Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Last Nights Lost

Well - it's a new season of Lost so a new season of Last Night's Lost. I know for many of you, it might still be Wednesday, but here in my neck of the woods, it's after midnight so officially the title is correct.
I must admit to being quite disappointed by this season opener. The opening was a shocker. Who'd have thought The Others had such a community going with a book club and all.
With the show just focusing on Jack, Sawyer and Kate, I really missed out on not seeing what happened with Desmond. That was what I've been waiting for. And I don't really 'get' the villianization of Jack. When the show first started you had Jack as the hero and Sawyer as the antihero. Now they really seem to be changing the character of Jack over last season and the season opener. I don't like what they are doing to his character.

And why were they listening to such old music like Downtown, yet they had current-up-to-the-minute information on the survivors! That doesn't make sense.
And what was with that lovesick look between Sawyer and Kate and him giving her almost the whole fish biscuit? The old Sawyer wouldn't have done that. I admit I like them as a couple better than her and Jack but just as they are making Jack look to bad, at least in last night's show, they seemed to have taken the teeth out of Sawyer.
And just to look at Henry Gale/Ben gives me the creeps. I can take him in small doses, but ick he makes me shudder.
I wanted to see more of the other survivors and was quite disappointed we didn't get to see any of them.

I discovered not long ago that because of the cable we have that I can watch shows later on in the evening from the west coast. Normally I would rewatch Lost to try and pick up clues but I couldn't be bothered with last night's show I disliked it that much!
If I were to grade last night show, I would give it a D-.

So - unto other news.

Arthur the dog has left to be with his mommy. He was very excited to see her and left me with narry a backwards glance. And after all I did for him. Zina the cat was glad to see the last of him though. I thought she would hide longer but after tiptoeing cautiously out of the bedroom this morning, just to make sure he was really gone, she stuck to me like glue on rice after that. At least I got to practice some more with my new toy.

I obviously still don't have the eye thing down yet.

Isn't she such a sweet thang?

Arthur's mommy brought me back a present to remind me of Arthur the dog when he's gone. Somehow I don't think I will be forgetting Arthur the dog though.

Now while Zina had 'issues' with Arthur the dog, she did like the dog pillow.

Now I know (once again) why I sometimes have problems with shows like AI where the audience votes in for who goes home. There is no way Vivaca A Fox should have gone home from Dancing with the Stars last night!!

'til later


Jazz said...

I don't watch Lost but my Josh does and within the fist 5 min I hear him "OMG" all into it. He really liked it, but like I said I didn't watch it. We both watched that new show right after it though. The Nines,or Nines, something like that. It was pretty good. Lots of people from old shows. I think it's gonna be a good one.

CindyS said...

Awwww, I loved it!!! And it's creepy and I think they will do that thing where they tell one story about the characters you want and then the week after it's about the other side of the island and you'll be all, but what about JACK!!!???

Thing was I got the girl who's Jack's interrogater confused with 'See ya in another life brother' girlfriend. So I was all excited because I thought she was on the island with him. Then I realized she wasn't who I thought she was.

Yep, they sucked me in big time! and I didn't see Jack as bad - he took his wife leaving very badly but in the end I thought he redeemed himself. *sigh*

I'm also left wondering if The Con knows that the other guy in the cage was a con. At least I think he was and I think Sawyer was shaken by the terrified look in Kate's eyes. I've never seen her look so scared!

Okay, I'll talk to ya about it later ;)


CindyS said...

Dang - Jazz, I watched the Nine also and I'm intrigued ;)


Kristie (J) said...

Hmmmm: Now that you mention it, it did seem odd that Kate's wrists were so damaged when they put her in the cage with Sawyer. And she did take the biscuit when it seemed like she would have had breakfast already. It does seem like the Others are going to use them to play pyschological mind games with them doesn't it

Tara Marie said...

Once again LOST leaves more questions unanswered!!

1. How can the Others live so well on a "desereted" island? They have normal homes (electricity, stoves etc.) CD players, books, dossiers on the people from the plane.

2. I like the villainization of Jack. 1. Nobody is all good or all evil, 2. It explains why he seems tortured and guilt ridden, obsessed with his wife, pushes his father.

3. Definitely wanted to see the rest of the characters, Desmond and Mr. Ecko, did they survive?

4. The music thing, if they have CD and books, they must have access to new music, maybe it's was a her choice.

5. There seems to be a real underlying tension between Ben/Henry and the girl (what's her name?) They don't seem to like each other. They're both creepy.

6. What's with the old zoo setting?

7. We never actually saw Kate eat, so maybe she was hungry, we also don't know how long they had been separated.

And with all that I was disappointed too.

I watched The Nine, it looks interesting. Love Tim Daly, does he ever actually get older looking or does he have a portrait somewhere aging line Dorian Gray?

Kristie (J) said...

Tim Daly???? Tim Daly????? Dang! Was he on The Nine??? I watched CSI NY instead. I LOVE Tim Daly!! OK - next week - do not turn the channel.
Tara - about #2 - I don't mind them making Jack a bit bad either, but they seem to be taking him a bit too far. I didn't like the way his attack on his dad sent him back to drinking again.
#4 - probably - but Downtown!!! LOL.
And I think what annoyed me was we didn't get ANY questions answered *g* And after waiting so long!!!

Zeek said...

I'm with you on the Lost premier ... (heroes flew by faster then last nights Lost!)

I don't like them messing with Jack's character either ... He's the archtype hero- leave him be for God's sake.

They're definately playing mind games with them but I want to know is WHY!? And did they have everyone picked out BEFORE the plane went down? And how much does Ben/Henry Gale piss you off? Becuase I really don't like this guy!

And GODdammit, I'm a Jack and Kate shipper, why must they persist with putting her with Sawyer ... sumim up wid dat ...

Josie said...

I'm so in love with Desmond on Lost! I heard he's a member of the cast now which makes me want to squee like a fangirl. Can't wait to find out what happened to him (and the rest of the people in the hatch as well!)