Wednesday, January 23, 2008


In my last post I mentioned that I had to get a new modem and I was worried. Turns out I had reason to be!
See – my internet provider – the lovely Rogers – has an upgraded modem. I had no intention of upgrading as I was perfectly fine with the one I had. But on a message on my machine last Friday, not only did they say that a new modem was available, they also mentioned that the one I had would no longer work as of January 21. This was a recorded message that went on and on and on, repeating itself until the time ran out. I hate that.
I promptly went to all the Rogers Video Plus stores near me only to discover that none had any of the new modems left.
Damn! I should have paid attention sooner! One store said they would be getting more in on Monday, Jan. 21.
When I got home from work that night I discovered that they were right!! My internet connection was cut off. So I quickly unplugged it and returned it to the place that was promising more. They had them so that was a relief.
Now not everyone knows this, but as I mentioned to Kate, I’m a techno troglodyte. I can’t do the simplest things technology wise. You should see me with a cell phone. It’s sad, very sad. I do know how to get the DVD to run, but I posted about it a while ago, it was only after spending three hours pressing every button on 4 or 5 different remotes. As to working a VCR – fuggetaboutit!
So while I attempted to hook up the new modem, alas, it didn’t work.
I was thinking of asking Lisa if she could stop last night on her way home, but we had a snow storm.
The next best thing was to ask Ryan if he could come over tonight as he will be in the neighbourhood to help. Thankfully he’s getting to know his mother and her total ineptness so he’s coming to the rescue. But it won’t be until sometime after 7:00.
I’m posting this from work. The system we work with most is down (ack! I’m contagious) so I don’t feel entirely guilty.
But in the meantime, I’ve been missing blogging! Terribly! But I did get a chance last night to watch the adorably funny first episode of The Vicar of Dibly – The Handsome Stranger. One guess as to who the handsome stranger was. Heh heh.
And I have been reading too – so I guess it’s not all bad. But still, my world is off it’s axis at the moment and I’m not liking it!

In the meantime - Thanks Katie!


Katie(babs) said...

I got your back!! *G*

Vicar of Dibley... so cute and funny!!

nath said...

hey Kristie!!

Poor you! but look at the good side, you didn't have to call cable guy :D

how much snow did you get? We got btw 10 and 15 cm yesterday... and apparently, more snow today. sigh.

Dev said...

Isn't Harry Kennedy handsome?? :-) I love Vicar of Dibley ~ it's so funny.

Missed you around blogland ~ hopefully Ryan gets you all setup tonight.

On the plus side, at least you're getting some reading in.

Jill D. said...


I know what you mean about being technologically challenged. I think I am the last person on earth to finally have gotten a cell phone. My 80 year old grandfather had a cell phone before I did (can you believe that one!) I haven't even set up the voice mail because, let's face it, it will take me a while to figure that one out. I am lucky to be able and actually make a successful call on the thing.

Well, we all know where my priorities lie when I bypass the voice mail and decide, "Hey, I think I will try my own blog!" I am actually inpspired by you because I think your blog is great and your wonderful personality shines through so vividly. I am hoping that since you have successfully managed a blog that I will be able too. So more power to you. If you had never told me that you have technolocial difficulties, I would have never believed it!

Kristie (J) said...

LOL Jill: I'm amazed I actually got the blog off the ground and working. It was my third attempt! And I have two in Wordpress that I couldn't get working. That means I have 4 other blog zygotes out there in cyberspace. And let's not mention the 3 other email accounts that I have that I can't figure out. and then there was Photobucket I couldn't get into for the longest of times because I couldn't remember my password - then finally I found a screen that you could send away for in case your forgot you password. So it's almost an accident that I have a blog.
And now *laughing* I have an issue with the digital camera. The battery went dead & I'm not sure how to recharge it!! Somehow you do it on the computer - but darned if I know how. Luckily Ryan knows and I'll get him to show me tonight. It's no wonder he's learned that raising of an eyebrow trick - and he uses it most effectively on me - or tries. I changed his diapers so I do have a bit of a leg up on him.
It was funny because I was in Rogers the other day (looking for the modem) and while I was waiting, I was looking at the phones thinking they were pretty smart looking and maybe it wouldn't be to much to upgrade the one I have. Thankfully good sense took over in the way of a voice that screamed in my head - YOU CAN'T EVEN FIGURE OUT THE ONE YOU HAVE NOW AND YOU ARE THINKING OF GETTING A MORE COMPLICATED ONE? ARE YOU NUTS!?!!?!!?
I listened to that voice.
And being a rookie blogger, you will discover that it is very habit forming - and a heck of a lot of fun!!!

Dev: I miss being around blogland!! I'm sure Ryand will get it going in under one minute and then focus me with that "look" but I'll suffer through it if it means internet again.
And yes - Harry is just adorable!! As different as night and day from Guy!!

Nath: Yes!!!! thank heavens - no call to Cable Guy. I was thinking if I couldn't get Ryan to come over then that might have to happen. But luckily that won't happen. And we got about 10 centimeters of snow. When I got home from work, a neighbour - don't know who - had shoveled out my driveway. That was very nice of them :)

Katie: Yes - yes it is isn't it? And I wonder who I have to thank for the delightful surprise?