit by one in her twenties. Try telling that to Bob! Dinkus.

Lisa - now that Cody has reached 12 1/2 years of age he seems to not hear or see those critters that he used to yank me off my feet chasing. (Thank you God for slowing him down!)

Amber and Emma (the cats) still haven't forgiven us for Cody being allowed on the main floor. It's been 2 months. Not only that, it took Amber 8 months before she was used to Emma and started to 'talk' to us again.


Lisa said...

Kris - I hope Zina gets a bit braver before Arthur heads for home - I know my cat (Baxter) hid for a month when I brought Arthur in.
Cindy - Unfortunately, Arthur's 7 1/2 and shows no signs of getting any kind of blase attitude towards other dogs - he's good if they're smaller than he is but if they're the same size he seems to think they're aiming for a fight and he's ready :)

Rosario said...

I'm drooling! Ahhhh, all my favourite Krentz books together!

LOL at the Arthur/Zina story! My neighbour has a poodle, and he often comes visit, and my cats just ignore him completely. He's a bit scared of them, though. He especially fears my tiny siamese (maybe because she's completely insane).

Zeek said...

I'm drooling too! I just moved all my books out of storage into the bf's new apt ... where my books go so go I. ;)

Mina Wolf said...

Congratulations on the camera! Animals are great to take pictures of ;)

ames said...

Aren't new cameras fun? I'm still figuring out the functions on mine. LOL

I'm glad you got a camera-I love when people post pictures.

And Lisa has a lovely puppy. :P

Rosie said...

Looking at the pictures of your books is like looking at my own bookshelves...I swear!

romancelover said...

What a beautiful dog!!! I love your book shelves...I need to take a pix of mine...everything's in separate ones those...the shelves are built into my apt. I live in an old Edwardian style bldg in San Francisco, so it's all very antique-like (which is how I like it!).

Lisa said...

OH NOOOOOO!!! And now I was just talking to Kristie on the phone just when Arthur was sick - on her rug!!!! I sure hope Arthur's enjoying his one and only stay at Kristie's place. "Glad to help - not so glad to do it" :):):)

Kristie (J) said...

I have my writing class shortly - but more Arthur the Dog stories when I get home - plus another picture - just for Cindy!

Dylan said...

Ooh another cutesy dog, watch out Max! =) Now Max has to share the spotlight, =)

I love coming over to see your pictures of your bookshelves, Kristie..nothing puts a brighter on my face then all those gazillion of books smiling back at me from your blog, and the smile vanishes when I realize those aren't MY books but yours...bugger! LOL.

Dylan said...

...oh and congrats on the new camera sweet, I'm even more jealous of you because my camera's been acting funky and I just might have to buy a new one...Ugh, I can't afford to get a new camera plus all the books that I want to buy!