Monday, October 23, 2006

Keepin' it simple

For now I'm just going to be a blog pimp.

Dear Author has a great post today about author websites - what makes them work - what they should have. There are a lot of good ideas there

Mailyn asks a very interesting question about Anne Stuart heros.

Suisan has a hilarious story! She also won a great gift at Megan's place

Tara Marie
is looking for the best of the best of alpha heros for her scale.

If you like sports at all, Margee, Devon's sister (who also has a deliciously funny post herself) has a wonderfully entertaining blog with a woman's take

Bev is looking for ideas on why some sex scenes just don't seem to work.

And not a blog, but the latest At The Back Fence at AAR is very interesting!

And I get to play with my brand new non-romance book!

'til later


Kyahgirl said...

pimping is good sometimes.
Thanks for the links :-)

Mailyn said...

Hehehe thanks for pimping me!

Suisan said...

Thanks for the linky loo.


Holly said...

Totally unrelated, but did I tell you that I LOVE your new layout? It's beautiful, and seems totally fitting for you. :)

And WOOHOOO Sebastion is winning the polls! HA.

Ok, I'm done now. :)


Devon said...

Thanks for pimping me and my sis. I enjoy her blog, but I never know what or who she's talking about.

Now if I could just get a follow up post together.

Suisan said...

OK, I went and actually *read* the ATBF fence page and posting a long-ass comment there.

Wondering who'll respond. I'm kind of hoping our favorite lecturer will stay away--I've promised myself never to respond to that one again. Gah.