Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Romance of Seal and of course more North & South!

As I was home yesterday, I was watching an ice skating special with the music of Seal. Seal acutally sang live as famous ice skaters from the Olympics did their thing to his music on ice.
I now do believe I have a crush on Seal! I have always been a fan of his music and to this day the song, "Kiss From a Rose" is one of my favorite songs of all time. And if you think of it, Seal would be the perfect hero in a romance novel. He may not necessarily look the part, but he does have a sexy accent, can sing beautifully and one of the charities he works with is finding a cure for Autism. And how can you not like a man who would start dating a woman who was already pregnant with another man's child and call that child your own? So what if his wife happens to be model extraordinaire Heidi Klum? Plus Seal had his wedding ring right on his left hand for all to see! Also Seal wear white very very well!
The video that started it all!

I am also finding myself more attractive to men in novels and of course in everyday life by how they live their lives rather by the six pack they may have. Reading about the perfect man gets a bit dull. I like my heroes "less the perfect" and the same goes for my heroines. From watching North & South, I find it so beautiful that Margaret and John have major faults, but even though they are imperfect, they slowly start to realize that each of their faults make them beautiful in each other's eyes. Margaret thinks John is low class and a bully when she first meets him. John thinks Margaret is pleasing to look at but has airs. I am actually reading North & South at this moment and when these two characters first meet, their reaction to each other is of distaste. They don't meet each other in the mill as seen in the movie, but rather John comes to the Hales' new home to see Mr. Hale. And of course John's meeting with Margaret does not go too well. But, John is a man afterall and when he first sees Margaret his is attracted to her, but she comes across as a snob. Margaret makes an assumption about John from his looks and assumes he is lacking in intelligence and has no manners.
Since I know how their journey towards love will end, it is interesting to read Gaskell's novel and compare it to the movie version. Every so often I will post my views on the book and when I am done give my overall impressions. And I honestly can tell you that the novel is just as good as the movie, so I recommend you pick up the book.

In other news Robin Hood has ended for the second season and with a bang. Our man Richard, who plays the dasterdy and evil Guy has truly gome past the point of no return. Let's just say he finally got the chance to screw Marian (dope) in ways you would never have imgained. I haven't seen the episode yet but I leave you with a montage video from You Tube that will make you gasp and wonder what the future holds for Guy. But this is SPOILER territory so don't look if you don't want to know!!
Was it Just a Dream??


MaryKate said...

I started my love affair with SEAL while I was in college. I love, love, love his album "Crazy." It's fantastic. He's got this glorious voice that is instantly recognizable.

Can't wait to dive into the third and fourth chapters of North and South tonight. Then I'll try to blog about it tomorrow or the next day.

Kristie (J) said...

You're killlin' me here you know Kate! Just killin' me. Do you know what it's like to watch YouTube video's with no sound?? NOT FUN!
I'm actually still at work and started playing it - but something about me watching YouTube - with sound - at work goes against the grain so I turned it off. I think it's more a fear of getting caught than work ethic though *wink*
And I LOVE Kiss From A Rose too! He does have such a beautiful voice doesn't he. And it really just seems to soar in that song.
And I'm trying to read North & South but I don't know if it's so much going around me that I lack the concentration powers it needs - and I'm pretty sure that's it - I'm as jumpy as a cat under a rocking chair these days - but I'm finding it a bit of a tough slog to get through. I'm not giving up though - if I can't concentrate enough now - I'll just wait until things are settled more around here.

Misty G said...

Has BBC America been showing season 2? I thought they were still repeatig season 1...To me it looks like a dream sequence. It doesn't even look like they are in England from the back ground.

Personally, since I really don't like the Marian character on this Robin Hood, I wouldn't be to sorry if she were to be killed.

I'm just harsh that

Devon said...

I think Seal is hot! Tall, dark and handsome with mysterious scars. I was like 17-18 when "Crazy" came out and I was like mmm-hmmm. And I love Heidi Klum and him. Their kids must be the cutest.

I've gotta watch Robin Hood.

Rosie said...

So much to say since I'm catching up. Let's see...

1. On the kitchen: I've remodeled my kitchen and I feel your pain. I wish for you a speedy remodel and no problems.

2. I'm in the mood to watch NORTH AND SOUTH again. Funny how that happens when I visit here. Marg's post mentioned another series Richard Armitage is in...I forget what it is right now, but I think I'm going to track down DVDs of Robin Hood and the other series because I always miss it on TV and we don't have a TIVO.

3. Does Elizabeth Gaskell's book move as quickly as the series though? I've seen it in the book store and fear it will be too slow after seeing the series.

4. When my house is in disarray I get freaked out too. When we remodeled I had to have one room that was clean and put together. It ended up being my bedroom. Some days I would have to walk in the door and make a beeline because the clutter made me so crazy.

5. Sons and bookcases. God bless you! Maybe remind the rascals you used to change their diapers? That usually horrifies my sons.

6. Seal and ice skating. I caught some of that on TV too. It was awesome and I not only think he looked great in white, but doesn't seem he has had some work on his facial scars? He looked splendid.

Katie(babs) said...

OH ladies, watching that Guy giving it to Marian video got me all tingly inside yet again! he is so evil and pitiful and SO BEAUTIFUL!!

Rosie, the book is really very good! It has a different feel from the movie and I had a good laugh at certain points because Gaskell allows her readers to know what the characters are thinking. The first time John sees Margaret he is shocked stupid because she looks so beautiful in the light. Imagine Richard looking like that a bit shy and unsure. Margaret is funny also, especially her reaction to when Henry asks her to marry him. She is like, "hell no!" LOL

If I were Kristie, I would give up and watch You Tube videos ALL DAY long for N&S and Robin Hood *G*

sula said...

woot! you posted that awesome vid! It's quite well done and has so many lovely RICHard moments. le sigh.

Seal is hot. Then again, I may have a slight bias for good-looking black guys (see profile pic) but I find his face, scars and all, to have a lot of character. And his voice is so lovely.

GailK gave me a copy of N&S the novel, but I keep putting off reading it. Maybe this is the week? We shall see. You are inspiring me. :)