Thursday, October 12, 2006

Last Night's Lost

Blogger seems to be down for the moment so I’m doing this in Word and pasting. Hopefully it won’t take too long for them to get their shit in gear and get it back working!

Well I wasn’t sure I was going to like last night’s Lost. It started out kind of like last weeks’ but then it seemed to get much better. In fact I found it to be very funny in spots. I got quite a chuckle out of Jack’s refusal to believe that the Red Sox won the World Series and it wasn’t until Paul showed him the video that he believed it. Although that proved something very interesting. The Others must be in constant communication with the outside world. They must be very up there intelligence wise to have such detailed information about all the passengers. I wonder how they got it all? And they really seem determined not to allow anyone to escape don’t they – by stealing the boat.

I liked Jin and Sun’s back story, although I wasn’t sure when I thought Jin was actually going to carry out his father-in-laws orders. I thought at the beginning it showed how frightened of her father that Sun was to lie like that to him. I thought Sayiid and Jin really ‘missed the boat’ (get it?) when they weren’t even watching the sailboat Sun was on. And I do wonder about The Others. They keep claiming they are the good people but they sure don’t act like it.

And of course what can a conversation be without mentioning “The Second Kiss” between Sawyer and Jack. Was that hot or what!!!!! And it was pretty reckless/brave of Sawyer (I know – he’s really John, but he will always be Sawyer to me) to kiss her, knowing what was coming. And then the cute little exchange between them about it, when he said she tasted like strawberries and she replied he tasted like fish biscuit. And then he called her shortcake. Cute. So –overall they didn’t answer any more questions, but I did like this episode better than the last. And next week we get to see what has happened to the other survivors.

In other television news, that’s it for me and Dancing With The Stars. Won’t be watching that one anymore! Nope! No Sir. Last night just did it with me and shows that has audience vote in. Under what possible rationale could Willa and her partner get voted off before Sara and hers? There was no comparison between the two sets of dancers. And now we won’t see anymore of the developing romance between Willa and Maxsim and the romance lover in me is just screaming at that!!

And the Canadian station showed the series premier of The Nine the night before last, so I watched that so I watched The Nine too. Good and interesting show it is.

'til later


Zeek said...

HA! yes I agree to all things said ... although Sawyer is really "james" not "john"! :D

The backstories are getting old and not needed as far as I'm concerned ... well everyone's except Jin and Sun and Hurley maybe. The lieing to her father has a deeper signifiance too, it goes to show how much she fears the men in her life, fears their abuse. because she continues to lie to Jin when she knows how he'll react. (Like him grabbing her arm and saying she should obey "Because your my wife!")

I really hate ben/henry gale ... just sayin.

Sawyer and Freckles? NO! I'm a Jack and Kate shipper all the way. I don't want her with SAWYER dammmit! (although, yes he IS a hottie! I just don't want him with HER!)

I also don't get why they're not questioning more what's going on ... even among themselves? I'd be like, "Why in the hell are these guys acting like Nazi's?? What IS this place??" them just going along because they fear for their lives without questioning just doesn't gel with me??

Devonna said...

Kristie ~ I don't watch Lost so I can't comment on that, but I am completely the opposite on Dancing with the Stars. Every week I watch and wonder, "Since when did this show turn into 'The Dating Game'?" So, I don't like Willa or Mario for that reason ~ don't ask me why, I don't know. I mean I'm all for romance, so I should like them ~ right? But I just don't.

I have to agree with you about Sara ~ I love her, but I'll be surprised if she stays on past next week. I like Joey too, and Jerry is entertaining ~ even if he can't dance. But ~ it is a dancing competition. I'm voting for Monique from now on ~ I've really enjoyed watching her gain confidence and her dances get better and better each week.

CindyS said...

I'm glad you liked this episode better and since I DVR'd the episode I immediately rewound to watch 'the kiss' again. *sigh* What surprised me was what Sawyer (James ;)) said about that lady Juliet. That she would have killed Kate without blinking. Wow.

So we know the girl who talked to Kate is 'the crazy' woman's daughter right? So, it seems that the others will punish even those who are like themselves. Kate was wearing her dress and she was looking for a friend.

I know I would have been looking around at the people working. Are these the 'tailies'? Who were those people? Or is it all a con?

Basically, LOST has been the highlight of the last 24 hours ;)


Zeek said...

A co-worker thinks they are putting the three thru this to brainwash them into joining them. Like maybe that's what happened to most of them.

The girl is Danielle's daughter??? I missed some of that conversation! OH so she's the child that was kidnapped from Danielle ... wonder who the boy is and why HE was caged?? I thought he was a plant for some reason, to get sawyer on his side???

Kristie (J) said...

I didn't realize that was the French woman's daughter either. Thanks for pointing that out Cindy. This show is just so jam packed with stuff it's so easy to miss things.
And oopsie on the James name. Zeek - LOL I am SO a Sawyer and Kate cheerleader. And I hate, hate, hate Ben too!! And I like the back stories -specially Sawyers ;)

Devonna: I don't give a hoot about Mario and his partner - but Willa and Max are just so yummy together! Talk about sparks!! Although I do like him better in the rehersals with that rough look and before the hair is greased back.

The Book Girl, A.K.A. Jodi said...

I was so ticked about Willa and Max getting cut too! I really wanted to see their relationship play out on the show. Plus, Max is super hott...although, he walks like he dances which is a little weird.

Boo! I'm not watching it anymore either. I'm on strike!

Tara Marie said...

...they are putting the three thru this to brainwash them into joining them.

Completely agree with this. I think they're trying to wear them down.

I'm not sure Jin's lying has as much to show there's more to her than her fear of men. The affair--not a nice thing..

This was a good episode, looking forward to next weeks when we finally get to see the rest of the island.

Kristie (J) said...

Jodie: Can't say as I ever noticed how Max walked. And now *deep sob* I never will since I have sworn off this show.

Tara: yea - the affair think kind of threw me too. I do think the Jin figured it out though - that they were having one and he kept loving Sun anyway.

CindyS said...

You guys think Jin knows!? I sooo didn't get that but then maybe the pearls in his hand gave it away.

As for the young girl being Danielle's - she was the girl that helped the blonde pregnant woman get away from the compound - she was telling Danielle the story and Danielle was comforted because *I* think she knew it was her daughter working against 'the others' from the inside.

So it wasn't like it was said out loud, it's what I took from the episode.