Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beyond Paradise

I am not a huge fan of Pirate romances, with the exception of The Gift by Julie Garwood or The Pirate Hunter by Jennifer Ashley. But when Sula told me about a wonderful little romance with a hero pirate who happens to be deaf, I quickly put Beyond Paradise by Elizabeth Doyle on hold at my library. This was published by Zebra in 2003 and I believe one of the last books Doyle has written since her website is quite old and she has been MIA since then.

Beyond Paradise is a very unique romance. It takes place in a very different setting of the island of Martinique in 1662. The heroine, Sylvie, is spunky, and oh so beautiful and so kind to those around her. She is even marrying a man she can’t stand to help out her family. But the thing I adore about Sylvie is that she admits she has needs. She likes attractive men. And this is shown from her thoughts from the first page:

“Ever since Sylvie’s engagement, Martinique had become infested with handsome men. Why had she never notices this before? It was as thought men were dropping from the sky, all of the handsome, and knee-shakingly virile.”

Sylvie’s lusting gets her into trouble and because of this she is taken prisoner by a pirate that is held in jail, ready to be hanged. Because of her weakness for the male flesh, she attracts the attention of Jervais, a pirate hunter. Jervais reminded me so much of Gaston from the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. Jervais would kiss his muscles if he could. He thinks he is god’s gift to women and wants to seduce the fair Sylvie. Sylvie bats her eyelashes and wants to see a real life pirate in person. Jervais can’t find himself to refuse Sylvie and allows her to visit these dastardly pirates that are changed up. Sylvie meets one and is again shocked by how handsome of a man this pirate is. She gives him water and tries to talk to him. But this dangerous pirate just smiles and looks at her strangely. And even though Sylvie should have had her fill, she comes back the next day and helps him and his crew escape.

This is where the story becomes a rip roaring fun read. The pirate’s name is Jacques and even though he is deaf, he can speak about three languages and read lips very well. He also has come up with his own sign language he uses with his close pirate buddies. Jacques was going to let Sylvie go when he reached his ship, but through a misunderstanding, Sylvie is taken on the ship and is now owned by Jacques. But Jacques is a good guy and makes sure Sylvie won’t be ravished by the other pirates on the ships. But after awhile, Sylvie wants to be ravished by Jacques, who simply can not refuse the beautiful and kind Sylvie.

Sylvie begins to have quite an adventure and enjoys every minute of it. But Jervais realizes her loves Sylvie and will rescue and marry her since she has been ravished and is no longer pure. There is also Sylvie’s fop of a fiancĂ©, Etienne who is a major man ho. He thinks he is quite the Don Juan of the island. He also decides he loves Sylvie and will come to her rescue. Don’t we all wish we could be Sylvie who has three men to choose from who love and adore her and want to keep her safe?

But Sylvie’s heart belongs to Jacques who is such a stand up guy. He teaches Sylvie to defend herself and in a way she becomes his pirate queen. Yes, all of this is a bit far fetched but the witty dialogue and characters are so funny and laugh out loud to read! Again, I love the fact that Sylvie reviles in Jacques’s muscles and his bulging chest. She loves sex and not just the part where their souls merge. She loves the physical aspect and the way she feels when Jacques holds her in his arms.

So, yo ho, ho me matey’s and find this book for some great pirate love and high seas action.


sula said...

well it has to be said that the only reason I got the book and read it was because dear Kristie recommended it. She IS the source for all things pirate. Arrrr, matey!

Glad that you enjoyed the book. Isn't it a hoot? Definitely has it's rough edges but it's refreshing and different. *g*

Marg said...

This sounds really good! I am going to see if I can track it down!

Kristie (J) said...

It certainly is different isn't it? And I heard about it from Mailyn who isn't blogging at the moment :-(
And if you liked this one, then I may I suggest "Till Dawn Tames the Night by Meagan McKinney - although if you don't like pirate romance books I don't know - but then again you liked Jennifer Ashley's book.

Ana said...

I am completely convinced! LOL. Adding to my basket!

Jill D. said...


This books sounds like a jolly good read! I am going to see if my library has it.

ames said...

I read this book last year and really enjoyed it too. Unfortunately, a friend lent it to me, and I had to return it. :( I should look for my very own copy. lol

Sherry Thomas said...

I actually know Elizabeth Doyle from when she used to live in Austin. We belonged to the same RWA chapter.

And then she moved away and we haven't heard from her in ages.