Saturday, January 05, 2008

The year in reading

Everyone else is doing there 2007 reading roundup so I thought I’d add mine to the bunch. While my reading of books was down this year – I blame it on blogging *g*, my buying of books this year, my buying of books was up. Somehow we are going to have to reverse that trend – either buy less books (probably not) or read more (that’s what I’m aiming for)
First of all the statistics. I’m not much of a statistical kind of person so these are just bare bones.
Books published in 2007 that I bought – 185
Books published before 2007 that I bought – I have no way to track this
Books published in 2007 that I read – 41
Books read in previous years that I read – 28
Books that were DNF’s -3
Books that were rereads – 9 (hmm – considering my library that number should be up)

Now for the more interesting facts –

My ratings!

5 out of 5 books
Ward, J.R. - Lover Eternal
McKade, Maureen - Reason To Live
Robb, JD - Innocent in Death
Stillings, Marianne - Arousing Suspicions
McCall, Mary Reed - The Templar's Seduction
Goodman, Jo - If His Kiss Is Wicked
Hoyt, Elizabeth - The Serpent Prince

4.5 out of 5 books
St. John, Cheryl - The Doctor's Wife
Thompson, Ronda - The Untamed One
Groe, Diana - Erinsong
Crusie, Jennifer - Anyone But You
Thompson, Ronda - Isn't It Romantic?
Sinclair, Linnea - Games Of Command
Hoyt, Elizabeth - The Leopard Prince
Sinclair, Linnea - Gabriel's Ghost
Cullars, Sharon - The Object Of Love
Shalvis, Jill - Shadow Hawk
St. John, Cheryl - The Preachers Daughter
Rice, Lisa Marie - Midnight Run
Graves, Jane - Hot Wheels And High Heels
Roberts, Nora -High Noon
Rice, Lisa Marie - Dangerous Lover
Gibson, Rachel - Tangled Up In You
McKade, Maureen - A Reason To Believe
Stillings, Marianne - Satisfaction

4 out of 5 books
Gerard, Cindy - Under The Wire
Mallery, Susan - Sizzling
St. John, Cheryl - The Lawman's Bride
Joyce, Lydia - Voices Of The Night
McCray, Cheyenne - Chosen Prey
Leone, Laura - Guilty Secrets
Rice, Lisa Marie - Midnight Man
Morgan, Alexis - In Darkness Reborn
Carr, Robyn - Virgin River
Kleypas, Lisa - Mine Till Midnight
Melton, Marliss - Forget Me Not
Graves, Samantha - Sight Unseen
Evanovitch, Janet - Twelve Sharp
Singh, Nalini - Caressed By Ice
Melton, Marliss - Into The Dark
Brown, Laurie - Hundreds of Years To Reform a Rake
Robb, JD - Creation In Death
Campbell, Anna - Untouched

3.5 out of 5 books
Tarr, Hope - Vanquished
Singh, Nalini - Visions Of Heat
Leone, Laura - One Sultry Summer
Carr, Robyn - Shelter Mountain
Holby, Cindy - Rising Wind
Broday, Linda - Knight On The Texas Plain
Sinclair, Linnea - The Down Home Zombie Blues
Vanak, Bonnie - The Empath
Morgan, Alexis - Redeemed In Darkness

3 out of 5 books
Leigh, Lora - Megan's Mark
Kenny, Janette - One Real Cowboy
Howard, Linda - Cover Of Night

2 out of 5 books
Carr, Robyn - Whispering Rock
Leigh, Lora - Forbidden Pleasure

Palmer, Pamela - The Dark Gate
Dimon, Helenkay - Your Mouth Drives Me Crazy
Denison, Janelle - Born To Be Wilde

New or new to me authors to watch from 2007
Nalini Singh
Linnea Sinclair
Lisa Marie Rice
Laurie Brown
Diana Groe
Anna Campbell
Marlis Melton
Cheyenne McCray


I seem to have 'broken' something on the right side in my zeal to add stuff. Any help in trying to fix it would be appreciated ever so much. Neither Katie or I have a clue what to do - being HMTL rookies.
'til later


Katie(babs) said...

Did you keep an excel list? I have no clue what I have read last year except for the ones that are exceptional reads.
As always I am in awe. Or maybe this is another way of forgetting about your clutter and the shelves! LOL

Jennie said...

I've given up feeling guilty about buying books for myself. :) It's my weakness, and not such a bad one to have!

I have The Templar's Seduction and If His Kiss Is Wicked TBR -- I really need to read them soon!

And, btw, I am going to post on North & South soon. Really. I lost my blogging mojo there for a bit, but I think I'll get back to it very soon.

Kristie (J) said...

Katie - LOL - I have an excell spreadsheet. I pulled all that info in about 5 minutes. I've been keeping it for about 6 or 7 years now. When I had the computer fix, I was terrified I would lose it, but luckly my sister saved it for me and now I have it on a CD and a back-up thingy my other sister got me.

Jennie: I only feel guilty that I read so few - not that I buy so many *g*. And we will looking with eager anticipation to what you thought of it! Then you can move up to a crusader and I can wreck my sidebar even further!

Tumperkin said...

Wow. I'm officially in awe. Shouldn't you be, like, running the world or something? That's seriously organised.

Carolyn Jean said...

I love that you have a spreadsheet. And that you buy so many books! I do, too. I keep thinking I should go to the library instead, but I love having them, and I love picking them out in bookstores, or getting them in the mail.

I'm reading Gabriel's Ghost right now. Such a pleasant surprise.

Kristie (J) said...

Tumperkin: Actually it's very easy. I love the filter feature! Filter down the books I read in 2007. Filter down the books I bought in 2007. Filter down the books I read in 2007 by grades - and voila! I started the spreadsheet as a way to keep my knowledge going in Excel since I wasn't using it in the job. And I figured what better way to do it than with something I love.

Carolyn Jean: The problem I have with the library is two-fold. First off all, checking them out is fun, but having to return books I've loved HURTS! And secondly, the library system where I live doesn't have the greatest selection romance. Plus, other than the kitchen, I don't spend a lot of money on things - my sisters call me cheap and with some reason. So I do have to spend it on something :) And isn't GG wonderful? I really enjoyed it.

ag said...

I'm definitely going to take a page out of your books and putting it down on spreadsheet.

yep, Nalini is someone I'm watching, and you've read Lisa Kleypas' latest (envy!!!).