Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Further Perils of Kristie and the Kitchen

I just blew a fuse. I mean this literally. I was drying my hair and plugged in the electric kettle in the same box and blew a fuse.
The light in the basement near the fuse box is broken - Brent did it. So I can't see to change a fuse. I don't know if I have any fuses to change one. I've never changed a fuse. I don't have anywhere to plug in the hair dryer with it's short cord. Now I'm scared to plug in the electric kettle in case I blow another fuse. Because I can't see to change them and I don't know if I have any and I don't know how to tell which one needs changing.
I want to dry my hair. I want to put on make up - which I used to do in the kitchen but I don't have a kitchen at the moment. I want my cup of tea!!!!!!!!!
I'm about to blow a fuse - figuratively.

If you're easily offended, close your eyes for this next little bit. I don't do this often


I just blew my figurative fuse

I just discovered the lights to the basement where the laundry room is are on the same system. I can't see in the basement where my clothes to wear today are.
And it's only day 2


Anonymous said...

OMG, do you have a flashlight??? Are you sure they are fuses, and not a breaker where you just flip the switch back? You would be able to do that in the dark.
Good luck.

lisabea said...

I was just going to ask that same thing. I'd get a flashlight, and see if there is a breaker to flip. If not: I'd call and electrician and upgrade the wiring.

Which is expensive, but worth it.

Poor Kristie J~ I want a new kitchen SOOOO badly. Not going to happen. Number one child will go to college in the fall and *woops* there goes all the money.

Anonymous said...

On the bright side, once you've changed a fuse, you'll know how to do it forever.

I've no idea if your wiring systems are the same as in the UK, but, as Janice says, if there is a switch to one side of the box, flip it, and see if anything miraculous happens.

(And then, go out and buy yourself fuses in any size you use in the house. When we didn't have any on hand, and had to borrow the fuse from the doorbell every time one blew, they seemed to go all the time. Since I got fed up with it, and bought myself every fuse in the shop, I never need them.

Or it might just be that the new toaster is electrically sound...)

Are you taking pictures as you renovate? I love renovation pics.

Marianne McA

sula said...

awww. I'd offer to let you come over and crash at my place while your house is in disarray, but it's kind of a long drive.

chin up! This too shall pass. And you will have a fantabulous new kitchen. :)

Katie(babs) said...

If I could I would drive over and give that fuse a good beating.
As long as you are okay.
No tea??!?!? That is just too cruel for words.
I can send you some nice happy picture of Richard to cheer you up.

Kristie (J) said...

Well - funny thing. I do have a flashlight but it was in the kitchen and thus got packed away in one of the MANY boxes scattered around the bedroom. I think it would be much less stressful to just get another one than to try and find it in the boxes of Stuff. Since I have to get fuses (and don't ask me what voltage 'cause I have no idea so I may as well get 30 & 45's) I might as well get a flashlight at the same time.
But it was Ron who used to take care of this kind of stuff and it's very frustrating having to do it myself and not knowing how.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kristie,
I'm so sorry you're having trouble. :( How frustrating.
At least when it all gets done you'll have a beautiful new kitchen that you'll love.
Jane A.

Christine said...

*hugs* Kristie!
I hear from a lot of people how home renovations can totally test your limits. I hope things go more smoothly from here....

btw, if your contractor didn't tell you about you needing to hire a separate electrician... chances are you may need to hire your own plumber, too. You might want to ask now so you're not surprised at the last minute again.

C2 said...

((((Kristie)))) it will get better! *ducks "shut-up-you-who-know-nothing" glare* It will!

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