Monday, January 07, 2008

Man Love Monday

IT IS MAN LOVE MONDAY YA ALL!! Two of my favorite bloggers- Lisabea and Sula are heading up this wonderful day of lusty men pictures, recommended man love reads and why some men look so good in their Calvin Kleins ;)
I have truly become a "fellow fellow lover". (Love that phrase Lisa!)

Go check their blogs outs!


MaryKate said...

Kate - I seriously had a full on romance hissyfit over the V and Butch thing. I was *SO* mad that she went right up to the line and then backed off. I had thought it would be incredibly brave of her to have written the book so that V & Butch found love together. What an amazing story it would have been. The whole fighting together thing, and the part where Butch is completely dependent upon V for his healing?? What a terrific love story it would have made.

I had ALOT of issues with V's story (particularly the part where Jane is only corporeal when V touches her -- what the hell kind of message is that from someone who's main audience is teenagers?!), one of which was the "casual" discussion Butch and V have where V's all "So I was in love with you" and Butch is all "Yeah, I know. I totally didn't care or wasn't skeeved at all about it." Just didn't ring true to me at all. Not to mention the fact that the whole sitch seemed like such a cop out to me. On top of that...Ward would have written some HELLA hot M/M scenes.

/end hissyfit

OK, anyway, I loves me some M/M love. It's HAWT and it seems like it's becoming more and more in vogue. Bless the romance gods! ;o)

Wow, you probably weren't expecting a hissy fit from me first thing Monday morning, huh? :wink:

Katie(babs) said...

Mary Kate!
Everything you said I am total agreement with! Butch and V were so close and at times so in sync, even more so than Rhage and Mary, Wrath and Beth, etc...
I was afraid to say this, but as I mentioned in the post, I find it funny that V is into so male loving but his past sexually was very abusive, with him being raped and the with the survival of the fittest, he must rape someone else to have the power. Make you wonder would V be into the kink and bi lifestyle if he wasn't abused?
V and Butch had the best relationship overall even without the romantic undertones.
And even though I do like Jane, I think V and her relationship is not as strong and "real" as his and Butch's was.
As for the ghost thing... ACK!!

lisabea said...

Lovely, just lovely, kiddo.

You know I woke up this morning and realized that my top 10 should have been 13 because is there a more phenomenal man loving scene than V holding Butch when he orgasms after drinking V's blood? He comes in V's arms in the bed for heaven's sake.

As the top of his cock blew off, Vishous held him through the convulsions, speaking in the Old Language. And then it was over. The storm passed.

MaryKate said...

Lisabea! I know! I also get all pissy everytime I think about how she copped out. Butch gets initiated and V embraces him and they're all horny about it...and then, "the moment passes, they no longer feel anything."

Whatever. I've decided I'll buy Phury, and she'll have that one opportunity to get me back. After that, she goes to HC, and we break up. Unless she can do something in Phury's book to make me get back into the series. But, looking at the cover for it, I'm not encouraged. Have you guys seen it?? It looks like he's sucking on a mannequin.

SIGH. I hate it when authors I have total girl crush on go bad.

lisabea said...

JR Ward has me at hello, man. It's effing sad, but so true. I LOVE HER. Damn her.

MaryKate said...

LOL! You're not the only one, I know. Believe me, I've read LOVER ETERNAL ummm, 5,000 times. I seriously love that book.

I just did my AAR "Annual Readers Poll Ballot" and Lover Unbound was ALL. OVER. IT. and not in a good way. Where last year LOVER AWAKENED was all over it in a good way.

SIGH. It makes me sad.