Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What Else Can I Say...

that isn't being said about the death of Heath Ledger? Even though he may only be an actor in Hollywood, it is still so sad that he died before he could really live his life. He was barely 30 years old.

So instead, watch and remember:



Kristie (J) said...

I heard about this yesterday. I first noticed him in Roar, I’ve been watching it off and on as it’s been playing on the Space Station. Then I thought he did an excellent job as the son in The Patriot with Mel Gibson, . And I loved him A Knight’s Tale – I have the movie. A coworker reminded me of The Four Feathers. I also have Casanova. And the of course there is Brokeback Mountain for which he was nominated for an Academy Award.
Then there are the other roles he’s played as well.
And I’ve also seen the trailer for Batman and it looks like he did an excellent job.
So this is such very sad news for all his fans of which I’m certainly one. His is a talent that will greatly missed and I’m sad that such a young man is gone far too soon.

lisabea said...

Katiebabs~That was beautiful.

sula said...

This still feels very surreal. I was watching footage on youtube of that awesomely funny dance scene in Knight's Tale (to Bowie's Golden Years) and thinking of how much life and enthusiasm he brought to everything you saw him in. It's very sad to have one so young and so very talented be taken so soon. :(