Monday, January 07, 2008

The Perils of Kristie and the Kitchen

I came home to the kitchen in quite a messy state. I expected that though. It seems I made a few booboos though. They gave me a list of stuff (more stuff) to get and off I went to Home Depot. At this point I should say that store scares me! So even walking in I was intimidated. My assignment was to get flooring, lights for the ceiling - possible ceiling fan lights, LED puck lights (?????) a light for over the sink, a new sink and possible faucet and an over the stove microwave/range hood. Luckily Contractor Guy's wife wrote it all down for me. Oh, and they will need Electrical Guy to do some rewiring - total just went up when I heard that news! They didn't have LED puck lights so I failed that task. I forgot all about the over the sink light so I failed that one too. I did get a kitchen sink though and a new faucet. I also got the over the stove microwave/range hood. And I got a couple of ceiling fan lights. But I forgot lightbulbs (the one obviously didn't go over my head) And flooring - I also got flooring.
When I got home, they had knocked out all the bulk heads - and there is lots of dust all over the floor, removed the final cupboards and sink. The fridge, stove and dishwasher were all still there though which puzzled me a bit. Kitchen guy called later on in the evening with the bad news. I bought the wrong kind of flooring. It's all wrong. *sigh* I will have to take it back. And the flooring they recommend is twice as expensive but Kitchen guy is going to do some pricing. So it turns out I failed that one too.
And Electrical guy (who I haven't met) is going to get the puck lights. Turns out halogen will work because while they give off more heat than LED lights, LED lights don't have dimmer switches and the heat the halogen lights give off won't be that much.
Do I sound like I know what I'm talking about? Because I really don't have a clue. All I know is the picture above the flooring was a kitchen and white cupboards - which is what I'm getting and it looked good so I just assumed it would be all right. Now how do I tell Brent who lugged them all out of the car that they have to go back in - all 15 boxes - even though they said I only needed 13.
And the reason they didn't move the appliances? Well, it seems that I should have taken the food of it out, so the fridge was way to heavy to move. You know that just never occurred to me to do that, take the food out I mean. And as sister Lisa can testify, I have a lot of Stuff in my fridge. Stuff I'll never use. Like the huge bottle of Cranberry juice. Or the eight pounds of chicken breast I have in the freezer because it was on sale. Although most of the seven tubs of margerine are empty. And I really don't need to keep the three 2 litre bottles of pop I don't drink but I have for company in the fridge. And I suppose the 12 bottles of beer that I have for my own consumption - and guests too - could have been taken out.
Further adventures of the Perils of Kristie and the Kitchen to come.


Nicole said...

Aww...poor Kristie. But someday it will be done. :-)

lol, I'd make your contractor go with you, but I suppose that's not possible.

CindyS said...

Wow. I'm not sure why you needed the floor or the sink when they were still in the tear out stage but hey, roll with it ;) And you didn't fail, someone should be shopping with you I would think but again, maybe he is just the 'builder'. Deep breath in ;)