Thursday, October 26, 2006

Last Night's Lost

OK - I watched this one twice tonight. I missed the first little bit the first time around so I decided to watch it again 2 hours later. Can I say I love the fact that I can catch missed shows as long as they play on a Canadian station and I can watch them again when they play on the West Coast? But both times, I had to actually leave the room when a certain part came on. Think Sawyer strapped to the table. Think BIG needle. I don't know what happened exactly since I left the room - twice. I'm very sqeamish!

So - except for the part I missed - twice - I loved this episode! I thought when Sawyer poured the bucket of water (presumably cold) over his head when Kate was changing was a riot! I enjoyed the back story. Of course since it was Sawyers, that's a given. I think he is such an interesting character. Just when you're ready to write him off a complete scum, he does something like leaving money to little Clemintine, and he draws you back in again. Of course the fact that I find him mucho hoto doesn't hurt! And if nothing else, he's a well read con man.
I just don't get The Others. They keep saying they aren't the bad ones, yet they keep doing bad things!
And Desmond is turning out to be just as mysterious as Locke and Ekko. I'm glad I watched it the second time 'cause I didn't get what the pole with the golf club was for. Then I realized it was because he was protecting Clare, Charlie and the baby.
And even watching it twice (minus few seconds there) I still can't figure out what the whole point of conning him was. Are The Others on a different island? I always thought it was the same island. And what did showing Sawyer have to do with anything. Won't they still try and escape anyway? Anyone else understand the point?
And *sad sigh* it looks like we only have 2 or 3 more episodes of Lost until January. I do not like that they are doing this!

And while it's not Lost, I love The Nine. I think it's a very good show too!

'til later


CindyS said...

I lurved it!!! You know, I can't figure out why Sawyer was shown that they were on a small island off of 'the' island. (his remark about Alcatraz) It really is a mystery as to what 'the others' are playing at.

Did they take Sawyer and Kate to keep Jack in line if it got really bad? I'm thinking we now know why they took Jack but why S & K?

You know how Desmond got on his boat and sailed round and round and never got off the island? I wonder if that 'mini-island' can be seen from the main island.

Why are there only 3 more LOST episodes until January? Who allowed that nonsense!!

Hey, why did Kate get back in her cage?


Tara Marie said...

I didn't read this, yet.

I was so tired last night I was asleep before 8:30, thank god Chris taped it for me.

Comments will come later after I actually get to watch the episode, which may not be until tonight.

And darn I wish I had thought to tape The Nine

Kristie (J) said...

Oh good - as much as I enjoyed this episode, I'm glad I'm not the only one who just didn't get the point of Ben showing Sawyer the other island. And I don't know why they took Kate & Sawyer either unless it's just to mess with their minds. I did see an ad on TV that it will be revealed before the show goes on hiatus. I think they are doing it that way 'cause so many people complained about all the repeats in previous seasons so rather than show a few new, show a few repeats, they are all going to be new - but with a huge break in between. But here's a better solution JUST SHOW US MORE EPISODES!! WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T HAVE MORE? IS THERE A LAW OR SOMETHING? Yes, I was yelling.

Zeek said...

See now I liked this one much better then the last couple but i'm still kinda scratchin my head as to what's going on. I'm lost.

Why did they never see the island from the crash site? Is it cloaked?

What the heck is up with Ben. UGH I LOATHE him, he needs to be squased like a bug.

What happened to Michael and Walt- yes they were supposed to head home, but did they really? If they did and we're never going to see them, it's pretty crappy because they never solved the "what's up with Walt?" thing!

What did Desmond do with the lightening rod? Create a storm? If not that then why create a lightening rod?

What the HELL is going on!


Kristie (J) said...

Zeek: With the lightning rod, I think he knew it was going to hit where Clare had her little camp. He tried to get her to fix it or something but when she refused, he set up the lightning rod so the lightning bolt would hit that instead of the roof. That's what I figured anyway.
I don't know about the other island. That came completely out of left field. You would think they would have noticed it a some time or another wouldn't you?
And as for Walt and Michael - that's another mystery too! I can't see them not getting back to them and I'd be kind of annoyed if they did after building Walt up with some kind of mystical powers and then never seeing what happens. The poor kid who plays him sure isn't getting much air time this season or last is he? And you kind of have to wonder because since he is a child and this is the thirs season, he's now almost 3 years older. That would be kind of hard to explain when in Lost time it's only been 61 days.

Zeek said...

AWWW yes that would make sense since Desy is suddenly clairvoyant!

CindyS said...

You know I was wondering about Walt and Michael and I *think* they might show Michael again but outside of the island. Like he said, he thought he could leave and tell the world about the survivors. I'm wondering if we will see him in the 'real' world trying to convince rescuers that there really is an island. Only it won't be there. Then he might draw the notice of Brody's woman who was seen in last years finale who is clearly looking for him.

Okay, do you think maybe I'm overthinking this? I think that Michael will become obsessed with findin the island again and Walt will probably only be there in parts cause like you said, it's been three years now.

Okay, I'm just killing time before the TO thing. Yipes!!

And yes MORE EPISODES!!! Although really, the Americans hit Thanksgiving and it's no new shows until February ;)