Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's not only us readers who love North and South!!

I stayed up late last night working on this. (in fact I slept in- yelp!)

I said I had something special planned for today.

This is an author who I came thisclosetomeeting in Dallas. She visited our room and I missed her by less than five minutes. I knew she was a North and South fan from the Avon Authors Bulletin Board so when I appealed her her for help and mentioned that we almost met - low and behold she remembered almost meeting me too.

When I did ask for her for help with The Crusade and thoughts on North and South she very graciously agreed.

So I bring you ---Sabrina Jeffries. She's quite busy as her newest book in The School for Heiress, Let Sleeping Rogues Lie is due out soon (February 19 - so remember that date)
She also wrote a pretty nice pirate book - The Pirate Lord which is always on my list when someone is looking for a good one!

And without further adieu - here are Sabrina's thought on North and South.

I saw “North and South” about six months ago at the recommendation of a reader. I had already fallen in love with Richard Armitage on “Robin Hood” (Jonas Armstrong as Robin is fine, but too young-looking to fantasize about—Richard as Sir Guy of Gisborne is, well, yum!). The idea of RA in Victorian-era clothing was just too good to pass up, even if the 4 hour length did seem rather daunting.

Alas, it flew by WAY too fast, so fast I had to watch parts of it again immediately afterward to assess the … er … acting. That’s it, the acting. What can I say, I’m thorough.

But what made it so special was the melding of RA’s talent with a great story. Here are three reasons I found it a wonderful romance:

1) The character of John Thornton. Nothing’s sexier to me than a self-made man, a guy who pulls himself up by his bootstraps. I’ve written a few, but not as many as I’d like (CURSE that need for variety). Thornton is that wonderful blend of determination and vulnerability that just grabs me every time, and RA is a master at portraying that. Besides, who doesn’t like a guy who protects and defends his mother?

2) The plot. Without risking spoilers, Margaret is forced to keep a secret from John, thus tarnishing her character in his eyes. Yet despite the wretched things he believes about her, he still wants her very badly, and that always appeals to me—a guy going against his better judgment (or what he THINKS is his better judgment, anyway).

3) The end. Oh. My. God. That scene with the hands on the train platform gets me in the gut every time. I think I’ll have to go watch it again right now.

Sigh. It was one of the best period romances I’ve seen in a long while.

It's nice knowing isn't it, that we aren't the only ones that go all swoony!!

Thank you Sabrina for helping us spread the word!!

And remember - if your interested in winning the book by Elizabeth Gaskell, be sure to let us know in the comments. Draw will be on Sunday


Katie(babs) said...

See Sabrina thinks Robin Hood is a dope also!! Long live evil Guy and his leather.
Up late last night huh? Who were you have some intimate chats with? or perhaps scrolling through more picture of RICHard...

Kristie (J) said...

Well, I was planning on going to bed - but then I got distracted - most deliciously distracted!

Dev said...

I love Guy much better than Robin. Robin's too pretty. Guy is dark, dangerous, and delicious.

The end ~ I could watch the end over and over and over again. I've probably rewatched episode 4 more than any other ~ although the whole thing is a wonderful experience!

Lori said...

Love Sabrina's books! Can't believe you came soclose. And The Pirate Lord! Don't get me started! Is that the best series or what?

Anyway, I've almost got the hubby convinced to sign up for Netflix so I can get my hands on North & South. See? I'm such a good little Stepford Wife :)

Kristie (J) said...

Lori - LOL - just tell him all the guy type movies he could get through them! Tell him - Will Farrell, just think about it dear - you can get Will Farrell movies.
And yeah - I loved that whole series, but The Pirate Lord was my favourite.

Dev: Guy is gorgeously evil isn't he? I haven't watched that many episodes yet - but he just dwarfs Boy Robin.

Sabrina said...

Kristie, I've watched them ALL, and trust me, there's no comparison. I like Jonas Armstrong, don't get me wrong, but I suspect he appeals more to the younger females. I just want Sir Guy to kidnap me and have his wicked way with me. *G* Sighhhhh.

Katie(babs) said...

Not many men can pull off leather, but OH MY Richard as Guy wears it so well.
Marian is a twit. She got hers in the end that's for sure.

Sabrina said...

Katie, have you seen the new episodes? I've been trying not to read about them, so I can enjoy them for myself once they make it here (the British get to see them first, sigh), but I gather that everything is NOT settled between Marian and Sir Guy. If they're smart, they'll keep that tension going. That's the only reason I watch it. *G* Well, that and the humor. Plus, I really want to see Jaq end up with one of the guys.

Kristie (J) said...

Sabrina: I think I've been holding off until I can watch Season II also. And since we don't get BBC America here I'll have to wait until it comes out in DVD. But my, he does look good in black leather doesn't he *sigh*.
I still prefer him as John Thornton though - still waters run deep - that kind of thing :)

Katie(babs) said...

Sabrina, I am so bad! Every week I would go to the BBC Robin Hood website and read the latest episode recap and then watch all the Guy segments on You Tube. I saw the season finale where Guy is very, very bad. So bad past the point of no return!
Let's just say Guy now knows where Marian stands with him and he doesn't take it well at all.

Kristie (J) said...

I watched it - it being North and South again last night - this time with the commentary of Episode 1 playing and it was very interesting!! I wish they had had that for all the episodes.

Stacy~ said...

I've just been getting into Robin Hood, and agree about Guy vs. Robin, but I do still find Robin adorable, just too young. Can't wait for season 2...