Tuesday, October 17, 2006

After a quick run to the mall

I am somewhat calmer (see previous post). I couldn't stay out too long as I was waiting for CIBC to call back - they did, still no cheque. If it's not in by Thursday - HEADS WILL ROLL. And even if it is, I am going to make them fully aware that what they did is completely unacceptable! I also have some RSP's in They Royal Bank of Canada - but after tomorrow? Nope! My FA is coming over and I'm taking everything out of there!!

But I'm still loaded for bear. So I could be in no finer frame of mind than to snark on THEM again.

I wonder why it is that even Cassie Edwards can get herself a decent cover. You know - Cassie Edwards who has had some "winners" in the past? Such as this one?

or this little gem

Now this next one isn't the worst, but the title, Rolling Thunder is a hoot! Makes me think of one of those long satisfying farts.

Now I wouldn't want to be the person in this next one walking behind the rolling thunder

But, while chances are slim to completely and totally non-existent that I will ever read it, the cover of this next one isn't bad at all

So why can't other publishers (and you know who I mean) get a clue?

The hair, the hair! And the naked chest

Or this one! The hair, the hair! The puffy shirt, the puffy shirt! His hair, his hair!

Or say this attractive studly hero? Get a load of his belt!!

And finally this one. Bet I know where he has her hand headed!

And in other news, while I was out, while I did look for a book, almost better than chocolate when one is upset. I couldn't find one to ease my frustration but I did get these three yesterday
Lisa Plumley either really works for me or she doesn't. We'll have to see with this one.

This is a new to me author, a medieval and a much lesser know publisher. Being a risk taker - I'm on it!

Now I'm honest. This one I bought for the cover. I'm pretty sure it's the one I picked at the annual AAR Cover Contest.

'til later


Dance Chica said...

Book shopping is like chocolate, isn't it? Glad you're feeling a litte better and I hope the check arrives soon!

Some of those covers were just horrible, BTW! What was the art department thinking???

ames said...

Hmm...I wonder if Cassie Edwards still refers to Natives as savages?

I'm awful! LOL

Kyahgirl said...

those covers and your comment cracked me up.

Your bank is not cracking me up.
Years ago I went to our Royal Bank here to try and arrange for a loan. I had been there for a few years and I had a very good paying, permanent job. The loans officer, a female if you can imagine, refused me. Why? Well.....you could lose your job some day. WTF??If I had been a man in that position I'm positive I would have got the loan. I only borrowing $10,000! I was so steamed, I took everything out of there and never would consider going back. Losers. RBC Losers. Hope it works out ok for you soon!

C2 said...

"HEADS WILL ROLL"...go get 'em tiger!!

I used to work at a bank, long long ago...there are no limits to the stupidiy that can occur. Trust me. Yikes.

And I so agree that book shopping is the remedy for mnay of lifes ills...book stores and card shops are my Happy Places! LOL

Oh, I used to read Terri Lynn Wilhelm. I wonder why I stopped?? I must investigate!

Mailyn said...

Since I hate chocolate I'd have to say books are waaaaay better than chocolate, plus they don't make you fat! LOL.

Oh and I see a theme there. Is she a Native or is she just obsessed????

Suisan said...

I bought Deception for the cover and really liked it.

Actually, I bought it twice for the cover. (Forgot I had read it the first time.)

OK, that's NOT a knock on the book--brain freeze. I wrote about it too. There are some spoilers in this, mild ones, just to warn you, but you're welcome to read it if you wish.

January 2006

Suisan said...

Ummm. Kristie?

I can't read the text on your blog without highlighting everything? Are you fiddling with the background color? Font color?

Kristie (J) said...

Suisan - uh - no, I haven't been fiddling with background colours. I -uh- don't know where the background colours even are to fiddle with. Maybe it's just a temporary thing. I have a few books by Terri Lynn Wilhelm which I really enjoyed and then she seemed to disappear for a while. It's odd because while it looks like this book came out in 2005, it never showed up in the stores until recently.

Mailyn: there are times if I never see chocolate again I'm fine with that. Then there are other times when I've been reduced to eating chocolate chips if it's late at night and the stores are closed :) And I think she is obsessed. That's what most of her stories are. I tried on once years and years ago and didn't make it past the first chapter. But she must have a lot of readers since she has tons of books on the bookshelves.

C2: I think you probably stopped reading her the same reason I did - she just seemed to vanish for a few years. And yes.... the soothing power of the book store.

Kyahgirl: yes - banks have their own wierd way of doing things that's for sure. But in the Royal Bank of Canada's case (notice how I make sure their name gets recognized *g*) it's going to cost them big time.

Ames: I'm amazed she is still being published!! Between her horrendous titles, her really (really) bad writing you'd think she would have drifted away by now - yet while other wonderful authors get dropped, she continues on like the energizer bunny!

DC: I hope it gets here soon too! I'll be an old nervous nelly 'til it does let me tell you. I have about as much faith in the postal service as I do in the Royal Bank of Canada.

Jenster said...

"Rolling Thunder" BWAHAHAHA!!! That is so funny!!

I talked DH into trying Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter books. He thought it sounded like something he'd like. Until he saw the covers. He was like, "Uh, no. People will be questioning my manhood if they see me reading something with those half-nekkid men on the front." So I bought him a leather cover for paperback books.

I've had to use it a couple times to keep myself from getting distracted. That and I'm tired of my 14-year-old son accusing me of reading porn just because there's a half-nekkid man on the front. (I'm seeing a pattern, here.)


Kristie (J) said...

Jen: Something about Rolling Thuder followed by Wind Walker just cracked me up:).
And as long as some book covers look like they could be porn, some people (read mostly men) will take it that's what they are. And they are so far from it!!!! But yea for your husband to be open to trying them!!! Mine never would. But I think if more men were open to at least giving them a try, they would get quite an interesting look into women's minds and hearts!

CindyS said...

Kristie - Banks suck. Sorry about what you are going through but I figure they'll be the ones sorry in the end ;) Amber's in my lap so I can't type more.